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DJ, producerAlexander Barashkov(DJ BARASHKOV)DJ BARASHKOV began his career in 2002. Addiction young DJ were very diverse and covered many styles of music from pop, and house to drum`n`bass`. However, DJ BARASHKOV was in continuous creative search. Having tried thus almost all kinds of house music.In January 2003, he made his debut in nightclub Hutor-House, and soon took the place of the resident almost 2 years. He did not lose time in vain, while continuing to develop a sense of musical style and complete his collection of vinyl. He taking part in all of kinds Dj battles, with rare exceptions, always left a winner.Since 2005 DJ BARASHKOV hones his DJ skills to a variety of musical material, the result of continuous improvement was invited to the post of resident night club «Citrus» - one of the most prestigious and advanced city nightlife.2008 - 2011 years of DJ BARASHKOV often toured cities of central Siberia, the result of successful performances was the invitation to the Northern capital of Russia - St. Petersburg.2012 Resident Music Bar "Celebrity" (St. Petersburg)2014-2015 Resident bars "Thunder" (St. Petersburg)During his successful career, DJ BARASHKOV managed to play on the same stage with many international and Russian stars of DJing such as: Anton Fielding (Echomen / Solaris Heights), Tom Neville, Graeme Lloyd, Dirty Funker, Dr Kucho, Aston Martinez, Dan Tait, Wonderland avenue, Till west, DJ Delicious, JD Davis, DJ Rui Da Silva, Anton Neumark, DJ List ...A distinctive feature of the DJ BARASHKOV, was exceptional sense of the dance floor. With all the new approaches to the public at his speeches, he always guesses and fulfills her wishes. The undeniable mastery of building sets allow him to bring the audience to cussesfull, luring it into dance marathon overnight.Currently DJ BARASHKOV busy with promotional activities and actively tours the cities of Russia, a part of a nightclub in Moscow and St. PetersburgHe works in the style: Deep House, Tech House, NuDisco, Progressive House, House, Deep-Tech, Techno


  • Gary Bell B2b Barashkov @fly Bar 4 - 08 - 18

    Gary Bell B2b Barashkov @fly Bar 4 - 08 - 18

    11/08/2018 Duração: 01h47min

    Gary Bell B2b Barashkov @fly Bar 4 - 08 - 18 by DJ Barashkov

  • BARASHKOV @FLYBAR 4 - 08 - 18

    BARASHKOV @FLYBAR 4 - 08 - 18

    11/08/2018 Duração: 01h08min

    BARASHKOV @FLYBAR 4 - 08 - 18 by DJ Barashkov