In My Own Words is a visual podcast that highlights individuals who make efforts to use their talents, initiative or voices spread important messages, encourage change or direct focus to social issues of our time. Hosted by Glenn Epps, the show features guests from all walks of life who are representatives of ideas, movements, and who make a social impact regardless of intentionality. While informative and uplifting, the show also offers guests the opportunity to share their perspective, their stories, and their voice in their own words.


  • In My Own Words: Elijahda Warner

    In My Own Words: Elijahda Warner

    26/04/2017 Duração: 15min

    Ithaca College drag performer Elijahda Warner sits down with Glenn Epps to discuss his drag alter ego Alisha Day and performing drag. Elijahda is a senior vocal performance major who has made his name on campus performing as his alter ego drag personality Alisha Day. Since joining the Ithaca College drag showcase sponsored by PRISM his junior year, Alisha has gone from being a performer in the annual showcase to being host and a regular performer in Ithaca’s nightclub scene.