Gunz B - Mixtapes And Radio Shows


A collection of Mixtapes and Radio Shows for your enjoyment! I do a weekly Radio Show on "THE BUMP ACADEMY" and feature guests reguarly. So far, my guests include:Sean Biddle, Will Jax,Kinky Movement,Manjane,The House Inspectors,Tom Drummond I will be uploading the guest mix to this site weekly :)


  • Episode 8: Moshun (U.K)

    Episode 8: Moshun (U.K)

    18/01/2011 Duração: 01h05min

    Moshun are a Duo of Dj/Producers hailing from Nottingham, U.K. The pair John Symms and Lee Eden were both inspired from an early age to be involved in music together they thought the next step was to go into music production and after much success in other works the concept of Moshun was born. The sound of Moshun is deep and luxurious dance music with intellegence,soul, and funk, fused with a lot of live influences and live recordings, contrasting in driving deep funky house and breaks to chilled atmospheric ambient soundscapes. Their first release on Brainkat Recordings was recieved well by the industry and gained support from, Joshua Heath, Romano Arcaiani,(Late Night Society) Frankie J, (Sound Republic), Frandanski, (Smokescreen), Giom (Om Records/Kolour) Jason Hodges, (Junction Style Music),Johnny Fiasco, (Klassic Fiasco/Om records) to name but a few. look out also for some hot new releases coming soon on... Phobic recordings, Flap Jack recordings, Native Soul recordings Replay recordings, Union rec

  • Episode 7: Manjane (DISKO ZOO) Serbia

    Episode 7: Manjane (DISKO ZOO) Serbia

    19/12/2010 Duração: 01h01min

    Manjane was born in 1992 in Bela Crkva, Serbia. He started his career in 2007 with barely 15 years of age. First he became a resident DJ in a local undergrond club, playing jackin and deep house. A year later he started producing and caught the eye of the notorious Gramophonedzie, who invited him to join the Disko Zoo crew, and help running the record label. His first EP “Badger” gets positive feedback from DJs like Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, DJ Heather, Honey Dijon, Hector Moralez, … Later he releases music on labels like Guesthouse, Maracuja, Funk Mansion, and naturally Disko Zoo. During his short DJ career he had the honour to play with the likes of Gramophonedzie, DJ Mes, Tommy Largo, Soydan, and Combined.

  • Episode 6: Gunz B - Summer Promo 2010

    Episode 6: Gunz B - Summer Promo 2010

    10/12/2010 Duração: 58min

    A Selection of Jackin House Cuts! These tracks are at the top of my Hitlist at the moment..

  • Episode 5: Wattie Green

    Episode 5: Wattie Green

    04/12/2010 Duração: 01h18s

    Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Wattie Green went from unknown to one of the most recognized names in House Music, virtually overnight. DJ’ing since ‘99 and only producing since 2004, the spelunking, multi-instrument playing (banjo, guitar, upright bass, etc.), swing house producing phenom burst on the scene with a sound so fresh, it took the global house community by storm! It all started online during a timely chance encounter with J. Caprice of High Maintenance who along with producing partner 4peace where just about to launch their Dallas based label, Juiced Music. They were so impressed with his sound they signed his first 9 tracks and the rest is house history. Shortly thereafter, one of Wattie’s tracks (Sea Lion Woman) caught the ear of Flapjack’s label boss Frankie J who subsigned the track from Juiced to put out on vinyl for Flapjack. This lead to an EP deal with Flapjack and went on to become his first official release entitled the “Bashville, TN. EP”. Since, Wattie has released two full EP’s on

  • Episode 4: Gunz B presents - LOOK!! Its another Mixtape

    Episode 4: Gunz B presents - LOOK!! Its another Mixtape

    26/11/2010 Duração: 01h27min

    1- INTRO – Gunz B 2- PARTY PEOPLE – Wattie Green 3- LOVE FOOL – Mr Patron 4- GIVE IT 2 JACK – Jack Digger 5- FOOGIELISCIOUS – High Maintenance 6- OL SAM – High Maintenance 7- UPTOWN HOEDOWN (Spicey Mix) – Robb Swinga 8- GOT TO GET DOWN – Jackin Box 9- JACKERS 5th SYMPHONY – Audio Jacker 10- HOUSE OF FUN (Nut House Edit) 11- NUBIAN FUNK – The Girth 12- THIS IS IT – Chris Harris & Dom Martin 13- HIT THE ROAD (High Maintenance Get To Steppin Rmx) – Wattie Green 14- NO DIGGITY (Gunz B Re-Edit) 15- ON THE BALL – Soydan 16- WHY DON’T YOU – Gramaphonedzie 17 - THE NUMBER COUNT - Johnny Manzella 18- OMEGA 3 (Jagantha Booze Talkin) – Combined 19- GOT IT GOIN ON – Chris James 20- ELECTRIC FEEL (True Pseudo Remix) – MGMT 21- SWINGIN G TOWN – Craig Hamilton & Chris Mac

  • Episode 3: 1200 Warriors

    Episode 3: 1200 Warriors

    19/11/2010 Duração: 01h26s

    With a friendship of over fifteen years, collaborative projects and a shared passion for distinctive music with a profound sound, DJ Choco [aka G-Dubs] and Junior Rivero [aka DJ Rivero] have teamed up to form the 1200 Warriors. Drawing strong influences from the streets of Washington Heights in New York City and straight from their ethnic roots, they bring a new era of music. A blend of music, inspired by dance going right through to the opposite end of the spectrum with hip hop and many other forms in between. For many years Choco has been the chief engineer for the Wu-Tang Clan and RZA. He has also had great success with house hits as "New Day" on 4th Floor Records and 95 South's "Sunday Shouting" b-boy shouting remix on Defected Records. It is this pedigree of experience which Choco draws on for creating some of the dance music’s and the Warriors most characteristic sounds. Rivero started out as a local DJ, which induced him into editing, remixing and production. Now, having been dragged out to the fore

  • Episode 2 - The House Inspectors

    Episode 2 - The House Inspectors

    10/11/2010 Duração: 01h13min

    Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Househeads Luke & Dan aka “The House Inspectors” are starting to make their mark on the global house music scene. Having a live musical background and dabbling with production at a young age, they have hit the ground running, establishing themselves as one of Australia’s “hot to trot”, in demand dj’s/producers/remixers. In a short space of time they have supported the likes of Joshua Heath and Bryan Jones. Their signature sound of organic deep, soulful, jazzy, jackin house is one of high demand, and is what you can expect from them in their high quality live dj sets. As producers, this dynamic duo are renowned for their original songwriting and soulful bumpy sound, incorporating live vocal cuts to their jams. What sets these two apart from the rest is the fact that most of their catalogue of tracks are fully recorded, bringing a “live” vibe to the listeners with that infectious driving beat behind all the works. They have released tracks on some of house music’s most

  • Episode 1 - Remember Those Days

    Episode 1 - Remember Those Days

    10/11/2010 Duração: 01h18min

    A mix i did quite a while ago.. Classic Funky House!!