Blonde Ambition


  • Blonde Ambition #4: KAV

    Blonde Ambition #4: KAV

    07/07/2008 Duração: 27min

    London didn't quite know what had hit it when KAV & his band took the city by storm by performing 3 gigs in 3 venues all in one night!!! Starting off at the legendary 100 Club on Oxford Street for London Calling with 'Dog's' Heading North to Camden to play in the converted Stables that is The Proud Galleries with 'Guildean Gang' before returning central to SIN for the final gig for London Caling with 'The Thirst' 'Skallywags' & 'The Krak'!! what a night it was...take a listen to the journey I boarded with the rock n roll 4-some!! "Kav, leads his 'band of pirates' on a journey that makes no attempt to conform to the modern indie sound. Heavy bluegrass riffs cast against a plaintive Lou Reed-esque vocal set them apart from anything about at the moment.... Lizard King and Killing Yourself are stylishly bluesy while final song and current EP Blaggers'n'Liars peers down like a mature but broody Black Rebel Motorcycle Club." Tracks include: Lizard King Blaggers n Liars Easy Satantic

  • Lovebox warm-up party on Brick Lane with the RGB’s!!

    Lovebox warm-up party on Brick Lane with the RGB’s!!

    07/07/2008 Duração: 21min

    Another storming podcast by Blonde Ambition…live @ The Lovebox warm-up party on Brick Lane with the RGB’s!! 93 Feet East played host & was wetting people’s whistles left, right & centre by giving a taster of what’s to come at the musical bonanza in Victoria Park, Hackney…LOVEBOX WEEKENDER on the 19th & 20th July!! The RGB’s take over…interviews with Becky, Harriet, Claire & Robin. Live recordings from the gig, responses from the masses & where the craziness continues…you can hear all about the 4-piece extravaganza! “The RGBs’ almighty fem-pop hits the eager crowd like an eccentric blitzkrieg wallop – leotard-wearing singer Becky channeling the spirit of just-as-mad pop sensation Robyn through the bass-heavy disco-biscuits beats of their awesome ‘New House’. NME. Interviews & live tracks can also be heard from Becky’s choir ‘The Heard’…to send shivers down your spine! As well as dj duo The Nextmen feat. MC Wrec. A great night was had by all, if that’s just the warm-up…I can’t wait for LOVEBOX WEEKE

  • Indisexual @ Catch - Shoreditch London

    Indisexual @ Catch - Shoreditch London

    16/06/2008 Duração: 23min

    Podcast No. 2 from 'INDIESEXUAL' a night put on by Broccoli music @ Catch in Shoreditch on 11th June. Showcasing the best new talent from bands nationwide, this podcasts presents.... Carlotti The Getaways Pretty Suspects Black Lies and Scallywags Listen to interviews with the bands, live performances & the punters views on the acts... 'Indiesexual' has become a regular monthly event @ Catch, so look out for up & coming gigs for more crazy carnage in the East End!!

  • Stag and Dagger Festival - Shoreditch London

    Stag and Dagger Festival - Shoreditch London

    16/06/2008 Duração: 37min

    Welcome lads + lasses to the first ever BLONDE AMBITION PODCAST! This first issue covers the craziness that was The Stag and Dagger Festival, Shoreditch in Lovely London Town... You'll hear interviews with the likes of; The Displacements, Edward J Hicks, The Mystery Jets, OK Tokyo, Pure Filth DJ's, Operator Please. + lots of great live music from some of the best gigging venues in London.