Reflections and talks about following Jesus today.


  • Why are we here?

    Why are we here?


    Why are we here? To glorify God and enjoy him forever. Join Phil as we start our series looking at Big Questions.

  • Power Up!

    Power Up!


    Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to fill us with power to follow him and fulfil his mission on earth. Receive the power.

  • The Problem of Pride (Dan. 4)

    The Problem of Pride (Dan. 4)


    Pride cuts us off from God. But Jesus gives grace to the humble.

  • Stand for God

    Stand for God


    Phil teaches from Daniel 3. When we stand for God, he stands with us.

  • Being a Blessing

    Being a Blessing


    Heather teaches from Daniel 2. When we recognise just how powerful God is, and resolve to follow him, then God will use us to demonstrate his power to the world around us.

  • Jesus is the Way

    Jesus is the Way


    Jesus is the way back to God. When we allow Jesus into our lives we are set free from the chains of sin and death and reunited with God.

  • Jesus is King

    Jesus is King


    Jesus is King: Jesus comes to bring peace and hope and life but to receive it we need to accept him and follow him.

  • Faith Over Fear

    Faith Over Fear


    Heather explains how we all face storms in life. Yet as we fix our eyes on Jesus our faith rises and fear subsides.

  • Bible Saturated

    Bible Saturated


    The Bible should be at the heart of our lives. It is God’s Word. He uses it to feed us, defend us, and change us.

  • Risky (or Courageous) Mission

    Risky (or Courageous) Mission


    Jesus rewards risk. So fear not, be bold and courageous for the Kingdom of God.

  • Hope in Suffering (1 Peter 1 v 3-9)

    Hope in Suffering (1 Peter 1 v 3-9)


    When we suffer and face hard times we can have hope by remembering that God is in control, that he is working even when we can’t see it, and that he can bring about good even from our worst experiences.

  • Gift



    God wants to bless us and use all of us in his plan to save the world through Jesus. We need to respond to the call he gives.

  • The Perfect Government

    The Perfect Government


    Jesus’ government is a rule marked with justice, righteousness and peace. His rule will never end. It is both our present and our future hope

  • Hope



    Christmas is about the hope of peace with God, ourselves and each other in the midst of a world of pain and failure.

  • True and False Followers

    True and False Followers


    The kingdom of heaven is given to those who are humble, seek grace and are willing to obey Jesus.

  • Wolves and Sheep

    Wolves and Sheep


    True teachers produce true teaching and their lives look like Jesus’s.

  • The Way to Life

    The Way to Life


    Following Jesus isn’t easy. But it leads to overflowing life.

  • Persistent Prayer

    Persistent Prayer


    Persistent prayer brings enormous blessings for those who want to follow Jesus.

  • Anxiety



    Lots of us suffer from anxiety or depression. Jesus shows us the path to peace.

  • Refocus 2019

    Refocus 2019


    This year we want to be Jesus people, Spirit people and Other People people.

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