A DIY punk podcast, playing the neatest in music in themed chunks every month, hosted by Eliot Humphreys from Cheesus Crust Records.1. FUZZY POP2. GRRRLS IN PUNK3. SCREAMO4.




    29/07/2015 Duração: 01h46s

    Apologies for the lack of shows. Here's a mix.1. "quiet in kinmount" by foxes in fiction2. "soul windows" by retral & lunova labs3. "planet party" by games4. "lunch pack" by ventla5. "?" by macintosh plus6. "faces" by casa del mirto7. "relax miley" by unicorn kid8. "how to make a baby elephant float" by yo la tengo9. "all 303's go to heaven" by elephant & castle10. "inside my house, some place i keep dreaming about" by ricky eat acid 11. "all dogs" by shannen moser12. "magic mirror" by alex g13. "(dream) / girl" by salvia plath14. "apple walk" by ducktails15. "no brain" by king of cats16. "lonesome george" by happy trendy17. "mich mit einer mond" by panda bear18. "youth games" by kind spirit19. "when you wake i'll be gone little cat" by heroin party20. "v" by uuuuuu21. "B:/ shut down/depression" by black banshee

  • EP 3 - SCREAMO

    EP 3 - SCREAMO

    27/05/2015 Duração: 57min

    1. "Remember the Sea of Tranqulity" by Jeromes Dream2. "Change In The House Of Flies (Deftones)" by Mathswww.maths.bandcamp.com3. "What We Are" by Solanashttps://solanas.bandcamp.com4. "Shipgazer" by Cofunhttps://cofun.bandcamp.com5. "Nothing Waits For You There" by Healing Powershttps://healingpowers.bandcamp.com6. "Jake's Jam" by The Norashttps://thenoras.bandcamp.com7. "Psychic Bones" by Cadyhttps://cadyheron.bandcamp.com8. "Maybe I'm Upset, Wait, No, Definitely" by Father Figurehttps://fatherfiguretx.bandcamp.com9. "I'm Not Strange / Ground In My Mouth" by Algae Bloomhttps://algaeblooms.bandcamp.com10. "Dope Castle" by William Bonney "Bulanbintang" by Jose Phine12. "These Hills Have Eyes" by Reversal of Man13. "Schizophrenia" by Tristan Tzara14. "I'll Never Shake This" by You'll Livehttps://youlllive.bandcamp.com15 "SOAM" by I Don't Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

  • EP 2 - GRRRLS

    EP 2 - GRRRLS

    30/04/2015 Duração: 59min

    A GRRRLS in punk special. 1. "Watch You" by Priests2. "Throwaway" by Brat Mobile3. "Everything's Cool" by R. L. Kelly4. "Words and Smiles" by Tiger Trap5. "Don't Talk To Me" by Shannen Moser6. "Cockroach" by Baby Brave (and the love bites)7. "Adventure Time" by Jawbreaker Reunion8. "Slutshamed" by Girlpool9. "Buddy" by All Dogs10. "F-fit" by Pennycress11. "Abbey's Song" by Julia Brown12. "Carnival" by The Cardigans

  • EP 1 - FUZZY POP

    EP 1 - FUZZY POP

    01/04/2015 Duração: 55min

    1. "Garage Faery" by Radstewart "Fast Burn" by Lost Boy ? "Adam" by Alex G "Carnival" by The Poocheshttps://thepooches.bandcamp.com5. "Girls FM" by Happy Birthday "Vacation" by Real Boys "Nohbuddy Wants Me" by Loser Year "It Don't Matter Much" by The Collected Fictionshttps://thecollectedfictions.bandcamp.com9. "Long Jons" by Phat Trophies "Little Bit" by Bad Channels "How Much Younger" by Brilliant Colors "Ponyboy (demo)" by Surf Curse "What Did You Ever Do?" by Dowsing