Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley present the If There Is Hell Below podcast. Providing a mixture of the new and exciting, the great but forgotten and audio favourites. Staged in a house of opinion and ramblings.


  • You Can 3D Print A Gun

    You Can 3D Print A Gun


    Rob and Callum present your new favourite 10 songs which includes French jazz psych pop, Brazilian soul jazz, jangled power pop, golden era hip hop, contemporary classical and more.TracklistingKiwi jr  'Undecided Voters'Steve Arrington 'Make A Difference'Elzhi 'Master Class'SLEMCO 'Locking Tremolo;Ezrat 'Heavenly Highway'Caixa Cubo 'Palavras (part. Zé Leônidas)'Elskavon & John Hayes 'Vermilion'Les Passagers 'Les Oiseaux'WIDOWER 'No Show'Joe Zempel 'Some Kind of Ghoul' (feat. Bethany Conerly)

  • Living Next Door to the Golden Nugget

    Living Next Door to the Golden Nugget


    Prime time broadcaster Rob Morgan-Hulme and Callum Eckersley return to the humble podcast equipped with your new favourite 10 songs.Free jazz, Mexican jazz, hip hop, soul, heartland rock, new wave synth punk and protest song - what lovely variety.TracklistingRuth Good 'All My Life'Loren Oden 'All Roads'Elijah Wolf 'The Point of Trying'Tino Contreras 'El Sacrificio'JAHMED & Freddie Gibbs 'Glimpse'Provo 'Boog Boy'Nature TV 'Hometown'Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes 'A Night In NYC'Jennifer Castle 'Justice'Tre Burt 'Under The Devil's Knee'

  • Explaining The Magnum Lolly Stick To An Alien

    Explaining The Magnum Lolly Stick To An Alien


    Boys are back from vacation with one of the broadest pods of the year with some of that old school electro, some South American jazz funk, breakneck Oz punk, Ghanian highlife, stoner drone and more. TracklistingMini Skirt 'Pressure'Scone Cash Players 'The Mind Blower'Badge Époque Ensemble 'Sing a Silent Gospel (feat. U.S. Girls & Dorothea Paas)'St. Ove 'What I'm Digging For'Saturn's Husk 'A Shattered Visage'Smarts 'Cling Wrap'MADMADMAD 'COOKIKI'The Garifuna Collective 'Black Catbird'Gyedu-Blay Ambolley 'Who Made Your Body Like Dat'

  • Mums Top Three Worst Meals

    Mum's Top Three Worst Meals


    Chops for dinner but good ones as picked, cooked up and served by head chefs Rob and Callum. Fine cuts of country rock, good indie, baroque psych pop, library eastern funk, Venezuelan afro-funk-rock, the jangle and smoky film noire jazz hip hop. TracklistingZZZWalk ‘Cold Dark Days’The Deer ‘ Superstition Mountains’Surprise Chef ‘New Ferrari'Wicketkeeper ‘The Side’Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos ‘Cafunga’Sven Wunder ‘Hanami’zeroh ‘HEYOKA’The Bats ‘Warwick’THIBAULT ‘Centrelink’Laura Fell ‘Bone of Contention'

  • Beck’s Thetan Readings

    Beck’s Thetan Readings


    Rob and Callum return with new songs and some scoops of the real lives of music icons as record buyers, as people of worship, jobbing musicians and property owners but who are they?Plenty of flavours to enjoy in this episode from Norwegian country pop to some hypnotic techno pop to spacebomb folk rock to prog and a band that just sound like Beck oh and some real real nice jazz funk hip hop stuff.TracklistingGregor ‘The Rock (and Stars)’Young Guv ‘Cold In The Summer’Cayacus ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’chongonthenomad ‘On Fire’Horatia Luna ‘Fuck The System’Smokescreens ‘Fork in the Road’Skyway Man 'Sometimes Darkness / Railroad / Sometimes Darkness Reprise’Andy Bell 'Love Comes In Waves’Bendik Brænne ‘Needless to Say’Alexia Avina ‘Fit Into'

  • Good Shit Quality Podcast

    Good Shit Quality Podcast


    10 life changing new songs as chosen by Rob and Callum, this hot streak is getting silly now. The most blistering power pop, fuzzy Afro-rock, heavy fund inserts, killer hip hop, studio tight pop, balladry and honestly maybe our best 10 tracks till we do it again. TracklistingBab L’ Bluz ‘Gnawa Beat’DEHD ’Nobody’Home Blitz ‘What We Wore’Fatlip & Blu ‘Good For The Soul ft. Hemlock ErnstThe Budos Band ‘Long In The Tooth’Elrichman ‘Seeking Grey Skies’Tim Heidecker ‘Fear of Death’Fabiano Palladino ‘Waiting’Jaga Jazzist ‘Tomita (Edit)’Lomelda ‘It’s Infinite'

  • Perfect Starmix Ratio

    Perfect Starmix Ratio


    Rob and Callum are back with a bag of assorted musical sweet treats, a perfect ratio of quality and variety. There's sinister UK jazz, a fun eastern inspired library funk nugget, Japanese fuzzy indie, latin soul and high 70s gloss rock.TracklistingRomano'MaNiya'The Nude Party 'Shine Your Light'The Reds, Pinks & Purples 'Pictures of the World'Joey Quiñones 'Left With A Broken Heart'POKUS 'Pokus One'Yves Jarvis 'For Props'Yankee Bluff 'Mowee Wowee'Widowspeak 'Plum'Happypills 'Swimming'Francis Lung 'Brooklyn Gurls'

  • Do Vegans Eat Their Whitlows?

