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  • Ep 52: 2x MVP Sam Parker

    Ep 52: 2x MVP Sam Parker

    12/10/2020 Duração: 48min

    In this episode, we talk with 2x multi-sport MVP and Arizona State Freshman Sam Parker. Same is from Texas and grew up with swimming. on the podcast Sam talks about the transition to college during a global pandemic, swimming journey, transferring, and an absolute INFERNO of hottakes As always special thanks to the fruit smoothie trio for our intro & outro music for this episode! Listen, Follow, & Subscribe on Spotify, Apple, and SoundCloud to continue getting the best of the Swim Bros Podcast!

  • EP 51: Evan Huric-Stapp

    EP 51: Evan Huric-Stapp

    16/07/2020 Duração: 01h29min

    In episode 51 the Swim Bros sit down and pull at some of those heart-stings.with Evan Huric-Stapp to discuss - His Journey with swimming - The time he has spent at THE Ohio State University - Planning his very own wedding & marrying his best friend Since the recording of this podcast episode, Evan & Laila have since been married and now start on their next chapter of life together. A special Cheers to Evan & Laila! As well as a much due congratulations on your wedding. We cover our segments of "Hottakes", "You like that!?!", "lane-line ratings', and our newest segment "Living Life Daily" this week. Follow the podcast on Apple and Spotify Special thanks to the Fruit Smoothie Trio for their music in or podcast. Give them a listen on Spotify.

  • Episode 50 - PFT Commenter

    Episode 50 - PFT Commenter

    09/06/2020 Duração: 40min

    The Swim Bros are back with their most hilarious episode to date! Barstool Sports' very own PFT Commenter joins Kyle and Grant to give his unique viewpoints on the oddities of the swimming world. He also shares his thoughts on swimmers' intense diets, and presents some ideas to popularize the sport. Finally, the guys give PFT a few suggestions to help him reclaim his underwater swimming (in denim jeans) world record title now held by his Pardon My Take co-host, Barstool Big Cat. Listen until the end to hear PFT's contributions to everyone's favorite segments, "You Like That?!?" and "Hot Takes". Follow the Swim Bros Podcast on Twitter and Instagram at @SwimBrosPodcast. Please rate, like, and subscribe on Apple and Spotify if you enjoy! Special thanks to the Fruit Smoothie Trio for their intro/outro music featured in episode 50. Give them a listen on Spotify and iTunes!