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The Raising Great Men is coming back: New day! New time! The show will be back on Tuesday, January 29 at 6:30pm. The show is real talk about raising boys to become men of character, inspiring and preparing them to change the world.

The show is the place to have honest discussions about the well being of boys. In our world today, many boys are lacking a sense of purpose, struggling in school, and are vulnerable to drugs and violence.

I talk about the challenges boys are facing and provide parents with the tools they need to raise their sons to be successful, responsible and confident men.

If you're interested in coaching with me or hiring me for a speaking event, please visit www.raisinggreatmen.com


  • Sleep N Sync: Effective Strategy to Empower Your Child for School  Life

    Sleep 'N Sync: Effective Strategy to Empower Your Child for School & Life

    25/08/2014 Duração: 30min

    Are you looking for a non-invasive solution to help your child deal with bullying, anxiety, anger or school performance? Is your child worried about going back to school? My guest on Monday, August 25th is Deborah Hamui, CEO and Founder of Sleep 'N Sync, short duration audio programs designed for children to be played to them during their sleep on an every day basis for a relatively short period of time (6 weeks), to help them correct and overcome problems they might face in their life. Sleep’n Sync was formed by well-known recognized professionals in the areas of early childhood education, human development, occupational therapy and psychology,  who agree upon the needs, strategies and best solutions to the most important challenges faced by children,which are addressed in the selection and content of the programs. Deborah will be sharing about some of Sleep 'N Sync's most popular audio categories such as: AngerBullyingFlexibilityReading Comprehension...Test Taking Learn more about Sleep 'N Sync's produ

  • New App Helps Teens Deal with Cyberbullying ,Body Image Issues and More!

    New App Helps Teens Deal with Cyberbullying ,Body Image Issues and More!

    08/07/2014 Duração: 31min

    Join me for a conversation with Oliver Miao, CEO of Pixelberry. From cyberbullying to body image, teens deal with a lot of issues and pressures. The new Pixelberry game, High School Story, has a storyline that teaches teens how to deal with these common problems, and over 100 teens per week are able to connect with professional counselors through the game’s in app resource. Pixelberry CEO Oliver Miao will explain how games like High School Story can help teens recognize and deal with issues such as cyberbulling and body image. Learn more about the video game and how teens are learning how to handle difficult situations with the help of apps like High School Story. To find out more about High School Story, go to http://www.highschoolstory.com/

  • Getting Dads Involved in Schools With Otha Thornton, President of National PTA

    Getting Dads Involved in Schools With Otha Thornton, President of National PTA

    07/11/2013 Duração: 32min

    In the studio is Otha Thornton, the first African American male to lead the National Parent Teacher Association. Mr. Thornton will be discussing the importance of dads involvement in schools. We'll be talking about what schools can do to encourage dads. Otha Thornton, president of National PTA, is a senior operations analyst with General Dynamics in Fort Stewart, Georgia. He is a retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and his last two assignments were with the White House Communications Agency and United States Forces-Iraq in Baghdad. Thornton earned the Bronze Star Medal for exceptional performance in combat operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2009-2010. Previously, Thornton served on National PTA's Board of Directors, Legislative Committee, Membership Committee, and Executive Search Committee. During his time with Georgia PTA, Otha served on the Board of Directors as legislative chair and as an Advisory Group member for Georgia's Partnership for Excellence in Education. Thornton also served

  • Helping Reluctant Learners Succeed in School

    Helping Reluctant Learners Succeed in School

    24/09/2013 Duração: 31min

    It's time to jump start your son's academic and personal life! Get tips and information on how to help your son to achieve success. Join my guest Pam Withers, co-author of  Jump-Starting Boys Help Your Reluctant Learner Find Success in School and Life as she shares  an action plan for parents of boys and offer positive solutions to get your son back on track. Pam Withers and Cynthia Gill are co-authors of Jump-Starting Boys: Help Your Reluctant Learner Find Success in School and Life (Viva Editions, 2013). During her 30-year career as a high school teacher, Minneapolis-based Cynthia M. Gill (MA, LMFT, www.cynthiagill.info) worked on curricula development and served as an academic dean. Since completing her master’s degree in Adlerian psychotherapy and counseling in 2006, she has worked as a licensed marriage and family therapist. Her Vancouver, Canada-based sister Pam Withers (www.pamwithers.com) is a former business journalist and award-winning author of 15 adventure books particularly popular with teen

