Welcome to the "Minus Connections" podcast. At the end of each month, you will find here a new episode by one of our artists, staff, friends...This podcast is not just a one hour mix of plain electronic music, it's supposed to be different! Each artist and his choice of songs tells a story - his own way to MINUS! The early influences, special songs for special moments etc... Whatever that might be, you will find the reason in the artwork window of your iTunes! Furthermore, the Connections podcast now includes selected projects from the MINUS EMBED initiative, which incorporates the work of creatives who've been invited to work with Richie Hawtin. Chosen individuals take part in a weekend excursion to catalog, document and respond to the experience using their own specific talents. The Embed concept provokes new ways of communication, connecting people closer to the world of Richie Hawtin.


  • Minus Connections December 13 - Thomas Nau

    Minus Connections December '13 - Thomas Nau

    02/12/2013 Duração: 01h28min

    Hi, my name is Thomas. I am Richie Hawtins assistant. Besides my love for electronic music, i have another passion which i would like to share with you through my podcast - playing the piano. I hope that the pieces i chose will inspire you to find out more about each artist and to discover a whole universe of unbelievable classical and modern music. Enjoy!

  • Minus Connections November 13 - Bryan Zentz

    Minus Connections November '13 - Bryan Zentz

    01/11/2013 Duração: 01h20min

    Hi folks… As winter draws near and the gloomy skies approach here in Portland, I made this mix with the season in mind. From the hypnotic vibe of Prurient and Rrose, to the pounding stomp of Raiz, and the 909 driven goth-punk of Røsenkøpf, there is plenty of post Halloween darkness to go around. Fear not though, there are a few optimistic moments peaking through those clouds. Ian O'Donovan's superb remix of "Goodlife", Jon Gurd and Joel Alter bring the Detroit sound to the table to funk things up. Anyways, hope you enjoy the mix and thanks so much for listening! Tracklist: 01 Deafheaven "Please Remember" Deathwish 02 Prurient "You Show Great Spirit" Blackest Ever Black 03 G. Gigli & Obtane "Industrial Assaults (Rrose remix)" 04 Pots Of Gold "Rainbows" Minus 05 Patrick Skoog "Saturnian Acid" Third Ear 06 Raiz "Cored1" VRV 07 Samuel L Session "Air Blast" KlapKlap 08 Antonio Valente "Mandrake" Sino 09 Cabaret Voltaire "Just Fascination (Kirk rmx)" Virgin 10 Jon Gurd "Sugar Coated Beak" DETSYNC 11 Sone "Bl

  • Minus Connections October 13 - Tripmastaz

    Minus Connections October '13 - Tripmastaz

    02/10/2013 Duração: 01h26min

    Tracklist: 01 Break The Entrance - Lady 02 Santos - They Saw You (Ilario Liburni Remix) 03 Iuly.B - Nuclear 04 Tripmastaz - Triple B 05 Plastikman - Disconnect (Tripmastaz Disco Nekt Boot) 06 Panic - Hunt for the Sambal Byzhack 07 Deep Square - You Say Ikenga 08 Unknown Artist - Get Down 09 Macromism - Nogoa 10 Winx - Don't Laugh (Richie Hawtin Remix) 11 Wender A., Rods Novaes - AC DI CI (Tripmastaz Remix) 12 Unknown - 2001 State Of House 13 Bebadim - Brain Beat 14 Nail - Breeze 15 Tripmastaz - Gristle House 16 Bebadim - Analyzer 17 Zohki & Roozlee, Vito - Champ 18 D'Julz - Da Madness (D'Julz 2013 mix) 19 Marasco & Gretchen Rhodes - Hold it Like That 20 Marco Faraone feat. Piegaja - Lesson

  • Minus Connections September 13 - Joop Junior

    Minus Connections September '13 - Joop Junior

    02/09/2013 Duração: 01h11min

    In this podcast I share a small part of the electronic music which inspired and motivated me to become the musician I am now, and the producer I would still like to be. From 'mainstream' to 'experimental,' I hope you enjoy this mix of my personal Min and Max's.

  • Minus Connections August 13 - Matte Blakk

    Minus Connections August '13 - Matte Blakk

    01/08/2013 Duração: 01h06min

    To help kick off my debut EP with Minus I am proud to present a glimpse into my past that got me to where I am today. From early dub and reggae to Kraftwerk to Daft Punk or hidden gems from the disco era it all continues to inspire me in making my own unique sounds. It's an immense honour to put this together as this series has also helped in discovering lots of great timeless music. I hope you enjoy! -Matte Blakk

  • Minus Connections July 13 - Rebekah Aff

    Minus Connections July '13 - Rebekah Aff

    08/07/2013 Duração: 01h45min

    With this mix I want to express my immense gratitude to Rich, Plus8, and Minus for all the inspiration and support that has helped me to grow and learn over so many years. With love, a mix from the heart. I hope you enjoy! I recorded this mix at the Minus headquarters in Berlin. Special thanks to Chris for providing me with his great company. Rebekah.

  • Minus Connections June 13 - Heartthrob

    Minus Connections June '13 - Heartthrob

    31/05/2013 Duração: 59min

    To celebrate the release of the latest MinMax compilation this month, I have devised a mix of tunes that embody both the minimal and maximal idea with an ear towards the summer ahead. From low-fi funk, through simmering melodic house onto more freaky techno offerings these are the sounds catching my ear and defining my dj sets lately. I hope you enjoy them as much as me! Jesse.

  • Minus Connections May 13 - Joran-van-Pol

    Minus Connections May '13 - Joran-van-Pol

    01/05/2013 Duração: 01h01min

    In this podcast I featured tracks that were of influence on my sound and career. All of these tracks somehow led me to where I'm currently at as an artist. They inspired me and let me discover new sounds and genre's, allowing me to eventually move closer to Minus. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did again when putting together this podcast!

