Welcome to the Good Witch Grimoire: a good girl's guide to everyday magic! I’m Gwyndelyn the Good Witch- I live in the Avalon Woods in the Kingdom of Azuria. I created a podcast to share my appreciation for the everyday magic of the world. Magic can be a scary word to some, historically it has a very negative association. Witches are portrayed as evil beings that use their power to harm. I want to clarify. Magic to me is paying attention the sweet synchronicities that happen in my daily life. A butterfly flutters across my path? The stop light turns green when I approach? Randomly seeing a dear friend at the grocery store? That's magic to me! A witch casting a "spell" is the power of positive thinking- a prayer. The outcome of a wish, spell, or prayer is a blessing. That's why I see all magic as good. I hope to help you open your eyes to the magic in your life.

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  • Full Moon Meditation for Pregnancy

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