WOKE Radio is a radio show designed to educate, empower, and engage the generations of today in believing that there will always be a better tomorrow. We are here to spread a positive message from a local level to impact the global community. We will offer inspirational reflections, interviews with extradorinaiy individuals who are all pursing their dreams in some form, and a great collection of music that will leave you feeling sensational.


  • If I Am Breathing I Can Handle It Episode 025 (Guest: Nouri Rahbe)

    "If I Am Breathing I Can Handle It" Episode 025 (Guest: Nouri Rahbe)

    19/04/2017 Duração: 02h10min

    On this episode of WOKE Radio, we sit down with our good friend Nouri and talk about his perspectives on life and how he feels all aspects of life somehow relate to one another, even at the most micro level. This is the first episode where Aswan is not on air, Q does. a phenonal job at holding down the fort all while playing the best music.