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  • Messy



    Relationships, they are everywhere in our lives. Relationships can be found in our family, friends, career, and even our church life. God designed us for relationships. Relationships can be very life giving and sometimes they can seem very challenging. Loving God is pretty straightforward but loving people can get very messy. Take some time to listen and learn some important biblical principles on relationships.

  • Overcoming Spirit of Lust

    Overcoming Spirit of Lust


    Today we are living in a world that continues to lower the bar for God’s values. This is no surprise to God as He has been very clear in His word that things will get tougher before they get better. In context to love, relationship, and sex there seems to be a lot of “blur” on what is godly. Over the next few weeks, Reveal will be talking a look into God’s word and sharing truth and principles that will clear up all the “blur”. Don’t miss this life-giving teaching series as we not only look but learn God’s powerful truth on all these subjects!

  • Becoming a Peacemaker

    Becoming a Peacemaker


    The bible says, "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God". Being a peacemaker is part of a disciples’ life. God will bless those who understand he value of peace and work towards it.

  • The Upside Down Kingdom

    The Upside Down Kingdom


    Strength Is Found In Weakness; Control Is Found In Dependency; Power Is Found In Surrender. These truths like so many others are clearly found in God’s Word. They may seem “Upside Down” but in order to function in God’s Kingdom, they are key for anyone seeking to follow Jesus. Join us as we learn the importance of God’s ways for your life.

  • Heavenly Minded Pt4

    Heavenly Minded Pt4


    This is the last sermon on Colossians 3. In this message God gives us clear instruction on things we need to start or continue doing as believers. You will be both encouraged and challenged by the message!

  • Heavenly Minded Pt3

    Heavenly Minded Pt3


    The break down of Colossians 3 continues and we learn today about the importance to let go of sins that can hold us back from having our minds in the throne room.

  • Heavenly Minded

    Heavenly Minded


    Colossians 3 is a very powerful scriptures that not only tells us to put our  mind on heavenly things, but even breaks down sins that we must stay away from if we are going to be thinking from a heavenly perspective.   

  • Heavenly Minded

    Heavenly Minded


    Colossians 3 says we are to set our minds on heavenly things. For many of us this is easier said than done. Good news is God’s word is not only clear but gives us insight on how to do this. Setting your heart on things above does not mean shut down to earthly problems, but having your mind set on God’s throne will give you a better perspective on life.

  • Intimacy with God

    Intimacy with God


    Nothing in life will give you greater meaning than your intimacy with God. Our greatest service or act of worship is our relationship with God. Listen and learn how to take your relationship with God to the next level.

  • Serve with Meaning

    Serve with Meaning


    In God's Kingdom serving is not for a select few, but for everyone. Counter to the world’s belief serving is a sign of strength. It means you have something to give. When someone chooses not to serve they are holding back the potential to help someone find their next level. 

  • Turning the Hearts

    Turning the Hearts


    Luke 1:17 says: "And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” There is a time in which God will work through Fathers and Sons to prepare a people for a great move of Jesus.

  • The Call of Samuel

    The Call of Samuel


    Samuel was a powerful prophet called by God because Eli was more concerned about his family’s happiness than God's purpose. Listen to this powerful message and learn what it takes to be some who is concerned more about meaning than happiness.

  • The Reward of Following Jesus

    The Reward of Following Jesus


    The reward of following Jesus.

  • Follow Me

    Follow Me


    Follow Me

  • Revealed Glory

    Revealed Glory


    What is the glory of God? And why is it so important? According to the bible all of creation is headed to the day when God's glory will over the earth. It is important that we align ourselves with God's vision and pursue His glory. s

  • The Value of Growth

    The Value of Growth


    We value GROWTH! Did you know that you are currently in a growth process right now? As lives moves forward we are all having to make the decision to grow healthy or unhealthy. We encourage you to listen to this message to see how we as a church value growth.

  • Value of the Holy Spirit

    Value of the Holy Spirit


    As a church we understand partnership with the Holy Spirit is key. The Holy Spirit is the one who will lead and guide us through God's Word and into the future. Listen to the message and learn how Reveal Church values the Holy Spirit!

  • The Rules of Men

    The Rules of Men


    Men have a very important role in today's culture and the bible give clear direction for all men. It is important for today's man to understand the importance of God's calling and direction!

  • How to Value People

    How to Value People


    People are everywhere and that is not be accident. People are God's idea and learning how to see people through the lens of the cross will help us understand how God has given us value. 

  • God is all

    God is all


     We believe that God is all in only in Him do we find all. As a church we hold to this value because we know that God is not a "thing" among other things. He is the creator of heaven and earth. Be encouraged to listen and learn the importance of valuing God.

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