  • Encouraging Men to Volunteer in the Classroom

    Encouraging Men to Volunteer in the Classroom

    09/04/2013 Duração: 29min

    In the studio today is Paddy Eger, a Washington state author who writes across several genres including non-fiction, YA novels and chapter books. She is a veteran teacher from the Edmonds School District 15, Edmonds, Washington. She has participated in classrooms as a community volunteer, a parent volunteer, a parent trainer as well as a teacher in primary and intermediate grades.She is a graduate of the University of Washington and spent her career teaching in the Edmonds School District. Her books that support volunteerism include the award-winning book, Educating America: 101 Strategies for Adult Assistants in K-8 Classrooms and it's companion Educating AmericaDesktop Flipbook. Both are user-friendly for teachers, para educators, parent volunteers, community volunteers and others who value adding assistance to classrooms. You can find her online at http://www.paddyeger.com or http://educatingamerica.paddyeger.com/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/paddy.eger Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaddyEger

  • Talking to Your Son About Teen Parenthood

    Talking to Your Son About Teen Parenthood

    26/03/2013 Duração: 31min

    In the studio today is Ms. Sharon Scott,  Founder, Board President and Executive Director of the Marvin and Juanita Smith Learning Centers of Excellence.  The organization implements educational programs, and provides real-life answers to middle and high school students, motivating them to reduce teen promiscuity, pregnancy, STIs and HIV/AIDS while empowering them to achieve academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. She is an alumnus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has received the Certificate of Successful Completion from the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County, Texas in the area of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).   In the past she has served on the Exxon Corporation’s Friendswood Development Committee—Kingwood, Texas; the Women’s Business Support Network (WBSN) Board, and as a Crisis Pregnancy Counselor and Board Member at the Women’s Crisis Pregnancy Center.  She has served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President of numerou

  • Drug Free Way to Eliminate ADHD Behavior

    Drug Free Way to Eliminate ADHD Behavior

    19/03/2013 Duração: 30min

    Dr. Craig B. Wiener is a licensed Psychologist based in Worcester, Massachusetts where he specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents &  families. Dr. Wiener obtained his Doctorate Degree from the Clark University in 1979. He has taught in the Psychology Graduate Department at Clark University and in the Undergraduate Psychology departments at Worcester State University and Anna Maria College. In addition to over thirty years of private practice, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Clinical Director of Mental Health Services at Family Health Center of Worcester where he supervises a large staff of clinicians, Post-doctoral Fellows, and Pre-doctoral Psychology and Social Work Interns. Throughout his career, Dr. Wiener has questioned the growing tendency to make behavioral problems medical disabilities. His groundbreaking work with ADHD shows that the behaviors included in the ADHD diagnosi

  • Boys and Bullying

    Boys and Bullying

    12/03/2013 Duração: 30min

    In the studio is Patty Blount, author of Send, her debut YA story about a former cyber-bully learning to deal with the suicide he caused with a single thoughtless click. Patty Blount is a technical writer by day and she writes novels by night. On a dare by her oldest son, she wrote her first novel in an ice rink. Though never published, Penalty Killer was the subject of so many seventh grade book reports, the English teacher requested a copy and later returned it, covered in red ink. Patty is always looking for great story ideas. Her debut novel, Send, was conceived after her boss suggested she learn about social networks. Patty lives on Long Island with her family, a fish, and lots of books. Her new book TMI will be available August 2013. You can find out more about her at http://www.pattyblount.com. Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PattyBlountNovels  Twitter: @pattyblount

  • How to Raise a Leader

    How to Raise a Leader

    05/03/2013 Duração: 30min

    In the studio today is Dr.Richard Norris, Founder of Leading Men Only. He is Europe’s foremost speaker and coach on transformational self-leadership who delivers and impacts individuals, teams, businesses and organizations creating transformational changes for greater success. Richard’s purpose is to bring transformation to people, teams and organizations so that they are working and living to fulfil their purpose whether at work, rest or play. Dr Richard Norris is a self-leadership master who equips and empowers aspiring men from the boardroom to the locker room to the family room to lead the life they deserve and desire. Clients find Richard’s practical, simple and easy to implement tools, tips and techniques deliver quick results and progress their Journey of Success. Richard’s own self-leadership has developed from a diverse career of experiences as a veterinarian, army officer, competitive swimmer, award-winning coach, speaker, author, husband and father. You can find out more about Richard at http://

