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  • Democratic Socialists: Eliminate Private Ownership and Nationalize Healthcare

    Democratic Socialists: Eliminate Private Ownership and Nationalize Healthcare


    Capitalism is dangerous and makes people suffer according to The Democratic Socialists  of America (DSA) who say they are out to upset the status quo.   National DSA Director Maria Svart sat down with FOX Business Correspondent Adam Shapiro to explain the DSA's short and long-term goals, which some people will find troubling but others embrace. The D-S-A says it has 48,000 members. Their core principle rejects an international economic order sustained by private profit. Asked to explain what that means Svart said, "In the long term we want a society where workers control things." When asked if that meant eliminating private ownership of business Svart responded, "If that's what the voters wanted eventually I think you are talking about a utopian vision which is certainly our vision in the long term but it's not something I anticipate happening anytime soon."  Svart lays bare the ultimate goals of the Democratic Socialists such as limiting the ownership of private property, nationalizing he

  • America’s Retirement Crisis: Public Pensions

    America’s Retirement Crisis: Public Pensions


    America's public pensions are in big trouble, facing a shortfall of $5.6 trillion . The enormous pension debt figure is growing larger because public pensions overestimate their expected returns on investments, and fail to collect necessary funds from the cities, towns and states that employ civil servants. Joe Nation, a project director at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, is on the front lines of the nation's retirement crisis. His home state, California, has the largest public pension system in the country, The California Public Employees Retirement System or CalPERS. CalPERS, with $299 billion in assets, is underfunded by $164 billion, and the debt is going to grow larger. In this episode of Talkenomics, Nation explains why California is just one of many states and cities with apending public pension crises that will test taxpayers and retirees. Further reading: Adam Shapiro's report on CalPERS cutting benefits for the first time.

  • How Commoners And The Conquered Viewed Ancient Rome – With Professor Mary Beard

    How Commoners And The Conquered Viewed Ancient Rome – With Professor Mary Beard


    Ancient Rome continues to captivate and capture the attention of people worldwide 1600 years after Alaric and the Visigoths sacked the empire's western capitol. But ancient Rome lives in our modern legal systems, languages, literature and politics. Mary Beard, a professor of classics at the University of Cambridge is considered one of the world's preeminent scholars on the Roman Republic and Empire and she's our guest on Talkenomics. Her latest book, SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome, Professor Beard reveals the secrets of Rome's success based on its own culture, history and cultural myths. She approaches that history from the viewpoint of the people often overlooked by historians; average Roman citizens and conquered peoples drawing on writings which survive from the historic period. Modern readers can understand the ancient Roman citizens' financial problems caused by the debasement of money and political strife created by politicians who borrowed huge amounts of money in a winner takes all attempt to be elec

  • A Conversation With Monica Crowley

    A Conversation With Monica Crowley


    Monica Crowley's 2012 New York Times bestseller What The (Bleep) Just Happened...Again? The Happy Warrior's Guide to the Great American Comeback predicted the social turmoil now gripping the United States in the last term of President Barack Obama. Crowley's book outlines the planned steps by radical leftwing activists, designed to create economic and social strife in order to bring about political change. She likes to joke these are not your parents' Democrats. In this episode of Talkenomics, Crowley updates us on what she believes will happen next. She also discusses her close personal friendship with President Richard Nixon and her predictions for the 2016 presidential election. Keep up with Monica Crowley online here: Facebook: Twitter: @MonicaCrowley Website:

  • UCLA Campus Outrage: When being neutral is wrong

    UCLA Campus Outrage: When being neutral is wrong


    The social justice college campus lynch mob strikes again at UCLA.  Milan Chatterjee was a law student and president of the Graduate Student Association when he was accused of violating a policy at UCLA called "viewpoint neutrality."  Chatterjee says his offense was remaining neutral.  That's right, in the upside down world of alleged campus tolerance and so called social justice Chatterjee says he was accused of refusing to take sides in a politically charged matter, and a campus investigation found him guilty of violating "viewpoint neutrality."   In this episode of TALKENOMICS Chatterjee says the UCLA administration sacrificed him to the mob by denying him legal representation during what he calls kangaroo court proceedings.  But, a confidential report from the investigators which university staff posted on the internet concluded Chatterjee had violated the "viewpoint neutrality" policy because there was no requirement for him to remain neutral. Chatterjee says students opposed to his neutral position slan

