A podcast by two guys who know a lot about a little and love to talk about it - movies, books, and all manner of geekery.


  • Episode 8 - Fakebook

    Episode 8 - Fakebook


    Clifton and Jayson discuss George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina and their conspiracy theories about the Facebook IPO.Links:George Tierney of Greenville, SC2 Billion SharesSocial Graph, Smocial GraphSherlockEpisode 8 - FakebookImage: Idea go /

  • Episode 7 - Oracle v Google

    Episode 7 - Oracle v Google


    Clifton and Jayson discuss Fringe and the jury decision in Oracle's lawsuit against Google.Links:Hey, gimme back my code!Code?  What code?Some backstory...Episode 7 - Oracle v GoogleImage: Idea go /

  • Episode 6 - All Your Banks Are Belong To Us

    Episode 6 - All Your Banks Are Belong To Us


    Clifton and Jayson discuss the Black-Scholes formula, computerized trading, Ron Paul, and why Google should give up control of Android.Links:The legacy of Black-ScholesNick Leeson's Magical Derivatives TourHeros, Sensations, and DroidsAmazon pwns GoogleEpisode 6 - All Your Banks Are Belong To UsImage: Idea go /

  • Episode 5 - Slaves to the Dictates of a Hoped for Future

    Episode 5 - Slaves to the Dictates of a Hoped for Future


    Clifton and Jayson discuss Stanford's position in Silicon Valley and Sony's dwindling mindshare.Links:Get Rich USlaves to the Dictates of a Hoped for Future - Miles UnterreinerSony = Apple / 30Episode 5 - Slaves to the Dictates of a Hoped for FutureImage: Idea go /

  • Episode 4 - Bureaucratic Zombies

    Episode 4 - Bureaucratic Zombies


    Clifton and Jayson discuss The Cabin in the Woods, Joss Whedon's OBP, the circular logic of Fringe, Rick Grimes's legacy, Zynga's secondary stock offering, why Facebook should have bought Pinterest instead of Instagram, and Terry Gilliam's Brazil.Links:The Cabin in the WoodsJoss WhedonFringeThe Walking DeadZynga's so-called growthThe Agony and Ecstasy of Mark PincusFacebook isn't coolPinterest's ever expanding user baseBrazilEpisode 4 - Bureaucratic ZombiesImage: Idea go /

  • Episode 3 - Freaking Liars

    Episode 3 - Freaking Liars


    Clifton and Jayson discuss the difference between lying and being essentially truthful, Facebook economics, Instagram's money filter, Zynga's board and the Oxford comma.Links:Saints and LiarsExperiencing the truth with Mike DaiseyEssential truths and the essential-truthers that tell themFacebook economicsFacebook buys Instagram for $1BNow you see it, now you don'tSpace race innovationsZynga's PincusOxford CommaEpisode 3 - Freaking LiarsImage: Idea go /

  • Episode 2 - Yo, Joe!

    Episode 2 - Yo, Joe!


    Clifton and Jayson discussThe IMAX experience3D moviesChristopher NolanGreedy movie studios2012 Box Office receiptsUpcoming movies they're excited aboutChiss/Human LegaciesLinks:Aziz's IMAX rantIMAX Business ModelCinema Aspect RatiosGoogle's Dick PlayBox Office Results2012 Release ScheduleRed Letter Media Prequel CommentaryStar Wars machete viewing orderEpisode 2 - Yo, Joe!Image: Idea go /