  • Minus Connections April 13 - Derek Plaslaiko

    Minus Connections April '13 - Derek Plaslaiko

    05/04/2013 Duração: 02h03min

    Hello, my name is Derek. The path that led me to working for Rich stems back to the mid-nineties from simply listening and dancing to his sets. Around 1997, we became closer from when I worked at Record Time and would sell him records. In 2002, I was brought on to be his travelling technical assistant and from then I worked on other projects for him in the years that followed. In 2010, I was brought to Berlin to work compiling content for For my Minus Connections podcast, I decided to do a one-take all vinyl mix using only records that I associate with Rich's sets over the years. Some are obvious classics, while others maybe not so much. However, ALL of these selected tracks hold a very sweet spot in my heart, and provide countless memories of Richie playing them. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks!

  • Minus Connections March 13 - Nicolas Bougaïeff

    Minus Connections March '13 - Nicolas Bougaïeff

    13/03/2013 Duração: 56min

    I started working with Richie Hawtin in 2010 when, along with Gareth Williams and Etienne Noreau-Hébert, we created software for the Plastikman Live tour and founded our software company Liine. This podcast is a musical self-portrait, the soundtrack of a path that has led me to Berlin and a life of eletronic music and technology. From growing up and raving in Trois-Rivières, to studying classical and electroacoustic music in Montreal, to moving to Berlin in 2008, here are some of the records that inspired me along the way.

  • Minus Connections January 13 - Hobo

    Minus Connections January '13 - Hobo

    01/01/2013 Duração: 01h56min

    This is one of my favourite sets of the year, I hope you enjoy it. Hobo. * recorded @ Magazzini Generali, Milan (12/07/2012)

  • Minus Connections December 12 - Niki Kervezee

    Minus Connections December '12 - Niki Kervezee

    10/12/2012 Duração: 01h20min

    My favourite music from my favourite artists in my favourite places at my favourite moments with my favourite people. This is my podcast. Enjoy! PS. Beatmatching is for pussies.

  • Minus Connections November 12 - Chris Krainer

    Minus Connections November '12 - Chris Krainer

    01/11/2012 Duração: 54min

    Minus is turning 15. To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to go through the entire catalog and select one track for every year, mixing all 15 in chronological order. I had a lot of fun doing this podcast, even if it was damn hard to compile the whole thing with such specifications. Hope you’ll like it and that it can be an opportunity to (re)discover some forgotten tunes. Chris.

  • Minus Connections October 12 - Kathi  Marlene

    Minus Connections October '12 - Kathi & Marlene

    01/10/2012 Duração: 01h13min

    This is a little excursion into our shared history of fails, parties, fun-times, down-times, adventures, anger, rage, love, pain and so much more. We hope you can enjoy this as much as we have over the last couple of years! Thanx for listening - Much Love! Kathi & Marlene

  • Minus Connections August 12 - Itaru Yasuda

    Minus Connections August '12 - Itaru Yasuda

    20/07/2012 Duração: 01h00s

    Hello, I am Itaru Yasuda. I have moved from Tokyo to Berlin last November to work for visual and interactive projects (e.g. with Rich, Ali and the great Minus team. I have been enjoying it as the most wonderful thing in my life. I am really glad to share my favorite music with you here. To me music is always the best driving force. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Minus Connections July 12 - Click Box

    Minus Connections July '12 - Click Box

    20/07/2012 Duração: 01h02min

    Hi, we're Marco And Pedro also known as Click Box. This is a little podcast with music that we have been listening, and its also huge part of our influences! Hope you guys like it!

  • Minus Connections May 12 - Johannes Kraemer

    Minus Connections May '12 - Johannes Kraemer

    03/05/2012 Duração: 57min

    Hello, i am Johannes and i do live sound for Richie Hawtin at selected events and projects, ie Plastikman. Usually music triggers memories and pictures in my head, i try to share that with you in the next hour. If my words sound not pc, unpolite, sarcastic or not understandable, i apologize in advance for that.

  • Minus Connections January 12 - Matador

    Minus Connections January '12 - Matador

    25/01/2012 Duração: 56min

    "Had fun putting this mix together, features some of my newest and some older tracks, mixed with a few favorite tracks from the past few months. couple of new gems in there from two of my favorite producers, Act. Sense & Tim Xavier! Hope u enjoy the mix!!" Gavin. Tracklist: Matador_Mollasses Matador_Moodswing Act Sense_Were just waiting Peter Dundoz,Gregor Tresher_Geist Matador_Jeno Ryan Davis, Transistor_Hunter Matador_Sillhouettes Silicon Soul_Maetrik Jazzersize Mix Tim Xavier_Play on words Matador_Snowed Inn Matador_The Benz Adam Beyer_No Rain_Joel Mull Mix Aaron Carl_No No_Matador Mix

  • Minus Connections July 11 - Minus Office Morning After Mix

    Minus Connections July '11 - Minus Office Morning After Mix

    09/08/2011 Duração: 01h12min

    The mornings after a great night dancing to your favorite DJs can be tough. In that situation you need music to soothe the soul - that's why this month the Minus Office in Berlin present this mix to help you through those first few tricky hours. Enjoy! Check the iTunes artwork window for the track list!

  • Minus Connections June 11 - Catherine Stoy

    Minus Connections June '11 - Catherine Stoy

    03/08/2011 Duração: 01h05min

    This podcast was done by Catherine Stoy. Being one of the CLONK booking agents, she shows us here some of her most influential tracks. Please open your artwork window in iTunes to view her descriptions and links.

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