    Do Vegans Eat Their Whitlows?


    Rob and Callum return from holiday with 10 absolute heaters including 2 song of the year contenders for Rob. Expect some ECM'esque joyful Scottish morning jazz, folk from a wisened soul, some shimmering indie, country, studious hip hop beats and electro funk boogy. Tracklistingilluminati hotties 'will i get cancelled if i write a song called, "if you were a man you'd be so cancelled"'Jonathan Personne 'Springsteen'Andrew Wasylyk 'Last Sunbeams of Childhood'The Twilite Tone 'Do It Properly'Shawn Lee's Incredible Leg Warmer Band 'Body Jam'Rae Fitzgerald 'Smileland'Kath Bloom 'Blinded'Moise 'Gold Rush'Laure Briard 'Grandeza'H.C. McEntire 'Final Bow'

  • A New York Times Book Review Quality Podcast

    A New York Times Book Review Quality Podcast


    Rob and Callum pay tribute to summer jobs and pour one out for this year's lost teenage summer with a soundtrack of hip hop heaters, sophistopop, swinging dream pop, country folk an bedroom pop.TracklistingKemba 'The Get Back (Riot)The Vidiprinter 'Squash It'Lawn 'Nighttime Creatures'Miserable Chillers 'La nave del olvido'Momma 'Double Dare'Incredible Self Confidence 'Summer Ltd.'Pop Filter 'Big Yellow Van'Hoops 'Fall Back'Astro Heart 'Dear (feat. Stanley)'Cactus Lee 'South Elevator'

  • Fantasy HellFest 20

    Fantasy HellFest '20


    Rob and Callum present the only festival allowed to go ahead in 2020 Fantasy HellFest, their annual podcast where they pull together 12 live recordings from acts they’d book to play in their garden festival. No spoilers with the lineup but there’s a disco queen, space rock, London jazz, oi punk, that good singer songwriter stuff and the reunion your lad mates are frothing for.

  • My Favourite Robe Podcast with Romesh Ranganathan

    My Favourite Robe Podcast with Romesh Ranganathan


    Rob and Callum present 10 new songs that take you to party island, to your next gig and our secret pub lock-in. TracklistingCheekface 'Emotional Rent Control’Suspect ‘No Gimmicks’Dave + Sam ft. LATASHA ‘You Dat Girl’ (Nick Godmode Mo8b Remix)R.E. Seraphin ‘Leave Me in the Tide’Arbor Labor Union ‘Flowerhead’Wince Ash ‘Vito’Roy Ayers, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad ‘Synchornize Vibration’Vintage Crop ‘Gridlock’Zapatilla ‘Crimson Sun’The Dead Tongues ‘Deja Vu’ (Radio Edit)

  • Cheating On A Woman Who Isnt Born Yet

    Cheating On A Woman Who Isn't Born Yet


    Rob and Callum the UK’s last untarnished presenting duo are back with possibly their strongest ten new songs of the year. Celestial new age harp electronics, dubby hip hop soul, pure pop indie, psych, jazz rock and Ecuadorean producer rhythms.TracklistingArmand Hammer ‘War Stories’Nailah Hunter ‘White Flower, Dark Hill’Treasure ‘So Tired’Vinyl Williams ‘LA Egypt’School of Language ‘Wasting Your Time’Hugh B & Setwun ‘Sweet Sweet’Place: ‘Cruzloma - Supay’Soft Power ‘New Beginning’2nd Grade ‘Not In The Band’The Stroppies ‘Roller Cloud’

  • The Dennis Bergkamp of Country Music

    The Dennis Bergkamp of Country Music


    Rob and Callum with 10 new potential favourite songs for you with chat about Nan Telly and well-known Dennis Bergkamp's fears. A delicious spread of hip hop, funk instrumental, sophistopop, lapsteel ambiance, indie punk and songwriting perfection.TracklistingHenny L.O. and Ohbliv 'Breathe ft Illa Styles'Options 'Better Past'skunk 'CRAZY'Mike Polizze 'Revelation'Adeline Hotel 'Strange Sometimes'Mamalarky 'How To Say'Surprise Chef 'All News is Good News'Good Dog 'Floating'Tungz 'Can't We Just Be Friends Again'Trevor Nikrant 'Henry's Scenes 1-3'

