Behind The Music: The Making Of Inri By The No Longer


This podcast is an audio commentary documenting the 2.5 year process of writing and recording The No Longer's rock opera.


  • Bringing the Project to a Climactic Close: New Day | King of Kings Finale

    16/04/2017 Duração: 08min
  • Connecting the Past to the Present: The Entombment

    15/04/2017 Duração: 06min
  • Coming Full Circle: INRI (King on a Cross)

    14/04/2017 Duração: 02min
  • Setting the Tone | The First Song Written for INRI: Blood on My Hands

    13/04/2017 Duração: 06min
  • Returning to Our Roots: Thrice

    12/04/2017 Duração: 03min
  • Rebuilding A Song From the Ground Up: A Little Slumber

    11/04/2017 Duração: 03min
  • Establishing the Villain and Experimentation: Get What's Mine

    10/04/2017 Duração: 05min
  • Focusing On the Relationships Within the Story: Remember

    09/04/2017 Duração: 04min
  • Combining Three Perspectives into One Song: Bitter Suite (Act 1 Finale)

    08/04/2017 Duração: 06min
  • Introducing Additional Characters and Exploring Other Genres: One Man

    07/04/2017 Duração: 04min
  • Putting It Together | The Final Song Written: We Are Not Far from the Kingdom

    06/04/2017 Duração: 04min
  • Developing the Material and Changing Direction: Play the Part

    05/04/2017 Duração: 05min
  • "Fleshing Out" the Narrative: Flesh Out

    04/04/2017 Duração: 05min
  • A Song Finds Its True Home: The Royal King Enters

    03/04/2017 Duração: 03min
  • Finding the Right Voice: Wake Up, Lazarus!

    02/04/2017 Duração: 04min
  • Introducing the Story: The Blind Men's Story (Come My Way)

    01/04/2017 Duração: 03min
  • Setting the Stage: In the Volume of the Book... | 400 Years

    31/03/2017 Duração: 05min
  • Welcome to the Making of INRI Podcast- An Introduction

    30/03/2017 Duração: 02min