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  • EP #3 Martin Morrow (Second City)

    EP #3 Martin Morrow (Second City)

    18/05/2017 Duração: 22min

    Host Chris Ivey talks with 2017 Birmingham Comedy Festival Headliner Martin Morrow about his upcoming album recording on May, 21st, 2017 at Saturn and a slew of other topics including: - His beginnings in Birmingham's comedy scene... - Why he moved away... - How he and his cast members at Second City create a show... - The tension between stand up comedians and improvisers... - Why he and other comedians love wrestling... - His biggest auditions... - And much, much more... To learn more about Martin's show and more about the Birmingham Comedy Festival, go to Thank you for listening and we'll talk to you soon!

  • EP #2 Myq Kaplan

    EP #2 Myq Kaplan

    28/04/2017 Duração: 25min

    Host Chris Ivey talks with comedian Myq Kaplan about a wide range of topics including; - Creating a set for late night television... - Knowing when you are ready to do a comedy album... - The themes of his new hour... - How he created his Netflix Special... - Ayahuasca vs. DMT... Myq will be performing in Birmingham, AL on Friday, April 28th. Tickets are available at Thanks for listening!

  • EP #1 Noah Cannon Talks Movies

    EP #1 Noah Cannon Talks Movies

    23/03/2017 Duração: 40min

    In our first episode, comedian Noah Cannon chats with host Chris Ivey at Buck Mulligan's about movies. Topics include: - Noah's Experience at Sundance... - Our Favorite Directors... - Movies to Watch in 2017... Plus, much much more! You can follow on Soundcloud and subscribe on iTunes. Special thanks to Birmingham's own Fathom for letting us use his track Mein Kampf! Talk to you soon!