Strange and wonderful electronic sounds from the past, present and future: house, ambient, vintage electronics, library music, new age, hauntology, fauxtracks and other obscure genres I'm just going to make up as we go along. Music from parallel worlds, with inane interjections and the occasional sacrifice.


  • More Than Human 261

    More Than Human 261


    A very mellow mix this week - coastal bliss from Iasos, funk from Ovall, chill from Project Pablo and lots more music and not much talking. Dedicated to Matthew and Paris. Floaty...

  • More Than Human 260

    More Than Human 260


    An all-over-the-world 2 hour edition featuring a preview of an excellent new comp from A Year In The Country, a massive James Holden remix, Egyptian electron, Greek woodwind, Iranian synths and lots more. There's even an acid brass band.

  • More Than Human 259

    More Than Human 259


    From techno to ambient with sides of dub and drum and bass and general weirdness all wrapped up in love for you. It's pretty good this week.

  • More Than Human 258

    More Than Human 258


    Tonight's edition of More Than Human is an (almost) all ambient affair. Run your bath just beforehand.

  • More Than Human 257

    More Than Human 257


    If you can spare it please give to our CiTR Fundrive appeal. MTH is live tonight for a special Fundrive edition. We're hoping to raise $40,000 to go towards operating expenses, equipment purchases, studio upgrades, new programs and support for community projects and events, expand digital platforms in order to further amplify the underrepresented voices that the station serves. Every dollar counts - donate here:

  • More Than Human 256

    More Than Human 256


    Acid. Vampires. Decontamination. Not only my Sunday afternoon but also a rough guide to the 256th edition of More Than Human.

  • More Than Human 255

    More Than Human 255


    More Than Human 255 is a mix of space sax, dub soundscapes, field recordings - odd sounds for all. Plus a special interview with King Penda of Mercia with his pagan take on Brexit...

  • More Than Human 254

    More Than Human 254


    Is this an hour of blissful new sounds including squelchy synths, acerbic acid, ambient soundtracks & breakbeat dub with the minimum of fuss from your host? Answers on a postcard please to the usual address...

  • More Than Human 253

    More Than Human 253


    First MTH of 2019 and it's really nice to be back on the air. Usual eclectic mix of tunes with quite a few soundtrack selections along with the usual electronic vibrations. Devoted.

  • More Than Human 252

    More Than Human 252


    Two-hour end-of-term special with some of our fav tracks from the last twelve months. Tuck in.

  • More Than Human 250

    More Than Human 250


    Milestone 2 hour edition of MTH tonight including exclusive never-heard-anywhere tracks from Pye Corner Audio and Kemper Norton, in studio drink mixing by co-host Matthew Griffiths and tons of top tunes and of course the occasional sacrifice. SMTP status code for mail action completed allegedly.

  • More Than Human 251

    More Than Human 251


    Supposed to be the 250th show but that'll be next week. Instead this is MTH251 and a fun change in genre - all dub all night. Skin up.

  • MTH 249

    MTH 249


    On this week's More Than Human mix some day-glo house, sneery dub, Olympic training tunes and lots more in between. Lifespice.

  • More Than Human 248

    More Than Human 248


    Lots of new releases on the show tonight as well as some spooky ambient treats for Halloween. Gutsy.

  • More Than Human 247

    More Than Human 247


    Another Sunday another edition of MTH - this one with a jazzy percussive feel to ease you into your busy week ahead. Bubblebath.

  • More Than Human 246

    More Than Human 246


    MTH is back after a summer break with lots of new sounds for you - all ready for autumn chill and the death of leaves. Evergreen.

  • More Than Human 245

    More Than Human 245


    On a cool Summer's evening a warm mix of sounds to gently guide you home to the stars. Micro-dosing again.

  • More Than Human 244

    More Than Human 244


    Tidy mix for balmy evenings - as always a bit dancey (Mutant DX, Ambien Baby), a bit moody (Head Technician, Nadine Byrne), a bit old (1191, Lena Platonos) and a bit dubby (Intergalatic Dub Rock, Telepath). A nice soak.

  • More Than Human 243

    More Than Human 243


    A special holiday weekend edition of MTH with two hours of new tunes from Skee Mask, Fluxion, Soundwalk Collective, 8Ball and lots more. Dancing like Monday will never come.

  • More Than Human 242

    More Than Human 242


    Sun is shining edition - a new More Than Human mix of happy house, experimental electronics, and dubby ambient. Breathing.

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