On the air since 1985, Powerchord is Vancouver's longest running metal show! Covering all sub-genres across the harsh landscape of heavy metal, old and new alike. New releases, local bands, the obscure, the classic, and everything in-between.Two hours of absolute brutality every Saturday from 1-3pm.


  • Heron Live!!!!!!

    Heron Live!!!!!!


    HERON Vancouver's purveyors of Sludgey Doom play a live set to open the show and then get down with some of their favourite tracks. this show is heavily influenced by predominantly Vancouver bands. So join us in this crushing set with a couple of brand new tracks from HERON, cuz HERON is for the children. All Hail The Black Goat!




    Denver demons CHTHONIC DEITY join Coleman in studio along with local death metal hero, Anju Singh. We talk about their show(s) in Vancouver, touch on the many other projects they are involved in, and of course, play sick, disgusting metal ov death. RIP NEIL PEART

  • Unholy Mess it is 2020

    Unholy Mess it is 2020


    As the Wolrd Burns and Wars are started by infantile world leaders and our Brethern fall before their time, we must return to what is important. The devastating soul crushing sounds of the Underground. The Unholy Union of Death and Doom. We start the show with a shout out to the lose of one of the Heavy Ones, Remembering Elijah Nelson we start with two tracks from Black Breath. We continue on with more Blackened Metal with Occult Burial, Crystal Coffins, and Creeping Death. We slow the show down to appreciate the weight of the Mighty Bison followed by Croatia's Let Them Starve. A Shout out to the up coming albums of Heron and Mendozza. We end the show with complete and utter desolation from Opium Warlock and CRUD. All Hail The Black Goat!!! Live Slow and Heavy!!!

  • Last Show of 2019 Good Bye and Good Riddance

    Last Show of 2019 Good Bye and Good Riddance


    The last Show and Justin is playing some of his favourite tunes from 2019 and some special tracks to be released in 2020. some of the features upcoming releases from Mendozza, Frayle, Yatra, and Sixes. Top picks for this show include Sunn((0, Slowner, Temple of the Fuzz Witch, Rough Spells, Haxan, Black Mountain, The Well, Devil's Witches, Black Furs, Lochness, Let Them Hang, and The Kings Pistol. Here to an amazing year in Music with more top 2019 tracks to come. Looking forward to the releases for 2020. All Hail the Black Goat.

  • The First Day Of Winter

    The First Day Of Winter


    Raise a goblet of goat’s blood and toast the solstice! Today is the darkest day of the year, and Ian’s got your soundtrack, featuring crushing tunes from some of our favourite releases of 2019!!!! Lurching doom metal from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard and Dead Witches, ferocious thrash with West of Hell and Devil Master, putrid death metal including Tomb Mold and Vastum, and melodic Thin Lizzy-worshipping anthems with Gygax and Sheer Mag are just some of the highlights of today's show, plus we'll dig a track from Germany's legendary Warlock out of the Graveyard! Keep the fire burning!!!!

  • Unconquered Light of Nothingness

    Unconquered Light of Nothingness


    Gettin' dark and doomy in studio A with Coleman. 2019 is nearly through, but there is already a ton of new stuff on the horizon for 2020: Tombs, Carcass, Midnight, Cult of Fire, Today is the Day. Plus a look back at forgotten/overlooked albums of the year, and spotlight on some local punk.

  • Strong Women in Metal

    Strong Women in Metal


    This episode is heavily laden with the sounds of Women in metal. Witchrot, Year of The Cobra, Brume, Palmistry Rifflord, Cauchemar begins this satanic Saturday session of Worship. Music is Life and life is fuckin heavy so I listen to heavy music in the key of Life (Stevie Wonder reference cuz I love all good music).we end this episode with a bit more of a Blackened energy drawing from Canada, Ye Goat Herd Gods, and Sadomagickal Seducer, and then from around the world Abigail Williams, Creeping Death, Firebreather. Well, we all hope you enjoy the show and All Hail the Black Goat.

  • Inhuman Utterings

    Inhuman Utterings


    Coleman returns from parental leave to highlight what might be the best (non-festival) week of live music in Vancouver all year: King Diamond, Daughters, Lingua Ignota, High on Fire, Power Trip, Uada, and Wormwitch! Many other heavy and harsh things abound. Dig in.

