Hello Friends! Welcome to the Friends! Podcast, where your host James Landrum interviews his friends who do cool things musicians, artists, filmmakers, comedians, writers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, etc. Season 1 will be a 14 episode run, with episodes coming out every weekend all summer long. Season 2 is TBD. Most episodes are produced and recorded by Bruce Jurado in his homemade podcasting studio in Tarrytown, NY, and mastered by Forrest Cutrer. The theme song was composed by Max Coburn aka Maxo. Be a friend! If you do something cool, just hit me up at [email protected] (Season 1 is all booked, but I may start booking Season 2 soon)


  • 2 – Will Moloney Quits Songwriting (Teaser)

    2 – Will Moloney Quits Songwriting (Teaser)


    Self-appointed Westchester poet laureate Will Moloney plays some new songs from his forthcoming release “Old Table Saves the Environment” and, much to our surprise, announces his hiatus from songwriting! This teaser is being released early to help Will promote his 4th of July show at The Ho_se in Brooklyn, where you can cast your own Continue reading 2 – Will Moloney Quits Songwriting (Teaser) →

  • 1 – Dylan Human Breaks His Leg

    1 – Dylan Human Breaks His Leg


    For the first episode of the Friends! Podcast, Dylan Human plays some songs, talks about how he broke his leg, reveals who stole the champagne from the New Years’ Show at the Lyceum, and dishes on which scandalous ex-politician was spotted with his 31 year-old girlfriend playing beer pong at Dartmouth reunions. Meanwhile, your host Continue reading 1 – Dylan Human Breaks His Leg →

  • 1 – Dylan Human Breaks His Leg (Teaser)

    1 – Dylan Human Breaks His Leg (Teaser)


    “Bonus Track” from Episode 1 featuring Dylan Human. Dylan plays “9 Sins” and we bullshit about the episode we just recorded. [audio ]