  • Talkenomics Timely Topics Redux

    Talkenomics Timely Topics Redux


    The Republicans and Democrats held their conventions and the country marches toward the presidential election. On this episode of Talkenomics, Karith Foster is back for another episode of Shapiro and Foster Timely Topics. Nothing is off base or out of bounds as comedian Foster explains why she doesn't trust Hillary Clinton, what bothers her about Donald Trump and why we all must watch her at home natural birth video. What is most revealing is when Foster shares a deeply emotional experience she had while pregnant, a truth she shares with Adam while talking about Black Lives Matter. You'll be moved to tears. But prepare to laugh too as Foster tackles race in America, the premier of the documentary Can We Take a Joke and the icky green vegetable juice she tried to get Adam to drink.

  • Don’t Call them Liberals!

    Don’t Call them Liberals!


    Liberals on college campuses demand tolerance and equality, but are they actually guilty of being intolerant and bigoted against anyone they deem different? Kim Holmes says yes. His new book The Closing of the Liberal Mind is shaking up the political scene and exposing the flaws of modern liberal progressives. Holmes writes, "There is no respect for the liberty principle as traditionally understood by classic liberals, because the postmodern impulse is not liberal at all but radically egalitarian." On this episode of Talkenomics, Holmes, a former US Assistant Secretary of State, explains how postmodern leftists defeated classic liberals in an attempt to radically change society and undermine free market capitalism. He says, "There are few liberal principles more enduring historically than the distrust of centralized power. Clearly the postmodern left has no such qualms." Anyone who values liberty will find Holmes an invaluable resource of facts in the war against liberal totalitarianism, "Liberals have got a

  • Shapiro and Foster “Timely Topics”

    Shapiro and Foster “Timely Topics”


    Popular comedian and blogger Karith Foster is back to discuss the headlines everyone is talking about but with a twist that will have you laughing and questioning if you can say that on TV. Pushing the bounds of political correctness, Foster and Shapiro move from politics to a cat in heat, dating in Manhattan and the perils of making fun of a woman named TiTi in a TALKENOMICS Timely Topics discussion. You'll want to listen with your friends at work just don't laugh too loudly or your boss may bet angry.

  • Ep. 11 – Dennis Prager

    Ep. 11 – Dennis Prager


    Millions of people follow best-selling author, columnist and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dennis Prager. His conservative views on economics, individual rights and politics expose hypocrites and double standards that threaten the American way of life. Conservatives often attack political correctness but Prager recently explained why those attacks fail, urging conservatives to identify the source of political correctness: the political left. He writes, "The very definition of politically correct is that which is acceptable to the left; and the definition of politically incorrect is that which is unacceptable to the left." Prager recently announced he would vote for Donald Trump saying, "...because I have no choice." In this Talkenomics discussion Prager explains his decision to back Trump as well as the success of the free Prager University web page. The successful web site attracts millions of followers. It features short videos from some of the most influential economists, scientists, celebriti

  • Ep. 10 – Race in America: The Uncomfortable Conversation

    Ep. 10 – Race in America: The Uncomfortable Conversation


    Karith Foster describes herself as a humorist, motivational speaker, TV & Radio personality, actress, author, blogger, entrepreneur and Black! Actually she says, " brown" if you watch some of her comedy routines online. Her race and marriage to a white or as Foster says, "peach", Australian provide material for her comedy and lectures as does the current state of race relations in the United States. Named by Backstage Magazine one of the "Top 10 Comics to Watch", Foster is an accomplished business woman who speaks nationwide providing workshops like, "Stereotyped 101", "You Are E.N.O.U.G.H.", "Laughter Bootcamp" and "You Can Be Perfect Or You Can Be Happy". She was voted the #1 Speaker by Stanford Graduate School of Business in part because of her ability to use "disarming wit and keen understanding of our shared experiences..." to bring people together. On this episode of Talkenomics, Foster agreed to discuss what we called "The Uncomfortable Conversation" about race and the topics black and white Americ