  • The Build Up

    The Build Up


    We start this episode low and slow but I promise you it is worth the wait for devastation is promise and there will be a total destruction of your mind by the end of this set. We start with Daughters and Lingua Ignota. We move into a realm a bit heavier with Monolord, Heron, and Dopethrone. The the show takes a turn towards annihilation with Power Trip, Creeping Death and AHNA. We close this episode with a nod to the Doom Giants Sleep who are taking a Hiatus from the music world. All Hail The Black Goat

  • Cold November Rain

    Cold November Rain


    Holding it together as the rainy season gets underway in Vancouver with some blistering new black metal tracks from the likes of Yellow Eyes, Liturgy, Constellatia and Abigail Williams. We'll blast some local favourites like Black Mountain, storc, Sand Witch, Hexripper and Syrinx and also revisit some of the year's best death metal with Blood Incantation, Tomb Mold and Diocletian. The legendary Death Angel is playing the Rickshaw on Monday, so we'll dig a classic track from them out of The Graveyard. We'll also be getting hyped the the Vth Circle album release party tonight at The Front in New West, and also do some pre-partying for Alestorm tonight at the Rickshaw. Tune in for this and lots more earth-shaking riffage and skull-shattering drum destruction as the frigid rain purifies a miserable and dying world.

  • It is as if the floor had been torn out from under you.

    It is as if the floor had been torn out from under you.


    Face Melting heaviness from slow to fast and back to slow again. The weight of this show is almost unbearable, please don't get crushed to death or Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean. Today we celebrated the 39 year anniversary of Motorhead's Ace of Spades release. Motorhead forever and Lemmy is God.

  • For the Faithful and the Fallen...

    For the Faithful and the Fallen...


    Planet-shattering doom and our tribute to local musician Brenden Gunn of Empress, Sand Witch and Craters, who tragically passed away this past week. We also play some new death metal from heavy hitters like Nile, Vastum, Xoth and Cerebral Rot, a new track from NWOBHM legends Angel Witch, and we dig a classic track from German speed metal stalwarts Running Wild's 1985 album Branded & Exiled out of The Graveyard!

  • Hell-O-Ween show

    Hell-O-Ween show


    This Show Co-Hosted by Justin "The Worlock" and Ian "The Priest" brings together old and new music of the Occult and Horror, that of Witches, Werewolves, Killers and Graveyard. Finishing with a 13 minute Halloween song by the great German band Helloween.

  • Thanks-giviner



    Ian is back once again on 101.9 CiTR to help you celebrate your “Thanks-give’r” with a cornucopia of new music from Unleash The Archers, Blackwater Holylight, Noisem, Lacuna Coil, Slough Feg, Sheer Mag, Waingro, Gatecreeper, Yellow Eyes and more! We’re gonna preview the big Immolation/Blood Incantation/Auroch show at the Rickshaw this Tuesday, and we’re gonna get ready for Halloween by digging a classic Mercyful Fate track out of The Graveyard! Quaff down a goblet of ram’s blood with me, and let’s give thanks to loud guitars and double-kicks!!!

  • Legends of the Fall

    Legends of the Fall


    Coleman and Ian co-host a show chock full of 2019 4th quarter brutality with new music from Bolzer, Vastum,Gatecreeper, Blut Aus Nord, and heaps more.

  • Interview with The Vth Circle

    Interview with The Vth Circle


    Spent the afternoon in sound-booth with The Vth Circle as they are self-releasing a full-length album called 'I' and we previewed a few songs from their upcoming release.

  • Last Rose Of Summer

    Last Rose Of Summer


    Today on POWERCHORD we send off summer and welcome the fall, the time of year where EVERYTHING IS DYING. We're ringing in the rainy season and getting STOKED for upcoming shows from Boris, Voivod and Metalucifer. Plus we're gonna play new music from Haunt, Monolord, Vastum, Creeping Death, Waingro, Kadavar, Exhorder and more, and we'll pay tribute to the dearly departed Larry Wallis, former guitarist for the Pink Fairies and a founding member of Motörhead.

  • Serena is back with babe in tow and plays some lovely and disgusting Canadian metal!!

    Serena is back with babe in tow and plays some lovely and disgusting Canadian metal!!


    Serena is back in studio after giving birth to a heavy metal baby \m/ and highlights some upcoming local shows with amazing Canadian metal! Justin also stops in and plays some of his favourites! The new babe also pipes up as this is her first time in studio and she has some interesting commentary on the death metal..

  • Worthless Abominations Destroyed

    Worthless Abominations Destroyed


    Coleman hits the studio highlighting a few upcoming DEATH metal shows with Petrification and Necrot, as well as brand new music from Mgla, Mayhem, Vastum, Mizmor...and more!

  • My soul is Crushed....... by the weight of the world....

    My soul is Crushed....... by the weight of the world....


    In this show I am exploring the dark crushing nature of having a soulful loss. Doom and Metal make the world what it is for me and today it is heavy as fuck. I hope you enjoy this selection on darkness from all over the globe........

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