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  • CM014 Audio from video taken at Van Raalte Farm

    09/09/2017 Duração: 08min
  • CM013 Outlines, Society6, and Reedsy

    09/09/2017 Duração: 20min
  • CM012 Signs, free books, YouTube, Bigfoot, publishing schedule, diary, and chapter 1 of Signs

    09/09/2017 Duração: 32min
  • CM011 Book news and Connie reads chapter 1 of Who Killed Sweet Violet?.

    09/09/2017 Duração: 39min
  • CM010 Posted chapter 3 of Who Killed Swee Violet? My 2017 goals and my daily journal entries. And how got HTTPS to work on my website

    09/09/2017 Duração: 20min
  • CM009 Read chapter 1 of Who Killed Sweet Violet? And a new Raven’s Ridge giveaway

    09/09/2017 Duração: 31min
  • CM008 Giveaway, 2017 publishing schedule, Tribulation, and read chapters as I write them.

    09/09/2017 Duração: 06min
  • CM007 Amazon pricing and free book days

    09/09/2017 Duração: 10min
  • CM006 Bonus page, new blogs, book publishing schedule, mystery novel commandments, and happy Independence Day America!

    09/09/2017 Duração: 24min