  • The Power of Believing in Yourself

    The Power of Believing in Yourself

    26/02/2013 Duração: 30min

    In the studio today is Coach Nicholas Dillon,The Believe Coach-a Certified Life Coach, Counselor, Educator, Consultant, and Motivational Speaker. He is  the author of “Who Do You Think You Are? – The Power of BELIEVING in Yourself.” Nicholas is from Milwaukee and a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and a Masters in Adult Education, as an alumnus of Marquette University and University of Phoenix, respectively. Nicholas initially launched his professional career in the field of Insurance & Risk Management. His career has placed him in front of business executives which served as a launching pad for the multifaceted professional he has become.   In his youth, Nicholas overcame health challenges related to lung and respiratory disease along with childhood bullying that fostered years of severe shyness and low self-esteem. Now, as an educator mentor, Nicholas has moved beyond his past. He finds himself eager to share his inspiration in hopes of influencing others to push through obstacles to begin living th

  • Helping Your Teen Son Start a Micro Business

    Helping Your Teen Son Start a Micro Business

    19/02/2013 Duração: 31min

    In the studio today is Ms. Carol Topp, CPA. Carol is the author of the Micro Business for Teens series and operate an accounting practice (a micro business!) that specializes in tax preparation, small/micro business start-ups, and nonprofit accounting. She is a speaker and presenter on money management, nonprofit management, business start ups and taxes with an emphasis on helping teenagers, families, and causes she cares about. As a member of the Ohio Society of CPAs Speakers Bureau, She has presented numerous workshops on money management, business start up, taxes, and budgeting to various community, church and homeschool groups. She has also published several magazine articles in The Old Schoolhouse, Home Education, Homeschool Enrichment magazines and the National Association of Tax Professionals. You  can find her online at http://microbusinessforteens.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MicroBusinessForTeens Twitter: @CarolTopp

  • The Role of Education in Shaping Todays Society

    The Role of Education in Shaping Today's Society

    12/02/2013 Duração: 31min

    In the studio today is the accomplished Mr. George S. Stranahan. George S. Stranahan is a lifelong educator. He is a founder of Michigan Montessori Internationale, the Aspen Community School, the Early Childhood Center, the Carbondale Community School, and the Roaring Fork Teacher Education Project in partnership with the Graduate School of Education at Colorado University Boulder.   He served as Executive Director of the Aspen Educational Research Foundation (now COMPASS), and sat on the boards of the Aspen Institute and Colorado Mountain College, among many other community foundations and nonprofit organizations. He received his B.S in Physics from the California Institute of Technology, and after two years in the Army, his M.S. and Ph.D in physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology. He eventually completed a Postdoctoral fellowship with Purdue University and has even learned the art of ranching from working the irrigation and fields on his Colorado ranch.   He has been featured in Education Week,

  • Empowering Boys with Life Skills

    Empowering Boys with Life Skills

    05/02/2013 Duração: 30min

    In the studio today is Life Coach Early Jackson of New Direction Coaching Associate. Early L. Jackson Jr., profoundly recognized as a Social Activist, has been laboring to bring balance, skill, relevance and understanding to people of all nationalities. After effectively overcoming a stretch of drug addictions, Early has highly developed himself to become a successful life coach.  As a result Early has had the opportunity to speak at such prestigious institutions as Rider University, The University of Phoenix, Jefferson Hospital, The Philadelphia Board of Education, The University of Pennsylvania and even on Carnival Cruiseline.  He has also served diligently as an educator, a conference and seminar host as well as a radio and television personality in the Greater Philadelphia area for more than thirteen yrs. He is the author of “Groomed For Greatness: 31 Days To An Empowered Life”,50 Affirmations For Next Level Living, "Tweet Your Way To Greatness" and “10 Mistakes I Made Before 30 & How To Avoid Them”

  • Helping Boys Overcome Shame

    Helping Boys Overcome Shame

    29/01/2013 Duração: 31min

    In the studio today is Richard L. Taylor Jr. The “Self Help Strategist”. Richard is author of “Unashamed: The Process Of Reconstruction”. Richard will be sharing how he's overcome his struggles with depression, failing in college, domestic abuse, and multiple suicide attempts. Richard L. Taylor is an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and community activist, his high-energy motivational keynote programs have quickly positioned him as one of the fastest growing speakers in the market. You can find out more about Richard at http://www.unashamednation.com

