JVonD is a one of a kind Trance/Ambient recording artist who plays a custom keyboard called the BEATOMATIC. Watch as he jams with the best musicians around, explores the environment, and searches for positive vibes.


  • Quarantine Sessions - 10/3/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 10/3/20


    Matthew Chute brings ChuteChi and hand drums to JVonD Radio. The guys jam a lot and then welcome Mark Carrano for an encore jam.

  • Electronic Jam Night – 9/21/20

    Electronic Jam Night – 9/21/20


    The guys cover the PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid, Waves Fit, Numark Mixtrack Platinum, Korg SoundLink Hybrid Mixer, PolyBrute, and Roland Rubix. Also a Reason and Octatrack tutorial.

  • Electronic Jam Night – 8/12/20

    Electronic Jam Night – 8/12/20


    The guys cover the Waldorf Iridium, Modal Electronics ARGON8M Polyphonic Wavetable Synthesizer Module, and the Akai Professional MPC Live II Controller.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 8/2/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 8/2/20


    The show gets tight as the guys polish their stream setups and jams. A new feature allows the guys to show off new synth setups during the conversation.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 7/25/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 7/25/20


    Aphonix returns from vacation and is ready to let loose. Also a surprise phone call with Citrus Man.

  • Electronic Jam Night - 7/14/20

    Electronic Jam Night - 7/14/20


    The guys jam and cover the Eternal Engine EMI APPARATUS and WAVES StudioRack on this hipponotic edition.

  • Electronic Jam Night - 6/13/20

    Electronic Jam Night - 6/13/20


    A merging of Electronic Air and Electronic Jam Night brings lots of jams to the Colorado FM air waves broadcast live from KGNU Boulder with Aphonix in the drivers seat.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 6/5/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 6/5/20


    JVonD and Aphonix jam it out again preparing for the big Electronic Jam Night.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 6/3/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 6/3/20


    Aphonix shows off his Hydrasynth and new album! Also JVonD breaks out some brand new sounds.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 5/29/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 5/29/20


    Aphonix shows off his Hydrasynth and new album! Also JVonD breaks out some brand new sounds.

  • Electronic Jam Night – 5/22/20

    Electronic Jam Night – 5/22/20


    The Professor joins JVonD in studio for some jams. The guys talk about Ladybugs Laveneder Farm plot 2, Extreme EF Fix, Solar Nano-Silver, Novation Launchpad Pro MK3, HeadRush Looperboard, Zoom G11, Ibanez PIA, and the Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 5/7/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 5/7/20


    Aphonix breaks in his new green screen! and the guys talk a lot about the Octatrack, again...

  • Quarantine Sessions - 4/30/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 4/30/20


    The guys talk about and trouble shoot their technical studio setups and do some jams.

  • Electronic Jam Night – 4/20/20

    Electronic Jam Night – 4/20/20


    The 200th episode of JVonD Radio! The guys jam and cover the Sega Synth, Denon SC6000M, Yamaha EAD10 Acoustic Electronic Drum Module, Roland TD-27KV, Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis, Boss SY-1000, Line 6 Helix Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal, Line6 POD Go, and the lame Signal Blender.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 4/14/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 4/14/20


    Ryan Gilmour joins the show to bring some bassist incite to the quarantine session. The guys talk about Phish and jam setups.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 4/9/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 4/9/20


    The guys battle with stupid skype and then lay down some serious jams and video feedback loops. Drumulator gets the V-Drums rolling.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 4/4/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 4/4/20


    Aphonix does a quick jam then the Drumulator and JVonD talk about loopers and turntables while also experimenting with new sound.

  • Quarantine Sessions - 3/31/20

    Quarantine Sessions - 3/31/20


    Aphonix and JVonD mess around with new hip/hop sounds while being isolated in their studios.

  • Quarantine Sessions – 3/28/20

    Quarantine Sessions – 3/28/20


    Dude's do some jamming while Polis shoots up the neighborhood and drops bombs on your moms.

  • Quarantine Sessions – 3/25/20

    Quarantine Sessions – 3/25/20


    JVonD and Aphonix jam some new songs and experiment with new sounds while entering the authoritarian lock down.

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