  • Pulled Pint In A Pub

    Pulled Pint In A Pub


    Rob and Callum present a celebration of pub pulled pints and napping... and new music, that's why you're listening, right? Featuring: Hip hop, stoner rock, folk, Oz indie, soul and folk; to give some basic lazy touchstones.TracklistingPreservation 'North Bridge' Feat Navy BlueMadeline Kenney 'Sucker'Strawberry GenerationHorisont 'Free Riding'Crack Cloud 'Ouster Stew'Allegra Krieger 'Rot'Holy Hive 'Float Back To You'The Great Divides 'Life Isn't Here'Steve Adams and The French Drops 'Bring on the Naps'Vinnum Sabbathi 'HEX IV: Cassini's Last Breath'

  • Ragging A Burner Round A Field

    Ragging A Burner Round A Field


    Winning back your trust in new music with 10 lovely tunes, Rob and Callum's favourite new 10, no less. South American pop, indie, some punk, some nice chill hip hop, country and just exceptional songwriting.TracklistingTall Juan 'Roccio'Wednesday 'Fate IS...'The Woolen Men 'Alley Cat'Helado Negro feat. Xenia Rubinos 'I Fell In Love'KA 'My Brother's Keeper'Jenny O. 'God Knows Why'Nathan Ma 'Blue Bird'Michelle Blades 'Mota o Perreo'Becca Mancari 'First Time'Guma 'Floor Models'

  • Top Ten Willy Wobblers

    Top Ten Willy Wobblers


    Rob and Callum are back with 10 of the best new tunes they've found this week. There's chats of slugs, maldon salt and the trial run of a ban on sport. Russian electronic pop, psych soul, Americana, jazz-era Joni Mitchell and pop perfection. TracklistingBE AFRAID 'Automatic Worry'Dummy 'Angel's Gear'KATE NV 'Marafon 15'Juan Solorzano 'Don't Know'Jorge Elbrecht 'Tuesday Morning'Rubber Band Gun 'Be Together'Nick Hakim 'Crumpy'Amos Pitsch 'Oak Hill Blues'Luka Kuplowsky 'Anew Day (feat. Felicity Williams)'

  • Another Name on the Scrap Heap

    Another Name on the Scrap Heap


    10 more new tunes as picked by your mates Rob and Callum. Psych pop, country, indie, songwriter good stuff, electronic funk, jazz hip hop and some pedal steel ambience.TracklistingJennah Barry 'Rocket'MUNYA 'Boca Chica'Jon Mckiel 'Mourning Dove'White Lighters 'Young Lungs'Luke Schneider 'anteledium'Photay 'The People'Otis Sandsjö 'tremendoce'Pale Lights 'You and I'Daniel Romano 'Diamonds and Dogs'Gary Olson 'Some Advice'

  • Oven Cooked Ginsters

    Oven Cooked Ginsters


    Rob and Callum present ten songs to eat oven baked corner shop pastries to. With New Wave roots reggae for NYC, face melting guitars from the desert, cosmic country, Americana and a disco house future funk banger.TracklistingThe Far East 'NYC Dream'Angelo De Augustine 'Santa Barbara'Jeffrey Silverstein 'Easy Rider'Pacific Range 'High Upon the Mountain'Esther Rose 'Blue on Blue'Mdou Moctar 'Ibitlan'KEARL 'New Visions'lost boy ? 'Sandman'The Memories 'In My Heart I Am Sailing'Peter Oren 'Ones and Ohs'

  • Two Best Friends Playing Their Favourite New Songs

    Two Best Friends Playing Their Favourite New Songs


    Your best music pals Rob and Callum are back from podcast paternity with some new music and remotely recorded badinage. Hardcore punk, lap steel Americana, noir jazz, slick bedroom pop, straight-up indie, power pop punk and singer songwriter bard gold... we haven't forgotten how we do this.TracklistingThe Chisel 'Rat Running Scared'generifus 'Thick Skin'Hidden Spheres 'King Tutt'Jade Hairpins '(Don't Break My) Devoition'Karate Boogaloo 'Marriage For All or Non At All'Empty Country 'Marian'Devon Williams 'Circus World'Skylar Gudasz 'Play Nice'Muncie Girls 'Rain'Tre Burt 'What Good'

  • MIND SHED: A Bar in the Shape of a Boat

    MIND SHED: A Bar in the Shape of a Boat


    Here's a taste of Rob's new music podcast/side-project MIND SHED. Available now on spotify, apple podcasts, acast and wherever you get your pods. see for details.Season 1, Episode 1. Rob Morgan-Hulme is tantalisingly close to becoming a Dad for the first time and under the impression he needs a ‘thing’ comes MIND SHED a new music-come-diary podcast from one half of If There’s Hell Below. 10 tunes new and old'; a couple about fatherhood and others from prog psych to English folk to UK Jazz and some straight-up indie. TracklistingPaul Westerberg ‘Baby Learns to Crawl’Nolan Potter Nightmare Band ‘Caberfae Peaks’Dominic J Marshall ‘Feeling’JuJu Rogers ‘Black Thurzday’ feat SanoInfinite Spirit Music ‘Children’s Song’Shirley Collins ‘Adieu To Old England’Kath Bloom ‘Thin Thin Line’Kiwi Jr. ‘Swimming Pool’Jerry McGill ‘Desperados Waiting on a Train’Spaza ‘Sunlight, Glycerine, 2 loose draws’

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