The Noisy Cavern Network consists of different podcast shows with a variety of topics. The network originated with hosts JC Vera and Luis Zuniga who conversed with invited guests of different walks of life. They took up issues that were currently in the limelight and also those needing more exposure. The commentary usually consisted of a no-holds-barred interview like discussion full of unusual ramblings, few good ideas, and definitely a lot of nonsense.Noisy Cavern Music Sessions, Dark Die-Mention, Mammoth in the Room, and Louolitics have transpired from this endeavor. Established in the confines of four very close quartered walls - musicians, artists, poets, speakers, thinkers, believers, creatives, and extremists get together for intimate discussions and performances set in a laid back environment - the couch has been retired, but all other amenities are included. All of this is done because we believe communication through any means is better than silence. *Warning* May contain mature topics and strong language


  • DarkDie - Mention - El Camino Playhouse - Episode 2

    DarkDie - Mention - El Camino Playhouse - Episode 2

    06/04/2020 Duração: 42min

    DarkDie - Mention - El Camino Playhouse - Episode 2 by JCSFKNG

  • Dark Die - Mention - Riverside Bridge Monster

    Dark Die - Mention - Riverside Bridge Monster

    24/08/2016 Duração: 27min

    We set off in search of the scaly, lanky creature that allegedly attacked Charles Wetzel on a Saturday night back in 1958. While we were unsuccessful in locating this cryptid, the trip did prove to be a good workout. Cheers!

  • Dark Die-mention Yorba Lindas Pink Lady

    Dark Die-mention Yorba Linda's Pink Lady

    15/08/2016 Duração: 36min

    The Dark Die-Mention team searches for the elusive "Pink Lady" said to roam the Yorba cemetery. Alvina De Los Reyes is believed to be the resident ghost, but there are some conflicting facts that lead us to believe this entity might not be hers. Was a young woman killed in a carriage accident on the way home from a dance and was she wearing a pink gown? We know Alvina died from giving childbirth, so who is this elusive "Pink Lady"?