We met many moons ago working at a place that two DJ's might meet. We clearly liked the same music and were both crazy collectors and pack rats. That's all a friendship needed but working together on music took a bit more doing. After laying low on the DJ front individually for the last few years, we had both decided that the itch to do it again was worth scratching. 2010 saw us honing our sound and pinpointing the direction we wanted to go in. 2011 was spent actually trying and 2012 should see us taking the show on the road. Hope you enjoy the ride with us.Check us out at these places for more


  • Mix Session March 2012

    Mix Session March 2012

    05/03/2013 Duração: 01h25min

    We're nearly done with Episode 2 (we know, 2012 was quite a year but we're back on it). In the meantime try out this mix from March of last year. It was supposed to be our Episode 1 but ended up just a little too weighty and kind of tapped into a different groove than what we really wanted to do. Sound issues aside, March was really almost there. Enjoy!

  • Mix Session May 2012

    Mix Session May 2012

    16/06/2012 Duração: 59min

    We started this mix 6 months ago. Recorded in February but it wasn't right. Tried again in March. Almost. In April we finally got to where we wanted. But after some thought we decided to keep going. So in May we feel we've latched onto a groove we're really very happy with. Also, not one of the tracks we liked in February made it to this.