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When we're not spinning the tracks of our favourite artists, we're busy bringing you the best in lifestyle education and proactive health. Showcasing everything from roots, alternative and rock bands to singer/songwriters and artists, we are the only radio format podcast to blend music and wellness to help you become a better human. Based out of the blooming Music City, Calgary, Alberta, tune in every Monday and subscribe on your favourite stream to ensure you know How To Survive The Rock Star Lifestyle.


  • Episode 15 Our Language Focuses Our Attention Part 2 with Mark England, Co-Founder of Procabulary

    Episode 15 "Our Language Focuses Our Attention" Part 2 with Mark England, Co-Founder of Procabulary

    26/09/2017 Duração: 53min

    Back in the ring for round two with Mark England, actually - I should be careful what I say because this fella was an absolute ninja martial artist and could likely kick my head off of my shoulders still. Regardless, in this episode we get into how the language we use shapes our outcomes. As musician's this is huge and a pivotal way to examine our careers. Can we really influence our destiny just by tweaking a few words out of our vocabulary? Can our positive reinforcement help shape the outcomes we want in life? Find out how Mark believe this is true in our second half of the conversation with TEDx speaker, good friend of mine and the co-founder of Procabulary - the man, the legend, Mr. Mark England. Get your tongue wrapped around the Core Language Upgrade here - save $100USD off the ticket price by using the coupon "nextlevel" Music by Tanner James -"All Girls Want" Hear him tell some stories Friday September 29th at Village Brewery. Event details here:

  • Episode 14 Your Language Shapes Your Behaviour Part 1 with Mark England: Co-Founder of Procabulary

    Episode 14 "Your Language Shapes Your Behaviour" Part 1 with Mark England: Co-Founder of Procabulary

    19/09/2017 Duração: 45min

    Mark England, co-founder of Procabulary joins me this week to discuss how language affects the way we live. Quite literally, we are in control of our life simply through the words we choose to use. Hit him up at and check this stuff out. We have a promo code "nextlevel" for Core Language Upgrade to save you $100 USD off your registration.

  • Episode 13 - Of Allies

    Episode 13 - Of Allies

    11/09/2017 Duração: 01h19min

    On this week's episode I dive in to part two of my British Invasion series, with guitarist Tom Hewson of alt rockers "Of Allies". The group has been picking up steam since being picked up by Spotify as the featured cover artist of one of the rock playlists. Tom and I speak about the bands immediate future, the hardships of the lifestyle and we even get to build his super band. Find out who is the most fit in the group, how they spend their downtime and what cities are full of the most fans, you might be surprised. So much value all wrapped up in one, let's do this thing! Track Listing: 1. "17" 2. "Glass House" 3. "Lost Not Found" Big thanks to Tom for taking the time and speaking with me, and as always thanks to their fellow country-men, Where Fires Are for the theme song, "Inferno". Til next time, stay sweet. PEACE!