Two geeks and a pragmatic radical attempt to discuss popular culture and various other topics of interest.


  • 17 – The Geekery Presents: The Degrassi Remedy

    17 – The Geekery Presents: The Degrassi Remedy


    In this special episode, two of the three guys debut Chris’ new podcast The Degrassi Remedy.   Chris invites Matt to join in on the pilot episode, after watching an episode of Degrassi Junior High, they deconstruct the episode and learn a little something along the way.  The Degrassi Remedy will be available on its own […]

  • 16 – Baby Smoove

    16 – Baby Smoove


    In this episode of The Geekery, Matt wants a Viking funeral, Chris goes to church, and Willie has strict rules about personal grooming habits (yours and his). **Disclaimer:  The guys talk about several topics that should not be discussed in proper company, including religion, death, and genitalia.  They also need their mouths washed out with […]

  • 15 – Rex Manning Day

    15 – Rex Manning Day


    It’s a very special day for the guys of The Geekery, it’s Rex Manning Day!  In which, Matt steals some Skittles, Chris meets Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Willie knows how to handle a shoplifter. Damn the man.  Save the Empire.

  • 14 – When I Grow Up…

    14 – When I Grow Up…


    In this episode of The Geekery, the guys take a trip down failure lane to discuss what they used to want to be.  Matt is always prepared for a Die Hard situation, Chris has some interesting bathroom habits, and Willie just wants to entertain.

  • 13 – KC, MO

    13 – KC, MO


    In this episode of The Geekery the guys chronicle their trip to the Childish Gambino concert in Kansas City.  Matt has a love/hate relationship with the hills of downtown Kansas City, Chris is afraid of other black people, and Willie is ready to party down.   (Side note: Chris gets progressively drunk throughout this episode, some […]

  • 12 – I Am NOT a Hipster!

    12 – I Am NOT a Hipster!


    Emotions run high, lifestyles are questioned, and the jeans get skinny in this episode of The Geekery. Matt champions polygamy, Chris finds out whether or not he is a hipster (SPOILER ALERT: he is), and Willie is mad at Obama.

  • 11 – Nope Nope Pup-a-lope

    11 – Nope Nope Pup-a-lope


    The new episode of The Geekery is turned up to 11 as the guys welcome their very first guest, Will Cain, the writer and illustrator of the children’s book, Nope Nope Pup-a-lope.  Matt is honored by being named in the book’s sequel, Chris is touched by the books message of acceptance, and Willie judges the […]

  • 10 – Milestones and Origins

    10 – Milestones and Origins


    In this 10th episode of The Geekery, it’s a Double Feature!  First, Matt talks about the Oscars, Chris just has to say something… every time, and Willie is on his phone a lot. Then we explore our origins with the unaired pilot episode of The Geekery, in which Matt struggles to keep they guys on […]

  • 09 – Diversity Now!

    09 – Diversity Now!


    It gets a bit heavy in this episode of The Geekery, Matt has become disenchanted with PC sensitivity, Chris has a preference for the word “orientation”, Willie finally gets to talk about football, and the guys get serious about diversity.  Warning: it seriously gets serious.

  • 08 – ‘Merica the Beautiful

    08 – ‘Merica the Beautiful


    In this episode of The Geekery, the guys discuss Superbowl commercials, Matt has fun at the expense of an innocent doomsayer, Chris defends feminine hygiene products, and Willie embraces the melting pot.