Spiritual Transformation With Tanis Helliwell


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  • HYBRIDS: So you think you are human (Intro)

    HYBRIDS: So you think you are human (Intro)

    13/01/2016 Duração: 02min

    In this preview to Tanis Helliwell's new DVD, "Hybrids: So you think you are human," Tanis discusses the possibility of intelligent non-human beings who have interbred with humans creating hybrids. Drawing on years of research and dozens of interviews, Tanis tells us of people who have reported feeling more authentically themselves – more energized, powerful and self-loving – upon discovery of their hybrid selves. For more info & to order your DVD copy: http://www.iitransform.com/2015/12/hybrids-so-you-think-you-are-human-dvd/

  • Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) with Tanis Helliwell

    Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) with Tanis Helliwell

    08/02/2015 Duração: 01min

    Tanis Helliwell talks about how to create your Life with Spirit in this excerpt from the DVD Spiritual Transformation: http://www.iitransform.com/dvds-by-tanis-helliwell/ • Signs of Awakening • Spiritual Transformation • Spiritual Gifts • Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) • The Body Elemental • Symptoms of Transformation • Heart Opening • Becoming a Conscious Creator • A Vision: The Grid of Light • The Future of Humanity and The Earth For more information on Spiritual Intelligence, and to determine your own SQ, link here: http://www.iitransform.com/sq/

  • Are you going through a spiritual transformation?

    Are you going through a spiritual transformation?

    27/01/2015 Duração: 01min

    Tanis Helliwell talks about Spiritual Transformation in an excerpt from her DVD "Spiritual Transformation", http://www.iitransform.com/dvds-by-tanis-helliwell/. “When these self-constructed barriers between our ego and soul, and between others and ourselves, break down we truly become a soul-infused personality.” --Tanis Helliwell Take our spiritual transformation quiz here: http://www.iitransform.com/welcome-to-the-international-institute-for-transformation/are-you-going-through-a-spiritual-transformation/spiritual-transformation-quiz/

  • Spiritual Transformation  You

    Spiritual Transformation & You

    09/12/2014 Duração: 03min

    ARE YOU GOING THROUGH A SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION? If you are undergoing a spiritual transformation it might feel as if you are losing control of your life, and perhaps even questioning your identity. This feeling, however, is just your personality’s fear of losing control. In actuality it is an indication of strength and spiritual and emotional maturity when a person undergoes this spiritual crisis. Our commitment to serve others above serving ourselves will be tested throughout the spiritual transformation process until we can say that our foremost goal is to serve the divine will on Earth. It is still possible to lead an ordinary life with family and career, but now our major concern is no longer with money, status, and security, but rather with a desire to assist others in some way. Our commitment to make a difference to others and the world fills our life with joy and love. Learn more in this podcast, and check out the courses designed to help you with this process, offered by the International Institute

  • Nature Spirits  Elementals, with Tanis Helliwell

    Nature Spirits & Elementals, with Tanis Helliwell

    09/12/2014 Duração: 05min

    Tanis Helliwell, well-known for her work with elementals (also called nature spirits) brings us easily into her world. With the good-humoured spirit akin to an Irish story-teller she brings us on a journey to learn more about elementals. Understand why it is essential that humans learn to co-create with natural and spiritual laws in order to become guardians of the Earth, which is our purpose. This podcast is an excerpt from Tanis' DVD "Elementals and Nature Spirits" which can be purchased here: http://www.iitransform.com/2012/01/elementals-and-nature-spirits/ Some of the topics covered are: Purpose of Elementals; The Body Elemental; The Four Elements; Meeting Elementals; Learning from Elementals; Birth of the New Earth. Thank you for listening!