DJSWORK IS MIGRATING TO Catch all the PRESENT & FUTURE PODCASTS ON THERE.DJSWORK comes from the Facebook group, [email protected] created in November 2010. The page is dedicated to all things that is house music. I found there are so many Djs out there catering for our different tastes with their individual flairs that I thought why not form a collective and try and bring it all together. The Djs on the page are usually from what we hear on the London circuit but the hand is also extended around the globe, with house music for you to listen to, share, download and for the members to give their feedback. The page is really a forum to share podcasts/sets like an an hour or so and emphasis is on no advertising but purely for house music! Check it out, out for the monthly podcasts with mini interviews from guest djs.Luv' the house, luv DJSWORK!!


  • DJSWORK presents Kiki Revival by Norbert M

    DJSWORK presents Kiki 'Revival' by Norbert M

    28/06/2013 Duração: 01h20min

    Been awhile since I posted a podcast on here. so thought it was time to bring you Revival,, a nite in partnership with Kiki which was at the Beduin Bar, Farringdon. The concept - House music is ever evolving, but every now and again there is a time when house music is 'house music' and it leaves an imprint that is so funky, progressive, with a lil' smother of tech, vocal, disco beats. The sound of yesterday, the sound of today, it's time for Revival. First it was Yvette Lindquist mixing it up Kiki style and now here's Norbert M, mixing it up ol' skool with his lil' taster of what's to come. A rich blend of tracks from yesterday and today. Expect more on the nite from Peter Tguntke & Thomas Wonderland to keep you dancing. Hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing you on the dancefloor!! Djs Yvette Lindquist, Thomas Wonderland, Peter Tuguntke and guest Norbert M mixed the house flava on the nite. Catch your healthy dose of non stop house music podcasts on https://www.fac

  • DJSWORK - Is it Spring yet? Part 1 April 13 - Norbert Miklinski

    DJSWORK - Is it Spring yet? Part 1 April '13' - Norbert Miklinski

    06/04/2013 Duração: 01h14min

    Hey hey peeps! Except for mother nature playing havoc with the weather here in London, it has been a real good start to '13' with the two club nites in February and March @ the Apothecary. A massive thank you to all you guys who were involved who made it happen. You know who you are ;-) So now what's next? Decided to concentrate on the DJSWORK website/search engine and get the house music out there this summer. Who better to start it off with the house flava than with the sound of this Dj. 'Dzieki' Norbert for taking the time to do this podcast and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!! Catch your healthy dose of non stop house music podcasts on and the sister page If you like any of the tracks, support the artist and buy the track. This podcast is for promotional use only. Luv the house, luv DJSWORK!! Chi 'Matinales' N (House music lover) DJSWORK (London) ON THE DECKS WITH NORBERT MIKLINSKI: 1

  • DJSWORK presents House Original Rodrigo Moranto

    DJSWORK presents 'House Original' Rodrigo Moranto

    25/02/2013 Duração: 01h04s

    Keeping it on an underground tip, another lil' sampler of what's to come in 'House Original' @ the Apothecary on Saturday 2nd March 2012 from dutch dj and producer, Rodrigo Moranto. Catch your healthy dose of non stop house music podcasts on and the sister page Luv the house, luv the Dj, luv DJSWORK!! Chi 'Matinales' N (Founder) DJSWORK (London) DJSWORK welcomes Rodrigo Moranto. ON THE DECKS WITH RODRIGO MORANTO 1. So how and when did you start djiing and where did the aka Rio C come from;-) I started dj ing at age of sixteen got involved with a friend who was already playing with turntables which got me into it. My first releases were under the name Rio C, later on created an alter ego - Rodrigo Moranto but having had good feedback on my Rio C tracks I decided to keep both running. 2. What style of house would you say you play? I have a huge wide interest in variations of music in house music, I like to pl