I am a 17 year old student who wants to be a producer and play at tomorrowland.If you find my music even a little bit interesting please don't hesitate to like,subscribe and share. I'll start producing my music after feb this year.


  • DJ Kiamons third mix

    DJ Kiamon's third mix

    27/06/2017 Duração: 32min

    hey guys!! finally sooo happy to come up with a new mix(don't mind my bio,never knew twelfth would be so hardXP) anyway, thank you soo much for the views and would really love to cross a hundred views on this one(hopefullyXD).Thank you guys and really looking forward to some criticismXD. anyways, Ciao!

  • DJ Kiamon Mix 2

    DJ Kiamon Mix 2

    02/02/2017 Duração: 28min

    hey guys,THANK YOU sooo much for the huge support on my first mix.thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoy this one as well.a Big shoutout to Sana Bhinder and Aditya Manu Singh without whom this wouldn't have been possible.Anyway, coming back to the mix, this time i have a bit of a nostalgic tune towards the end.(comment if you know the song) XD and well umm... no spoiler alerts. hope you enjoy.ciao P.S. I don't own any of the content I upload. Please forgive me for this, I'll pay it all back when I Get some money.XD P.P.S. Rastava sorry couldn't get you tracks in this mix but next one is gonna start with your track OK?

  • DJ Kiamons first mix

    DJ Kiamon's first mix

    14/01/2017 Duração: 26min

    hi guys! this is the first time I'm posting something. Open to any comments.would really love to hear from you guys. if you want more please like and subscribe.if you want the tracklist comment below.