Beyond The Strange is not your typical Podcast. Broadcasting LIVE Sundays 5pmPT/8pmET, we listen to your stories and experiences. Visit for more info. Going way back to my days as a youth, I remember hearing strange stories and Urban legends from family and friends only to see some of them talked about on shows like In Search Of.. That's Incredible! and Ripley's Believe it or Not! Now some 30 yrs later with the help of Internet Radio and Podcast, we re-visit the Strange and Paranormal once again!


  • Cemetry Talk w/ Gregg TJ Justice 10/11/20 @7pmPT

    Cemetry Talk w/ Gregg TJ Justice 10/11/20 @7pmPT

    12/10/2020 Duração: 02h40s

    Join us live this Sunday 10/11 @ 7pmPT when Beyond The Strange guest Gregg TJ Justice joins Dave and talks about his paranormal experiencs and his podcast, Cemetery Talk on the subject. It's sure to get you in the spirit of things for this Halloween Season. Also Open Lines for you to call in with your stories about the supernatural, weird and bizarre. Stay Strange!​Gregg TJ Justice currently own Paranormal Adventures Events and has conducted events with many Paranormal television personalities which include The Tennessee Wraith Chasers, Amy Bruno, and Jack Kenna just to name a few. He's also currently a cast member of the upcoming show Truth or Legends in your Hometown created by Gavin and Paula Kelley and currently working on his own You Tube/Patreon series called Cemetery Talk which is a show similar to an evening talk show however it is actually set in a cemetery where the interviews are conducted.Gregg started as a Paranormal Investigator in 2009 and the first place he investigated was the infamous Waver

  • I SPI Paranormal w Willow Rose Sierra 10/4/20

    I SPI Paranormal w Willow Rose Sierra 10/4/20

    05/10/2020 Duração: 02h01min

    Born and raised in Lexington KY. Willow always had a horse and was associated with riding or training them on different levels. She traveled all over the East Coast, either galloping or training horses for many years, but then returned to Lexington. On one farm Willow had in Keeneland Racetrack, the house she lived in was haunted. Willow used to see apparitions all the time there. She was never particularly scared, but curious. Willow just didn’t have time to pursue the paranormal then. Willow ended up starting a business that she enjoyed immediate success in. She bought a small farm just outside of Lexington, and began foxhunting her own horses, and became number one in my business for 21 years! Then in 2013, tragedy struck. Willow crashed a Moped and it broke her back and crushed her face. She had to let the horses and business go so I could concentrate on recovering from my injuries. Willow eventually was able to get disability but then she had to find something to do. It was then that Willow picked up pur

  • Sasquatch Sunday: Stories  Squatch Lines 9-27-20

    Sasquatch Sunday: Stories & Squatch Lines 9-27-20

    28/09/2020 Duração: 01h55min

    It's the end of the month and that means Sasquatch Sundays are back! We'll be sharing stories of Bigfoot and taking your calls so you can share your experiences! Call in number is 1-800-588-0335Broadcasting live on TheFringe.FM and below on Spreaker! Chat in the Strange Chat Discord Channel or Spreaker Chat. Stay Strange!

  • Truth at the Speed of Hyperspace w/ Solaris BlueRaven 9-20-20

    Truth at the Speed of Hyperspace w/ Solaris BlueRaven 9-20-20

    21/09/2020 Duração: 01h58min

    Dave is joined by published author, public speaker and assessment specialist, Solaris BlueRaven. Stay Strange!​Ms. Solaris BluerRaven is a Published Author, Public Speaker, Timeline Astrologer, MT Healer, Remote Viewer, Clairvoyant and an assessment specialist in psychotronic warfare,synthetic telepathy and covert technology. She is an internationally renown psychic and cosmic advisor. Ms. BlueRaven has been a test pilot for covert technology and has a professional background in surveillance. In addition to her current research she investigates global anomalies. Her expertise in Artificial Intelligence interface is well respected in the scientific and mystical community.