  • Parenting Promises with The Peacemaker Coach

    Parenting Promises with The Peacemaker Coach

    29/06/2012 Duração: 01h00s

    Please join my guest, Lorraine Esposito a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Mentor Coach also known as a Peacemaker Coach.  She is also the author of The Peacemaker Parent. Tonight she will be sharing her program: Parenting Promises Program™,  a method for creating a generation of people who can think for themselves and I don’t just mean our kids. You can find out more about her at The Peacemaker Coach. Follow her on Twitter at @CoachLorraine

  • Fathers Day Show

    Father's Day Show

    15/06/2012 Duração: 02h18min

    Today, I'll be speaking with various authors, entrepreneurs and experts about their products and services that focus on strengthening families. 1. James P. Krehbiel http://krehbielcounseling.com 2. Michele Sfakianos, RN, BSN www.my411books.com 3. Dr. Clete Bulach,   http://www.westga.edu/~cbulach/ 4. Christopher Jackson http://www.collegehunkshaulingjunk.com/   5. Robin Johnson www.sayitproud.org 6. Rene Guity, Pick Up the Pace 7. Dick Wright www.getmorefries.com

  • Get Your Son Ready for College-Tips From an Expert

    Get Your Son Ready for College-Tips From an Expert

    07/06/2012 Duração: 01h02min

      Today, women heavily outnumber men on college campuses. John Briggs will discuss the reasons young men aren’t going to college and what parents can do to change that. My guest  today is John Briggs, Commmunications Director, RSC. RSC Your College Prep and Financial Aid Expert is devoted to helping 8th-12th grade students prepare for college academically and financially. Their program offers extensive online tools to provide students a clear path to college through SAT & ACT prep, college research, financial aid instruction, and much more.

  • Getting Your Son Organized for Academic Success-Part 2

    Getting Your Son Organized for Academic Success-Part 2

    18/05/2012 Duração: 01h00s

    My guest on the show today is Kathy Jenkins, a Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Family Manager® Coach and Love & Logic® Parenting Facilitator/Coach. Katy will be discussing how to help your son be more organized for academic success. Having a passion to help students reach their full potential, Kathy launched a new division of Come To Order…The Organizing Tutor. She offers parents a full assessment and report chock full of recommendations to help their student become more organized and develop better study habits. Working with students one-on-one she helps them create the habits and systems that will serve them throughout their life!

  • Motivating Reading from the Inside Out

    Motivating Reading from the Inside Out

    11/05/2012 Duração: 01h19min

    In the studio is Jeffrey Pflaum.  Jeffrey Pflaum is an accomplished writer and former teacher with 34 years of experience in the NYC Dept. of Education. Jeffrey has developed unique curriculum and projects for his students with a focus on developing young minds into focused and creative self-understanding students. He developed many original, innovative, and progressive projects in emotional intelligence, character education, values clarification, creativity, concentration, writing, reading, thinking, poetry, and vocabulary, which culminated in Motivating Teen and Preteen Readers: How Teachers and Parents Can Lead the Way (Rowman & Littlefield Education, August 2011). He is currently a BAM! Street Journal Blogger on the BAM Radio Network, serving the greater education community (www.bamradionetwork.com). You can find out more about him at http://jeffreypflaum.webs.com/ or http://www.edutopia.org/blog/40517

  • Hip-Hop Education with Lak

    Hip-Hop Education with Lak

    04/05/2012 Duração: 54min

    In the studio today is Hip-Hop Recording Artist Larry Henderson A.K.A. Lak. Lak is the 'hip-hop educator' featured on international media outlets including CBS and London FM radio.  His new album, Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education, has hit bestseller lists on Amazon.com, reaching #1 in Hot New Releases and #8 in Educational Music.   The album blends educational lyrics, ill metaphors and an hypnotic flow with underground hip-hop beats.  Songs on Lesson One hit on topics such as money management, African-American impact, female empowerment, history, politics and more.  Listeners will be impressed that even though Lak's music is educational, the soul and integrity of hip-hop music is not compromised.  You can find out more about Lak at http://www.SmartHipHopMusic.blogspot.com.  Connect with him on Twitter @SmartHipHop. 

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