Nerd Noise Radio - Channel 1: "noise From The Hearts Of Nerds" (lo-fi)


Your home for the best Noise from the YM2612/SN76489, SPC700, 2A03, HuC6280, AY-3-8910, YM2151, LR35902, POKEY, PAULA, SID, and beyond!Channel 1 is a simple music block style show, with a brief intro, an uninterrupted music block, and an outro with track listing and show info. Track listing is not provided at the beginning of the show, but are available in the show notes (with time stamps) for you to follow along by.Channels 2 and 3 are planned with more channels yet always a possibility. Nerd Noise Radio is simply not a video game music PROGRAM, but is a video game NETWORK of programs. If you don't like the music block style of Channel 1, you may like the more in-depth treatments and conversation-heavy formats of Channels 2 and 3.


  • NNR RERUNS: C1E5: Metal Gear 2 Soundtrack (orig released 03/11/2017)

    NNR RERUNS: C1E5: Metal Gear 2 Soundtrack (orig released 03/11/2017)

    07/09/2020 Duração: 01h11min

    NOTE 1: Time stamps will be off by about 1.5min because of Earcatcher tacked onto the beginning. Here is the link to the document referred to in the Earcatcher in case you wanted to contribute tracks: 2: As always, I like to preface reruns from episodes 10 and earlier with an apology for the production value of the intro and outro! :-)---------------------------------------------------------------------------Today’s broadcast is Episode 5 for Soundtrack Saturday, March 11th, 2017. Today’s Soundtrack is the Metal Gear 2 Soundtrack on the MSX using the Konami SCC Wavetable Synthesis chip, composed by the Konami Kukeiha Club  Tracklist - Track#, Track Name, Timestamp:  01: Intro - 00:00:00 02: Theme of Solid Snake - 00:01:53 03: Zanzibar Breeze - 00:04:53 04: First Instruction - 00:07:48 05: Frequency 140.85 - 00:09:31 06: Level 1 Warning - 00:12:26 07: ! + Level 3 Warning

  • Nerd Noise Radio RERUNS - C1E13: Cosmic Carnage Soundtrack (orig. release 08/05/2017)

    Nerd Noise Radio RERUNS - C1E13: Cosmic Carnage Soundtrack (orig. release 08/05/2017)

    03/08/2020 Duração: 38min

    The link to the list of eligible tracks for "Best of 2019" can be found here:  Reminders: Deadline for track submission is September 30th! Also, if you do submit tracks, please remember to indicate whether you wish to lend your voice to recording the intro and outro, or if you just want to submit tracks. Either answer is fine, but please do let me know. Lastly, while submissions longer than five tracks are VERY welcome, if you're going to do so, maybe break it into "must make it" tracks (max five), and "would be nice if" tracks, so I know what to prioritize, and also have flexibility between many contributors or few. NOTE: Timestamps will be about two minutes off because of the addition of the earcatcher.Today’s broadcast is Episode 13 for Soundtrack Saturday, August 5th 2017. Today’s soundtrack is the Cosmic Carnage soundtrack on the 32X, composed by Hikoshi Hashimoto  Track Number / T