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Join Sasquatch Watch Radio hosts Billy Willard and the Creature Seeker as we bring you the latest news and information from the field of Bigfoot/Sasquatch research. We are back and ready!


  • Stolen Equipment Update

    05/09/2019 Duração: 06min

    Billy Willard here, former radio host of Sasquatch Watch Radio.  We have an update on our stolen equipment.  But first, here is what's missing.  A 2012 Bobcat E32 Excavator, a 2014 Bobcat MT55 mini track loader, a CAM Superline Tilt Trailer and a Big Tex tilt trailer.  All of this was stolen back on Saturday August 24 beginning around 1:12 am to around 1:30 am.  I have included photos of one of the suspects as well as photos of our equipment and the trucks they used in the robbery.  We have also posted a $1,000 reward for information that leads to our finding our equipment or information leading to the arrest of the suspects.  Listen in for the updates.

  • Stolen Equipment: I Need Your Help!

    27/08/2019 Duração: 06min

    Hello everyone, it's Billy Willard here.  Sorry, I'm not bringing back the show.  But I hope you can help me.  Two guys stole most of my equipment I use for my business.  They stole a Bobcat E32 mini-excavator and a Bobcat MT55 mini-track loader.  One of the guys was "smart" enough to enter my truck which had a camera in it.  I will post photos of the equipment and the person caught on camera for all to see.  This occurred early Saturday morning between 1:12 to 1:30 am in Manassas, VA.  Any help from you is greatly appreciated!

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Dr. Jeff Meldrum

    16/09/2015 Duração: 02h15min

    2 HOUR SPECIAL EDITION SHOW.  Join us Tuesday night September 15, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome Dr. Jeff Meldrum to the show!  SHOW FINALE!!!  All good things must come to an end.  Join us for this final episode as we bring on a man who needs no introduction, Dr. Jeff Meldrum.  Dr. Meldrum is a Full Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology and a Professor of the Department of Anthropology at Idaho State University.  Meldrum is an expert on foot morphology and locomotion in primates.  Meldrum has published numerous academic papers ranging from vertebrate evolutionary morphology, the emergence of bipedal locomotion in modern humans and Sasquatch (Bigfoot) and is a co-editor of a series of books on paleontology.  If you have watch a documentary about Bigfoot, then likely you've seen Dr. Meldrum on the show.  Now, come and hear him on OUR show for our grand show finale!!!  We have great appreciation for all our listeners and thank you all for all the wonderful emails.  We LOVE all our loyal listeners!  So this s

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio: The Bigfoot/Dogman Connection. Is There One?

    09/09/2015 Duração: 01h22min

    Join us Tuesday night September 8, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we discuss out Topic Tuesday subject: The Bigfoot/Dogman Connection.  Is There One?  Some researchers have alleged that there may be a connection with bigfoot and dogman.  Is there a possible sub-species of bigfoot?  Or are the two simply separate beings?  Do you think both are simply misidentifications?  Or are all of these sightings just made up stories?  Are you a researcher of one or both?  Call in and join us as we discuss these topics.

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Back Dan Baker

    02/09/2015 Duração: 01h13min

    Join us Tuesday night September 1, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome back Dan Baker to the show!  Back in 1967, Dan watched the eventing news with his parents of a short video of two Cowboys in California that showed a very large creature walking down a creek bed and disappear into the forest.  As a 12 year old boy, he was totally amazed and very curious of what he saw.  Dan grew up playing in the woods with his best friend. They spent countless hours out there.  One day they came across a very large dome shaped structure that they could both fit into. They used it as a ready made fort for about two weeks. One day when they went out there it was completely gone.  As young boys they had no idea of the significance of their fort.  It wasn't until many years later as an adult he found out what it could have been and it lit a fire in him.  Dan began doing research online at first and then joined a bigfoot group and started going into the field.  As time went on and he gained more knowledge and experience, he fou

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents the Recap of "Bigfoot Days" At Beaver Creek

    19/08/2015 Duração: 01h25min

    Join us Tuesday night August 18, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we present a recap of the recent Bigfoot Day at Beaver Creek!  We will have organizers and attendees present for the show.  Did you go to Bigfoot Day?  Please call in to the show and tell us about your experience.  Some of the speakers at the event were Brian Seech, Fred Saluga, Dan Baker, Mark Hudak and David and Carey Rupert.  Our own "Creature Seeker" was also present at the event, so come join us as we recap all the fun that was had by all.

