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  • Episode 14: Frank da Tank Fleming  Logan Lamorandier

    Episode 14: Frank 'da Tank' Fleming & Logan Lamorandier

    02/05/2017 Duração: 52min

    The boys are joined by Frank Fleming & Logan Lamorandier for two great interviews: 2:57-4:18- Frank dial in issues, still playing hurt like Ripken and vlogs 4:30-5:30- Frank announces exciting new project 7:35-9:00- Frank is all aboard the hate bus for Ray Ramirez (Mets trainer) and Terry Collins 10:10-10:50- 100 Loss Guarantee 13:50-15:10- Heads must roll 18:25-19:00- Frank goes in on the Mets in most epic rant ever 20:00-24:00-Logan Lamorandier interview, Lions draft analysis 26:05-27:35-Storytime! The boys reminisce on the worst qb ever Dan Orlovsky 32:00-37:34-Of course the Bengals took Mixon and Andy Dalton is a LOSER! 37:50-39:50 Kipp goes in on Kizer and the Browns. 46:40-50:00- Caldwell and Cooter

  • Episode 13: NJ Transits worst nightmare  Mets Superfan - Frank Fleming

    Episode 13: NJ Transit's worst nightmare & Mets Superfan - Frank Fleming

    11/04/2017 Duração: 42min

    The guys are joined by NJ Transits worst nightmare & Mets Superfan Frank Fleming for a fun conversation and more. Topics include: Masters Recap (0:45) JC advocates for trash talking in golf (4:00) Frank Fleming Interview (9:05) Frank on interview with Arod (10:40) Issue getting to Opening Day / Becoming Famous (13:00) Thoughts on Tim Tebow (16:45)On being Famous (19:00) He's Single Ladies… (19:15) Kipp tries to sell Frank on Bumble (19:30) Mets Season Prediction (22:45) Favorite Met of all Time (23:50)Most Hated Yankee (25:20) Hall of Fame.. Pete Rose (27:20)Rant on Bud Selig being in the HOF (29:15) Frank's Future plans (33:30) Kipp and JC talk NBA MVP (35:00) Rant of the Week: Michael Rapaport on Lavar Ball (39:35)

  • Episode 12: Special Guest BarstoolJJ

    Episode 12: Special Guest BarstoolJJ

    04/04/2017 Duração: 44min

    The guys are joined by BarstoolJJ for an entertaining episode of the Bad Beat Podcast. Topics Include: Bad Beat of the Week – Lexi Thompson (3:30) Masters Preview (7:05)Mike Gundy Rant of the Week –False Advertising Bumble Chicks (9:45) Barstool JJ Interview (12:00)JJ on Sobriety (13:10)JJ on the Phillies being a AAA Team (18:05)Yankees – Aaron Judge, Wins Total (23:00)JJ’s Least Favorite Red Sox of All Time (27:45)Insider Info from Agent on David Price Injury (29:45)A-ROD – Steroid & J-LO (32:15)MTV The Challenge Analysis (36:00)JJ’s Favorite Challenge Story (40:30)