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  • Navigating the Pandemic with Wu Fei

    Navigating the Pandemic with Wu Fei

    14/07/2020 Duração: 32min

    On this episode on Sonosphere Wu Fei tells us about how the global pandemic has affected her as a musician and mother. She has shifted her focus from live shows to releasing new material daily. Fei also released an album with Abigail Washburn during this unsure time.

  • Shelter in Place with Analog Tara and Carolina Eyck

    Shelter in Place with Analog Tara and Carolina Eyck

    07/05/2020 Duração: 13min

    On this special episode we catch up with a couple composers we’ve featured on Sonosphere to see how they’ve been faring in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. First, we hear from producer and electronic composer Tara Rodgers, aka Analog Tara. Tara performed here in Memphis for our Sound Observation series a couple years ago in partnership with Crossotown Arts. Then we’ll hear from theremin master, musician and composer Carolina Eyck. For information on tracks in this episode and more visit @sonospod

  • Citizen of Tomorrow on Sonosphere Radio

    Citizen of Tomorrow on Sonosphere Radio

    29/03/2020 Duração: 01h02min

    Welcome to Sonosphere Radio where the podcast features shows curated by artists, musicians, enthusiasts and music fanatics from Memphis and around the world. Today we hear songs chosen by Citizen of Tomorrow. Enjoy! Artists featured in this show can be found at

  • 100 Years of Theremin with Dorit Chrysler

    100 Years of Theremin with Dorit Chrysler

    29/02/2020 Duração: 26min

    In this episode of Sonosphere we highlight master theremin player and curator of the Theremin 100 compilation celebrating 100 years of theremin, Dorit Chrysler. Check out more info info at and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

  • Indian Classical Music

    Indian Classical Music

    31/01/2020 Duração: 31min

    This month on Sonosphere we hear from Ken Zuckerman, co-founder of the Ali Akbar College in Basel, Switzerland and sarod aficionado.  Peter Lavezzoli, author, percussionist and vocalist also joins us as we discuss how Indian Classical Music has influenced modern rock, pop and ambient music today. While we only scratch the surface of Indian Classical Music, you'll find how one man in particular, Ali Akbar Khan, took America and popular music by storm through his teachings that span across the world and across musical genres. More information at

  • Sonosphere Radio feat. Andrew Earles

    Sonosphere Radio feat. Andrew Earles

    02/01/2020 Duração: 01h02min

    Welcome to Sonosphere Radio. Bring in the new year with this month's host, Andrew Earles. Andrew Earles has been a music/cultural critic, journalist & biographer since 1999 and has authored three books as well as writing and editing work in 14 other multi-author titles. He has contributed writing in both a staff and freelance capacity to over 55 online and print outlets since 1999, including Spin, Pitchfork, Vice/Noisey, The Onion, Decibel, The Washington City Paper, Numero Group, Magnet Magazine and many others. For full track list and more info go to @sonospod now on spotify

  • Underscore: Ami Dang

    Underscore: Ami Dang

    24/11/2019 Duração: 23min

    Welcome to this episode of Sonosphere where we underscore  Ami Dang, South Asian-American vocalist, sitarist, composer and producer from Baltimore Maryland.  We discussed how her cultural heritage rooted in the Sikh religion informs and influences her work today, and how she approaches the sitar while utilizing modern noise, ambient, and electronic sounds in her music. We also discuss the making of her latest album Parted Plains out now on Leaving Records. More info:

  • Underscore: David T. Little

    Underscore: David T. Little

    27/10/2019 Duração: 24min

    How has information shaped our lives? Are we really privy to all the knowledge available? David T. Little's new album, AGENCY, seeks to investigate these questions. On this episode we highlight composer David T. Little. The composer has a background that is as eclectic as his new album, AGENCY.  By combining all of  these influences David is ushering in a new age of opera. Sonosphere enjoyed a phone call with David as we talked about AGENCY as well as his path to this point in his illustrious career.   more information at

  • Underscore: Carolina Eyck

    Underscore: Carolina Eyck

    22/09/2019 Duração: 19min

    On this episode we talk with Carolina Eyck, one of the world’s foremost thereminist, about growing up with classical music and how she knew the Theremin would be her thing. Eyck releases her third LP for Butterscotch Records, Elegies for Theremin & Voice, on September 27th.  Ten pieces form a haunting work reflecting sadness and loss, anger and depression. Eyck shares with Sonosphere the process of composing the record. She reminds us it's okay to feel it all, necessary even, to properly remember and love those we miss. Her U.S. tour dates and more at @sonospod

  • About the Sarod...

    About the Sarod...

    29/08/2019 Duração: 21min

    This episode of Sonosphere features the North Indian instrument, the sarod. One of the most popular instruments in Hindustani music, the sarod's 20th century master was Indian composer, teacher and musician, Ali Akbar Khan. We speak with contemporary sarod virtuoso, Ken Zuckerman about mastering the demanding instrument and how he and Khan brought various innovations and inventions to the sound.  For more info visit @sonospod

  • Underscore: Composer Alex Weston

    Underscore: Composer Alex Weston

    25/07/2019 Duração: 10min

    Welcome to Sonosphere's Underscore series where we highlight composers, artists, creators, and more. This episode we highlight Alex Weston,  a New York-based composer. This month he released his score for the Lulu Wang film The Farewell. On this episode we talk with him about his process for The Farewell and his approach to music in film versus his approach to commissioned works for live dance and others. Enjoy this month's Underscore. For more information visit

