A new music podcast from Darcy Corbett and Jerome Entwisle - exploring the fuzzy, scuzzy, punky, spunky garage and grunge sounds that are out there from a small apartment in Sydney, Australia.


  • EPISODE 20 – Raiders of the Lost Podcast

    EPISODE 20 – Raiders of the Lost Podcast


    They told us it couldn’t be found. They thought it was lost for all time. But we kept digging, and digging, and never gave up. We quit our day jobs and prepared ourselves for a lifelong search… Two weeks later, Episode 20 of Scratchin’ the Itch was found! And what an episode it is. Witty…

  • Episode 19 – We Disclaim All Liability For This Podcast

    Episode 19 – We Disclaim All Liability For This Podcast


    All opinions expressed in this podcast are the subjective views of the podcasters, Darcy and Jerome, and should not be relied upon in any circumstances. The podcast, Scratchin’ the Itch, does not accept any liability for injury (including, without limitation, personal or psychological injury and pure economic loss) which may be caused by your listening to…

  • Episode 18 – The Hive In Your Bowels

    Episode 18 – The Hive In Your Bowels


    Bees. Swarms of Bees. Buzzing. Buzzzzzing. Fuzzing? This week Darcy and Jerome dive headfirst into a veritable sting-fest of sticky, venomous tracks. Angie is the Queen (of course) but we also play the likes of Tim & the Boys (workers), OBN Ills (soldiers) and Yuppies Indeed (sexbots). So get out of the thermal spring, throw…

  • Episode 17 – Flour Power

    Episode 17 – Flour Power


    You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning… You do. Otherwise your day will be unproductive. So why not set you alarm to blast out a few hits from Episode 17 of Scratchin’ the Itch. Like Mix 106.5, we’ll get you going with the Tyrannamen and Sunflower Bean. But then, like ABC Local…

  • Episode 16 – Darcy Doesn’t Buy Big Issues

    Episode 16 – Darcy Doesn’t Buy Big Issues


    Music. It’s the universal language. But today at Scratchin’ the Itch, we’re speaking it with a distinctly Australian accent. The Wireheads, the Old Mate, the Adam Gibson. They’re all here. But we’re a country of immigrants, you know? So Darcy and I got our arms wide open to welcome some overseas folk too. How about…

  • Episode 15 – Turn On Your Immediacy Meters

    Episode 15 – Turn On Your Immediacy Meters


    Hello? …. Yes, we’re back and better than ever with a new microphone and new broadcasting cave. Darcy has finished up his “all expenses paid” (by him) world trip full of knowledge and culture to add to our banter. Meanwhile, Jerome has… well, he’s back as well. And what do we have for you today?…

  • Episode 13 – Is Billy Zane a Troll?

    Episode 13 – Is Billy Zane a Troll?


    At Scratchin’ the Itch we are ready to ask the big questions, speak truth to power. And who could be more powerful than A-list Hollywood celebrity, Billy Zane. Billy, we’re gonna put it to you straight, are you a troll? Did you convince Australian rock and roll royalty to name their kids after you? Do you…

  • Episode 12 – Escape from Synth City

    Episode 12 – Escape from Synth City


    Synth City is Australian music in 2015. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is… SCRATCHIN’ THE ITCH. Yes, we’re back to save the President of punk/grunge/fuzzcore and we’ve brought a host of super groups with us. We got the Constant Mongrel. We got the OBNOX. We got double trouble with the Heirophants. Together we can take…

  • Tip Top Australian Albums 2014

    Tip Top Australian Albums 2014


    Scratchin’ the Itch is in tip top shape (better than you!) as it launches its inaugural Tip Top Australian Albums. It has been a fantastic (some would say tip top) year for Australian garage, fuzz, psych-core music and we are here to to take you on your own personal guided tour of the hottest of…

  • Tip Top Tracks 2014

    Tip Top Tracks 2014


    Finally and officially, Scratchin’ the Itch is here with the long awaited Tip Top Top Ten Tracks of Twenty-Fourteen. Let’s break it down – 10 tracks from across the whole wide world of sports but not including any Australian tracks on tip top albums that may be featured in the tip top top ten albums collection.…