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  • The Wedding Episode

    The Wedding Episode


    In this episode: Somebody gets married! Here's a hint: It's the only CarCaster who's ever been accused of murder! Learn all about it on the newest episode of Joe and Sean's CarCast.The Wedding Episode

  • Best Albums of 2010, Part 2

    Best Albums of 2010, Part 2


    In this episode: It’s June 2011, so I guess that means this is the perfect time to find out which albums of 2010 (or earlier) made it into Sean’s top five! Here’s a hint: While Kanye West was invited to stop by and piss all over Joe’s notions of music, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was not the top album. Which album made it to the top? Listen to the show, people! We aren’t whores!!Best Albums of 2010, Part 2

  • Best Albums of 2010, Part 1

    Best Albums of 2010, Part 1


    In this episode: The guys maintain their breakneck pace of new episodes and finally share their best albums of 2010. Well...Joe does at least. Expect Pain. Lots, and lots, of pain.What album did Joe pick as his best album of 2010? Here's a hint: The everywhere.Best Albums of 2010, Part 1

  • The Inception (Exposé) Episode

    The Inception (Exposé) Episode


    In this episode: The guys unravel the chicanery behind Christopher Nolan’s Inception (and its “coincidental” relation to another movie about dreams made in 1984). What are the secrets of Inception? Find out this episode! Here’s a hint: Look to the poster, where all is revealed!Note #1: The producers of this podcast acknowledge that the poster created for this "very special episode" is funnier (and more clever) than the broadcast itself. Also, many people have mistaken Barack Obama (in the background left) as a member of the crack team of Dream Invaders. The producers would like to state that this is not the president (it is Jesus) and that this is a very common misconception.Note #2: This episode is dedicated to Jesse. Our #1 fan.Note #3: Fuck you, Jordan, and your new movie blog.The Inception (Exposé) Episode

  • The Mel Gibson Episode, Part 2

    The Mel Gibson Episode, Part 2


    In this episode: Joe and Sean put a stake in the Mel Gibson situation by offering the troubled star some free career advice. One of which should be to stay the fuck away from Winona Ryder. What the fuck?!The Mel Gibson Episode, Part 2

  • The Mel Gibson Episode, Part 1

    The Mel Gibson Episode, Part 1


    In this episode: Joe and Sean attempt to understand and diagnose the Mel Gibson situation in an attempt to answer that essential question: Can Mel Gibson be saved?Plus, as a special tribute to their tween fans, Joe and Sean spend a few minutes discussing Kristen Stewart.As usual, the CarCast remains hard-hitting and topical! The Mel Gibson Episode, Part 1

  • The National Episode

    The National Episode


    Joe comes through again. This time it's an interview with Bryce Dessner of The National. The CarCast recommends that Joe preemptively purchase a box of foot casts because he's about to drop some serious names.In other news: Sean's left foot and spare rib were recovered from an abandoned locker leased to Joe Hemmerling. Police are still seeking the whereabouts of Mr. Hemmerling and would appreciate any information.The National Episode

  • The Health Episode

    The Health Episode


    Joe goes rogue again, deciding once again to play the role of serious journalist, and interviews the band Health.In other news: Joe has been detained by police in relation to the disappearance of his podcast partner, Sean.The Health Episode

  • The Antlers Episode

    The Antlers Episode


    It's a serious episode. It's all Joe, all the time, as he interviews real bands.This week it's The Antlers.In other news: Sean goes missing and the police seek Joe for questioning.The Antlers Episode

  • The Lollapalooza Episode (Part Two)

    The Lollapalooza Episode (Part Two)


    We keep up with our epic pace and release a brand new episode...several weeks after our last one. What can we say. We're diligent.Lollapalooza, Part 2

  • The Lollapalooza Episode (Part One)

    The Lollapalooza Episode (Part One)


    Finally, a new episode. It's all Lollapalooza, all the time. In Part 1, Joe and Sean talk about...Lollapalooza?Lollapalooza, Part 1