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  • MASS | 28 - Buraye Live

    MASS | 28 - Buraye Live

    03/07/2020 Duração: 01h20min

    From the void above co-founder Buraye serves a taste of Colombian heat in this heavyweight edition. Compiled of 100% original productions, Buraye gives an insight into his club ready cuts soon to surface.

  • MASS | 27 - Paolo Mosca

    MASS | 27 - Paolo Mosca

    24/06/2020 Duração: 01h30min

    MASS | 27 - Paolo Mosca by MASS

  • MASS Mix 26 - Roy

    MASS Mix 26 - Roy

    29/05/2020 Duração: 56min

    Lisbon's own Roy provides an emotive journey straight from the deepest depths of his esteemed collection. Catch a glimpse into his hometown projects of @carcarpetandsnares Record Store & @dreamticketrecordings. Artist: @roydreamticket

  • MASS MIX 25 - Wheatley

    MASS MIX 25 - Wheatley

    03/04/2020 Duração: 01h02min

    After delivering the first MAsS podcast 4 years back together with @lijero, Wheatley returns to the platter with a solo session showcasing a deeper pocket of his collection.

  • MASS MIX 24 - Rufo

    MASS MIX 24 - Rufo

    26/02/2020 Duração: 56min

    Peruvian selector and crew member of BCN collective @thoodpe, Rufo supplies an atmospheric trip through space for an acid, breaks excursion. Lock in. @rufoklotz

  • MASS Mix 23 - Paul Dam

    MASS Mix 23 - Paul Dam

    21/02/2020 Duração: 01h16min

    Mediterranean island dweller Paul Dam takes us on an eclectic journey through some of his finest house and breakbeat cuts. Turn on, tune in and drop out.

  • MASS Mix 22 - Solidwood

    MASS Mix 22 - Solidwood

    07/01/2020 Duração: 01h22min

    Benevento native @solidwood applies the rhythm to our first podcast of the decade as we enter 2020. @planet_tapes label co-founder leads a new breed of sounds emerging from the heart of Italy. Tune in

  • MASS Mix 21 - Thorgerdur Johanna

    MASS Mix 21 - Thorgerdur Johanna

    20/11/2019 Duração: 01h11min

    Icelandic export @thorgerdur-johanna supplies the frequency to this edition. Playing out of Oslo @blossymusic curator Thorgerdur guides us through her realms of sound of home and beyond.

  • MASS MIX 20 - Dawl

    MASS MIX 20 - Dawl

    17/10/2019 Duração: 01h18min

    Enter the sound of @dawl.

  • MASS Mix 19 - Tom Joyce

    MASS Mix 19 - Tom Joyce

    11/10/2019 Duração: 01h17min

    Mix 19 features an eclectic blend from Paris resident and @sounds-benefit-records boss @tomjoyce Enjoyce!

  • MASS Mix 18 - 0113

    MASS Mix 18 - 0113

    04/10/2019 Duração: 01h04min

    Fresh off the back of his debut release for Instinct @keplerleeds returns to the series with a fresh selection under his new alias of @0113ukg ☎️

  • MASS Mix 17 - Joseph Clarke

    MASS Mix 17 - Joseph Clarke

    25/09/2019 Duração: 01h21min

    Enter the mysterious mind of @futurepastbelgium & @cartulisday affiliate @Joseph_Clarke in this powerful landscape of sound.

  • MASS Mix 16 - Ethel

    MASS Mix 16 - Ethel

    17/09/2019 Duração: 56min

    @ethelswan takes us on a journey through her mystical sounds.

  • MASS Mix 15 - Penelope

    MASS Mix 15 - Penelope

    04/09/2019 Duração: 56min

    Parisian native playing out of Lisbon penelope_sound steps up to MASS mix with a bold blend of her signature flavours.

  • MASS Mix 14 - A²

    MASS Mix 14 - A²

    26/08/2019 Duração: 01h25s

    @alienrecordings maestros A² step up to Mass Mix with a slamming blend of their famous breakbeat flavours ahead of their Leeds debut this Friday. Event -

  • MASS Mix 13 - Marcos Coya

    MASS Mix 13 - Marcos Coya

    05/08/2019 Duração: 01h11min

    Podcast 13 of the Mass Mix series with @mcoya

  • MASS Mix 12 - Kristopher Hall

    MASS Mix 12 - Kristopher Hall

    06/07/2019 Duração: 01h08s

    MASS Mix 12 - Kristopher Hall by MASS

  • MASS Mix 11 - Santiago Uribe Live

    MASS Mix 11 - Santiago Uribe Live

    01/08/2018 Duração: 01h12min

    Podcast 11 of the Mass Mix series with @santiagouribe-1 This next edition of our podcast series comes from South America's latest export, Santiago Uribe. Santi moulds a slick blend of techno, electro & breaks with an exclusive Live set for Mix 11.

  • MASS Mix 10 - 100Hz

    MASS Mix 10 - 100Hz

    11/05/2018 Duração: 53min

    Podcast 10 of the Mass Mix series with @lee-renacre aka 100Hz Stepping away from the live show, this hour long blend provides an insight into the sounds of 100Hz. A mix of old, new and future projects make for an enticing journey from a true pioneer of electronic music.

  • MASS Mix 09 - Oriana

    MASS Mix 09 - Oriana

    05/04/2018 Duração: 01h06min

    Podcast 09 of the Mass Mix series with @0riana This months episode showcases another talent from Montevideo. Oriana's extensive record collection soon gained recognition in the city, earning several gigs across Uruguay including the infamous Phonotheque. This mix illustrates the depth and dedication of record diggers in this city. A delicate blend of of hypnotic techno, electro and breaks make up this cosmic journey through the sound of Montevideo.

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