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This is where Indian Gamers get together and talk about gaming and what's keeping them down and how to improve. Like our food, this podcast is spicy! :D Every Sunday 2:30 PM IST.


  • Episode 05 - Video Game Movies

    Episode 05 - Video Game Movies

    26/03/2017 Duração: 01h59min

    We talk about them movies, man!!!1. Favorite video game movie and video games that we want to see made into a film.2. Let's talk about the curseA. Problems we have with Video Game MoviesB. How can it be fixed (Our own thoughts)4. Who should play Overwatch characters (If time permits)GameSlime Podcast this time was too much fun. Lost track of time. Listing who we think should play the Overwatch characters. :DMercy - Alice Eve/ Lana DSymmetra - Priyanka Chopra/ Sonam KapoorMcCree - Matthew McConaugheySombra - Melissa fumeroLucio - Donald GloverSoldier - Mark WahlbergReinhardt - Stephen LangMei - Chrissie Chau/ Ariel WinterJunkrat - Jim CarreyRoadhog - Eric StonestreetGenji - Huang XiomingHanzo - Ken WatanabeTracer - Rosabell Laurenti SellersPharah - Nimrat Kaur/ Neelu SodhiZarya - Gina Carano/ Julia Vins with Ruby Rose faceWidowmaker - Eva GreenZenyata - Doug JonesOrisa - CG Original VOWinston - CG Original VOAna - Sridevi KapoorTorbjorn - John Rhys-DavisBastion - CGReaper - Danny TrejoD.Va - Lee Hi

  • Episode 04 - Team Formation  Management

    Episode 04 - Team Formation & Management

    19/03/2017 Duração: 01h41min

    Discussion:1. How to go about forming a team2. Management of teamsA. Social and psychological aspects of being a part of a teamB. Time managementC. Financial aspectsRemember, these are our views