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Joedy Cook

    29/07/2015 Duração: 01h28min

    Join us Tuesday night July 28, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome Joedy Cook to the show.  Joedy has been investigating Bigfoot since 1991 and has authored many books on the subject.  Just a few of his books include Bigfoot in Ohio, Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman, Traces of the Grassman: the Hunt for the Ohio Bigfoot, The Beginner’s Guide to Bigfoot Research, and Cryptid Ohio.  He has also appeared on many television shows on the subject of Bigfoot and Dogman.  What has Joedy been up to?  Join us for the show and enjoy!

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Back Fred Saluga

    22/07/2015 Duração: 01h09min

    Join us Tuesday night July 21, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome back, Fred Saluga!  We had Fred on a year ago and have had many requests to get him back on.  Fred lives in West VA and is a member of many groups including MUFON and many other Bigfoot groups.  As our loyal listeners know, Fred and Bruce (Creature Seeker) love to go head to head over certain theories regarding bigfoot.  We welcome Fred back to tell us what he's been up to most recently and this is sure to be a fun-filled show.

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents "Is Bigfoot Demonic?"

    15/07/2015 Duração: 01h18min

    Join us Tuesday night July 14, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we present our Topic Tuesday subject, "Is Bigfoot Demonic?"  What has caused some researchers / investigators to leave this field of research?  Some have claimed to quit due to a possible association with demonic influence.  Could there be something to that idea?  What does history say? Are there any resources that point to this creature being something other than flesh and blood?  As always, our Topic Tuesday shows are always a great opportunity for our listeners to call in with their thoughts.  WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINIONS ON THIS SUBJECT!  The studio number is 347-237-5070.

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Back the PA Bigfoot Investigations (PBI)

    08/07/2015 Duração: 01h09min

    Join us Tuesday night July 7, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome back the crew from the PA Bigfoot Investigations (PBI) group!  Bob Bucko and crew have some updates to share with us.  Over the past few months, the group has collected some interesting evidence that they would like to discuss.  In addition, they have a new member by the name of Rob who had a sighting in Washington state.  Join us as Bob and the rest of the crew from PBI share stories and experiences from the field.

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Ron Murphy

    01/07/2015 Duração: 01h20min

    Join us Tuesday night June 30, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we invite Ron Murphy to the show!  Ron Murphy has been a bigfoot investigator for two decades. Not only has he researched in Pennsylvania, he has delved into the world of cryptids from Maine to Florida. Ron also has investigated the Loch Ness Monster and the Grey Man in Scotland. Ron holds degrees in Literature and History. His recently published book, Unexplained Chestnut Ridge, explores the paranormal world of Western Pennsylvania.

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Diana Almendariz

    17/06/2015 Duração: 01h08min

    Join us Tuesday night June 16, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome Diana Almendariz to the show! Diana is of Patwin Wintun, Nisenan Maidu, Hupa, Aztec, Cherokee, English and Irish origins.   The federal government recognizes her as 3/8 Californian Indian.  She is a total of ¾ Native North and Central American heritage. She creates tule duck decoys and made them for the Oakland Museum.  There are particular decoys she made as replicas of the Lovelock Cave duck decoys, which is the same cave the guano harvesters found the red headed giants.  Interesting to note, as native people, they have always crossed paths with the giants.  She will talk about areas that were considered  ‘wild’ and where the mountain/forest people live.  They were not to go in those areas--it was not their territory.  It belonged to the other Indians—which were known to all of us as bigfoot.  As a Maidu descendant, they called them Kombu.  Whenever you gather in their area, you leave an offering.  This could be food or something you like.  I

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents "Habituation, Who Benefits"?

    10/06/2015 Duração: 01h04min

    Join us Tuesday night June 9, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we present our "Topic Tuesday" subject for the month of June entitled "Habituation, Who Benefits"?  There are many who claim to have repeated visits of these mysterious creatures.  There are claims of leaving gifts and receiving gifts.  Who benefits from these visits?  Do the bigfoot (bigfoots) benefit?  How do they benefit? Many making these claims like to tell everyone all about them, we see stories all over social media.  Do we take their word for it?  What is your goal?  Why not offer evidence?  Why not present photographic evidence?  If those making the claims don't care what others think, why mention it at all on social media?  Are these claims only for attention?  These are some of the common questions and responses from those who are skeptical about this mystery.  Do you claim to be in constant contact with these creatures?  We need to hear from you!  

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Witnesses Dave & Pam

    03/06/2015 Duração: 01h31min

    Join us Tuesday night June 2, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome some eyewitnesses from the southern Adirondacks in New York to the show, Dave and Pam!  They recently contacted the show and are happy to share their experiences and Pam's recent sighting.  Over time they have found foot prints, hand prints on their car, and other signs.  This will be a night of enjoyable discussion.  We know our listeners love to hear from the eyewitnesses of this mysterious creature, so join us and enjoy!