  • A Mix by Memphis Concrete Festival Founder Robert Traxler

    A Mix by Memphis Concrete Festival Founder Robert Traxler

    22/06/2019 Duração: 01h02min

    Welcome to Sonosphere radio, today we welcome Robert Traxler, founder of the Memphis Concrete experimental music festival happening this month in Memphis – June 29th and 30th. In its third year, the Memphis Concrete music festival is featuring headliners Matmos, Moor Mother, Rapoon, Mykel Boyd, Tavishi and featuring a live score of the original Tron – all right here in Memphis at Crosstown Arts.  For more information and a track list visit

  • Sonosphere Radio: Tape Night with Natalie Hoffman of Nots  Optic Sink

    Sonosphere Radio: Tape Night with Natalie Hoffman of Nots & Optic Sink

    09/06/2019 Duração: 59min

    Welcome to Sonosphere radio. Occasionally, Sonosphere will post playlists curated by artists, record label owners, music enthusiasts, DJs, and sometimes by us. This week we’ll hear a collaborative mixtape session with from Natalie Hoffman of the band NOTS fame. She has a project now with Memphis DJ and electronic artist Ben Bauermeister called Optic Sink. Check out Optic Sink at the Memphis Concrete Festival June 29 and 30th – tickets on sale now. Learn more at Don’t miss Memphis Concrete this month at Crosstown Arts and enjoy this mix! Track list at

  • Nadah El Shazly

    Nadah El Shazly

    29/05/2019 Duração: 14min

    Welcome to Sonosphere, the podcast that explores the sounds all around us. The first artist we present in our 2019 Sound Observation series is Nadah El Shazly, Egyptian composer, musician and producer. She will be performing at Crosstown Arts' Green Room in Memphis, TN on May 31st as a part of her first tour in the U.S. We are so excited to have her in Memphis. Performance at 8pm. Sonosphere spoke briefly with Nadah prior to her show. She talks about collaborating in the Cairo music scene, her debut album and her experiences on her first U.S. tour.  Thanks for listening.

  • Drones: A Brief History of Sustained Tones in Music

    Drones: A Brief History of Sustained Tones in Music

    01/03/2019 Duração: 18min

    In this month's episode of Sonosphere, we focus on the use of drone sounds in music. There is a lot to cover with Drone music, often known as a part of the genre of Minimalism and modern ambient. Sonosphere caught up with Joanna Demers, author of Listening Through the Noise: The Aesthetics of Experimental Electronic Music, Drone and Apocalypse, and others.  We will focus on the drone itself, what is drone music, and the common drone instruments as a continuation of the Birth of Modern Music series on avant-garde, classical music and minimalism. This episode begins with the evolution of the drone sound as a musical style and aesthetic used in many parts of the world. Join us! @sonospod

  • Sound Observation Series: Composer Nicole Mitchell

    Sound Observation Series: Composer Nicole Mitchell

    31/01/2019 Duração: 44min

    Sonosphere's last Sound Observations series for 2018 ended on a high note. We welcomed Nicole Mitchell to perform flute with electronics. Thanks to Nicole Mitchell and Crosstown Arts for their partnership in this series. More information at and subscribe on itunes, follow us on social media @sonospod

  • Sound Observations Afrofuturism: Building Communities

    Sound Observations Afrofuturism: Building Communities

    31/12/2018 Duração: 01h01min

    We hosted our final Sound Observation series by inviting Nicole Mitchell to Memphis. In this episode, we present Afrofuturism:Building Communities, a panel that explored beyond the concept of Afrofuturism. Memphis based Publisher and Author Sheree Renee Thomas led the discussion featuring Nicole Mitchell, and a few Memphians, including Producer/Performer and CEO of James Dukes aka “IMAKEMADBEATS,” Author/ Publisher Troy Wiggins, and Emcee, Teacher, and Author Danian Jerry. They went beyond explaining afrofuturism and talked about how afrofuturism exists as much in the present as in the past and future. For more, visit

  • Unapologetic: A Conversation at Dirty Socks Studios

    Unapologetic: A Conversation at Dirty Socks Studios

    30/11/2018 Duração: 01h03min

    This episode Sonosphere visits Dirty Socks Studios, which is the base camp for Unapologetic. The studio is a sanctuary for those who dare to commit to their craft. The theme is dedication to yourself and your mission. Unapologetic is a collective that looks to push Memphis forward. The collective is a cast of characters that are as odd as their aliases. Lead by IMAKEMADBEATS, Unapologetic has put the city on notice. Memphis has the reputation that you have to leave to make it in most industries especially music. Non-Memphians tend to capitalize on the “Memphis Sound,” Unapologetic is changing that notion. This starts in Dirty Socks Studios where we will pick up our conversation. For more visit [email protected]

  • Okkyung Lee

    Okkyung Lee

    29/10/2018 Duração: 14min

    Korean cellist, composer, and improviser, Okkyung Lee talks with Sonosphere about her time at this year's Big Ears festival in Knoxville, TN, working with Evan Parker, learning to love the cello, and what's in store for her this year. @sonospod

  • Remix Memphis: The Sounds of a City

    Remix Memphis: The Sounds of a City

    14/10/2018 Duração: 29min

    This episode Sonosphere dives into Remix Memphis with Alex Greene and Luis Seixas, two Memphis musicians that make the duo The E.G.G.G. Remix Memphis grew out of a partnership with the Urban Arts Commission and the city of Memphis' 3.0 comprehensive planning initiative that worked to solicit participation from community leaders, residents and planners to inform future land use and neighborhood plans for the city. Art was an important piece. As a musician Alex was interested in the sounds of the city. more at @sonospod

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