So Much For Subtlety is a series of conversations, thought experiments and environmental rants between Josh Harrington and Sam Lester.


  • 05: The Fluctuation of Time

    05: The Fluctuation of Time

    28/03/2017 Duração: 56min

    Sam and Josh are back! In this episode they follow the now standard format of attempting to be light-hearted and then quickly descending into a series of massive topics. Listen along with their theraputic and optionated journey. Notes and links Article explaining the SpaceX explosion Wait But Why series of articles on SpaceX Wired article discussing the difficulties of designing a rocket for both takeoff and landing Boston Dynamics introduce Handle (YouTube) Techcrunch article on Boston Dynamics’s new robot Considering the huge range of communities on Youtube - Roger Webb turns some Oak (YouTube) Wikipedia article on Swiss Federal Council

  • 04: Long-form procrastination

    04: Long-form procrastination

    25/06/2016 Duração: 43min

    After a brief procrastination break Josh and Sam are back to discuss the wonders of Elon Musk (again!), the rise of long-form content and why reading a diverse range of news is so important. Notes and links Tesla launches the Model 3 More about the Model 3 The charging snake in action Elon Musk’s patent post: All Our Patent Are Belong To You The Young Turks on YouTube Wait But Why on the Fermi Paradox Jam by Yahtzee Croshaw (Amazon UK link) The Procrastination Matrix Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (TED talk)

  • 03: The one about toilets

    03: The one about toilets

    26/04/2016 Duração: 01h08min

    This week Sam and Josh getting chat about the weird world of toilet innovation as well as discussing the recent Apple Event and Josh’s obsession with the future. Notes and links Matt Damon Co-founder of, makes a big announcement Rupert Grint in the Ed Sheeran Legohouse video Creativebloq article about the SeymourPowell Better By Design TV Series (which included an episode developing the design of the toilet) Product designer’s signing a pledge to not design chairs for a year - FastCo Article X-runner - lasting santitation solutions in rural areas Loowatt - toilets without water Nature’s Platform Family Guy ‘Road to the Multiverse’ Wiki reference - Stewie and Brian go to a world where religion was never invented Gates Foundation Toilet Challenge PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Sony Playstation VR Site Recent Apple Event March 2016 LG G5 Modular phones - ‘Friends’ Sony Wandular - Wired article on Sony 2025 innovation Sony Remote Play PS4 games to phone Sony Remote Play Mad

  • 02: Back with a name and a political rant

    02: Back with a name and a political rant

    20/03/2016 Duração: 01h08min

    In a surprise turn of events Sam and Josh make it to episode 2 to discuss human evolution, the Apple/FBI situation and Josh’s disillusionment at the state of UK politics. Notes and links List of spacecraft in the Culture series Plastic soup (AKA Samland) Hello Internet #56: Guns, Germs and Steel Ed Balls Archer on Netflix

  • 01: So, were doing a podcast

    01: So, we're doing a podcast

    30/01/2016 Duração: 53min

    In the first ever episode of So Much For Subtlety Josh and Sam discuss the advancements in virtual reality at CES, free internet from evil tech corporations and seeding clouds in Silicon Valley. Notes and links Mashable CES - Naughty America Microsoft Contact Lenses TED Radio Hour Podcast Facebook Free Basics: Washington Post Article Google Loon - Internet Project