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Mark Hudak!

    27/05/2015 Duração: 01h18min

    Join us Tuesday night May 26, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome Mark Hudak to the show!  Mark took Environmental Management as a vocation in high school.. Mark has furthered his knowledge by a strong urge to learn about every plant and animal in Ohio by self education.  He has been an avid hunter and fisherman all his life with many exploits and accomplishments. He first read and learned about Bigfoot at a young age and was influenced by the movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek". During his growth, he never thought that there were Bigfoot in Ohio, just the Pacific Northwest, until sixteen years ago when his brother, two friends, and he had an encounter in Monroe/Belmont counties. They were paralleled by at least two Bigfoot for over a mile going to their hunting stands then screamed at by one of them. It was truly a life changing experience for him. He has read over eighty books on the subject, poured over countless websites, and has been a guest on five internet radio shows now. He has been actively researching

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents "Recent Virginia Sightings"

    20/05/2015 Duração: 01h25min

    Join us Tuesday night May 19, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we present, "Recent Virginia Sightings".  In the last few years some interesting sighting reports have come in from Virginia.  One thing that makes these particular sightings interesting is the location, timing and area of these sightings.  Do these creatures use the nighttime to their advantage to move from one area to another?  Or are folks simply misidentifying known wildlife?  There are three recent sightings in particular that we will discuss.  Key features of these three sightings are the nearby corridors available to move from one area to another.  Pipeline easements, power line easements, etc.  Is there something to this?  Join us for this discussion and please feel free to call in with your opinions and ideas.  The show call in number is 347-237-5070.

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents the 2015 Creature Weekend Recap

    13/05/2015 Duração: 01h08min

    Join us Tuesday night May 12, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we present a recap of the 2015 Creature Weekend Event!  What a FUN EVENT!  We invite all those who attended to call in to the studio and tell us your experience.  Four members of the Mountain Monster's crew on Destination America was with us for the entire weekend.  We also had a lot of first time conference attendees that had nothing but good comments about the event.  On Saturday night after the conference, we had the "Mountain Monsters Safari" where over 125 participants went out into the woods late at night with the Mountain Monster crew!  It was evident that everyone had a wonderful time and said it was unlike any event they've ever attended before.  In addition, the venue, Salt Fork Lodge management exclaimed that this event is one of the best managed, well put together events they do each year and look forward to it.  So, come and join us as we and other callers tell our experiences at the event.  The studio call in number is 347-237-5070.

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents the Butler Paranormal Conference Recap

    29/04/2015 Duração: 01h17min

    Join us Tuesday night April 28, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we present a recap of this past weekends "8th Annual Butler Paranormal Conference" that was held in PA.  We will have some attendees of the conference joining the show.  Some great comments about the conference of Facebook, so we want to hear some first hand experiences from not only the hosts of the conference, but the attendees.  Some of the speakers included Melanie Durish & Chris Durish of Steel Town Paranormal; Dave & Carey Rupert of Legend Hunters; Rev. Tim Shaw; John Ventre; and Katie Barcus & Mary Lorena Barber of PROOF.  Hope you can join us!

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Gayle Beatty

    22/04/2015 Duração: 01h38min

    Join us Tuesday night April 21, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome Gayle Beatty to the show!  Gayle has a group called "Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley".  They are a group of researchers dedicated to the preservation of the Species and their Habitat. They believe that Bigfoot does exist and it is in the Hudson Valley of New York. They are a group of like minded individuals that are fascinated with the existence of Sasquatch and enjoy going on field expeditions looking for evidence to prove it.  Their mission is to gather enough evidence and hold town meetings where people may share their encounters without being scoffed at.  They have a Facebook page at  

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents: "Do we REALLY have FACTS about Bigfoot?

    15/04/2015 Duração: 01h09min

    Join us Tuesday night April 14, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we discuss our TOPIC TUESDAY subject for April, "Do we REALLY have FACTS about Bigfoot?"  This topic can cover a large range of subjects about bigfoot.  Many claim to KNOW that bigfoot create stick structures, teepee structures, build fire, turn trees upside down and create woven vegetation as camo (shields to hide behind).  Many make claims of a migration pattern, language, home range and even psychic abilities.  What do we REALLY know as FACT if anything?  Join us for this interesting topic and don't forget to call in with your thoughts.  Studio call in number is 347-237-5070.

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