Two guys, with a penchant for punk rock, watch and discuss a movie a week for about an hour. Expect to hear plenty of chinstroker-esque film dissection with a side order of anarchism and rad tunes for pudding.Send all your feedback and comments to [email protected]


  • Episode 5: Zodiac

    Episode 5: Zodiac

    30/01/2011 Duração: 01h18min

    Welcome back to Reel Punx. On this week's show we discuss David Fincher's historical serial killer procedural thriller Zodiac. Listen with glee as we examine the lack of code cracking nous shown by the CIA, Downey Jr's same old schtick, Ruffalo's similarity to a well known TV detective, and Gyllenhaal's looking a bit like one of our mates. Hear Jamie bitch about CGI blood (definitely not the last time). Such off topics as Tom's controversial opinions on Fight Club and Donnie Darko, the cinematic importance of drop kicks, how much Tim Burton sucks, and Batman casting. Don't forget, one lucky listener can get a free copy of Gattaca by emailing [email protected] (Listen to the end of the show for more details), also get your feedback into that address too! This week we are played out by Giles Bidder aka Cynics with his tune You're Alright. Check out his recent Pink Couch session here: and download his EP Stones I've Thrown from here: http://music.killyo

  • Episode 4: The Thing

    Episode 4: The Thing

    25/01/2011 Duração: 46min

    Apologies for the lateness of the show, due to the apparent laziness of Jamie in getting it edited, there will be two shows this week. Keep an eye out this weekend for the second... We are joined this week by Leagues Apart guitarist and vocalist, Adam Bilboa, for a boozy chat about John Carpenter's sci-fi horror classic The Thing. Tune in to hear Jamie gush about the movie, his burgeoning man crush on Kurt Russell, and Tom's waning love for the flick. Also hear the three of us digress onto topics such as the prospect of an invincible Michael J. Fox, how to correctly append a director's name for adjective purposes, and Jamie's impersonation of Sam Neill in Event Horizon. Also hear not only a first for the podcast, but a first for their friendship, as Tom apologises for getting something wrong on last weeks show. This week we are played out by Leagues Apart with More Potatoes, Uncle Tuskey from their CD, To Anywhere, released on TNS Records. Find out more about Leagues Apart by heading to their Tumblr pag

  • Episode 3: Contact

    Episode 3: Contact

    13/01/2011 Duração: 01h13min

    In this our third episode we talk science vs faith (again) with the 1997's Jodie Foster/Matthew McConaughey intergalactic vehicle Contact. As always, we veer radically on all sorts of tangents including the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, Fred Phelp's Westboro Baptist Church, Jamie's impersonation of Rain Man, and Jar Jar Binks. This week we are played out by 100 Club by the fantastic Apologies I Have None. Check them out here: and see them when they play near you. As always, send any feedback to [email protected] Thanks for listening! Tom & Jamie

  • Episode 2: Class of 1984

    Episode 2: Class of 1984

    06/01/2011 Duração: 01h06min

    In the second episode Tom and Jamie tackle Mark Lester's cult classic Class of 1984, stopping off along the way to discuss Nollywood productions of Pride and Prejudice, spoilers, and adults playing kids in film. This week's show is played out by Ssssnakes - Dylan's Dead, they are awesome and you should pre-order the record here: As always, send any feedback to [email protected] Thanks for listening! Tom & Jamie

  • Episode 1: Solaris

    Episode 1: Solaris

    29/12/2010 Duração: 58min

    Welcome to our new show, Every week Tom and Jamie will be waxing lyrical about movies that they watch. This week they tackle Soderbergh's Solaris from 2002. If you want to get in touch, chuck an email over to [email protected]