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The Gamblers Book Club, located in Las Vegas, Nevada at 800 South Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, 1.702.382.99031.800.522.1777 is the largest and most famous gamblingbookstore in the world. The host of the podcast, Howard Schwartz, famed consultant, gambling book historian and figurehead of the GBC, talks about books, and with players celebrities and important figures in gambling. He has been part of Gamblers Book Shop/Club for over 30 years. The store itself, was founded in 1964.


  • Episode 154--Donkey Poker

    Episode 154--Donkey Poker

    06/02/2017 Duração: 32min

    Donkey Poker teaches you how to crush the low-stakes live no-limit Hold’Em games you will find in Las Vegas. These "Donkey Games" play much differently than high-stakes live games or even low-stakes online games, so the optimal strategies are often much different. Donkey Games are filled with players who make the same mistakes repeatedly and who are very exploitable. Donkey Poker teaches a small-ball brand of exploitative and low-variance poker. It teaches you what to do and why you should do it. Donkey Poker is a soup-to-nuts description of how to crush low-stakes Vegas no-limit Hold’em. Volume 2: Post flop teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about post flop strategy, from the flop to the river. It also covers other important topics, such as variance, bankroll management, GTO strategy, moving up in stakes and exploiting live reads. Many statistics are discussed, including those from online and live NLH. Statistics from Vegas $1/$2 and $2/$5 games are published for the first time. The hand reading

  • Episode 153--My First 55,000 Hands:

    Episode 153--My First 55,000 Hands:

    07/10/2016 Duração: 35min

    Intrigued by a counter-intuitive strategy to winning Ultimate Texas Hold’Em(UTH), Kevin Moore has spent 8 years and played more than 55,000 hands to bring you this guide to UTH—a strategy book like no other. After briefing you on basic play and strategy, Kevin uses his favorite business tools and a no-nonsense approach to guide you step-by-step through strategic play, from the initial buy-in to the final bet. Using his know-how as a seasoned player, Kevin shares all the details you’ll need to fully exploit the secret to winning. He also confides his table-side observations to help you avoid the 15 most common mistakes players make. With his keen wit and conversational style, Kevin will have you playing UTH cheaper, better, and longer in no time. Since 2006, Kevin Moore has played more than 55,000 hands of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em during his quarterly recreational trips to Las Vegas. Intrigued and impressed with his business-like approach to the game and his personal story, Las Vegas pit bosses encouraged Kevin

  • Episode 152--Lifes A Gamble--Mike Sexton

    Episode 152--Life's A Gamble--Mike Sexton

    26/08/2016 Duração: 31min

    Mike Sexton is a legend in the poker world. In a life spanning over four decades as a poker professional, Mike has excelled both on the felt and on the business side of poker. He is a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, helped create PartyPoker in 2001 and was a key player in an event that changed the poker world forever – the launch of the World Poker Tour (WPT) in 2002. He has been a commentator on the WPT, along with Vince Van Patten, since its inception. In addition, Mike was recognized as poker's Top Ambassador at the Card Player Magazine Player of the Year Awards gala in 2006. That same year, he won WSOP Tournament of Champions, winning $1 million in prize money – half of which he donated to charity. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2009. In this book Mike recounts his personal experiences and gives his take on some of poker's legendary characters over the past 40 years. If you enjoy poker, are fascinated by the development of the game and enjoy compelling poker, golf and gamblin

  • Episode 151--Sports Betting and Bookmaking--Arne K. Lang

    Episode 151--Sports Betting and Bookmaking--Arne K. Lang

    12/08/2016 Duração: 31min

    Horse racing in America dates back to the colonial era when street races were a common occurrence. The commercialization of horse racing produced a sport that would briefly surpass all others in popularity, with annual races such as the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes growing to rank among America’s most celebrated sporting events. From the very onset, horse racing and gambling were intertwined. As the popularity of racing and betting grew, so, too, did the controversies and corruption. Yet, despite the best efforts of social reformers, bookmakers stubbornly plied their trade, adapting and evolving as horse racing gave way to team sports as the backbone of their business. Horse racing in America dates back to the colonial era when street races were a common occurrence. The commercialization of horse racing produced a sport that would briefly surpass all others in popularity, with annual races such as the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes growing to rank among America’s most celebrate

  • Episode150--SHOWGIRL MEMOIR-- Roger Storkamp and Mikel Peterson

    Episode150--SHOWGIRL MEMOIR-- Roger Storkamp and Mikel Peterson

    03/07/2016 Duração: 27min

    Showgirl Memoir is an open window into Mikel's personal and professional life as a showgirl/dancer. a small town girl whose dream brought her two Olympian performances - '84 in Los Angeles and '88 in Seoul, Korea, and Jubilee Showgirl in Las Vegas. As additional dressing (and undressing) to her life's story, she shares many successes and a few road bumps along the way, exposing emotional scars as straight forward as her dancing topless. Gamblers Book Club wishes to thank Oscar Goodman former Mayor of Las Vegas for coming down to the store and meeting Mikel she was very happy.(The Mayor was famous for always appearing in public with two Showgirls.)    

  •  Episode149--Wild Cards---Philip Reed

    Episode149--Wild Cards---Philip Reed

    22/05/2016 Duração: 33min

    Philip Reed is coasting toward retirement, looking for one last adventure, when he meets Bill Palis, a professional blackjack player and former member of the legendary MIT team that took the casinos for millions. At a blackjack table in a strip casino, Phil sees Bill win $1,600 in 20 minutes of play—and he’s intrigued. Initially, he plans to write the book as a spectator, but Bill encourages him to overcome his fears, learn to count cards, and get a piece of the action for himself. The two men form a friendship and begin traveling and playing blackjack together, often with Father Andy, who kicks in money so they can play out of a $30,000 bankroll. Phil, who has adult ADD, and flunked math in high school, adopts the challenge of card counting as a way to banish the old ghosts of his poor self-image and build new synapses in his aging brain. With Bill as his tough mentor, Phil struggles to learn the game and secretly track the cards. As Phil's play improves, Bill teaches him to disguise his wins and avoid scrut

  • Episode148--POKER KNOWS----GENE HULL

    Episode148--POKER KNOWS----GENE HULL

    16/04/2016 Duração: 30min

    What is the difference between an expert and a master? Are obstacles barriers or markers that show you the way? Poker Knows will challenge you to take a deep look inward at the self, while at the same time build a foundation for winning at poker and life. A methodology for surviving the game is first laid out and then you are transported through time in the advanced section on winning the game. Guest appearances are made by some of science’s greatest minds like Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr, complemented by the imagination of Alice’s friends from Wonderland. Some values stretch past the sum of the parts. You know a great meal or work of art when you experience it, but what is it that makes it so? How do you measure it? Maybe it does not matter how you measure it as much as knowing how your opponents measure it. The gold that grows bankrolls is located in a very profound place and Poker Knows draws the reader a map that leads right to it. It is not what you know that will propel your evolution, but how good y

  • Episode 147-Las Vegas Your Way

    Episode 147-Las Vegas Your Way

    15/04/2016 Duração: 21min

                          Las Vegas! I’ve vacationed there over 30 times, and I still get excited when I just say the name. That’s why I wrote this book, to help you experience all that Vegas has to offer on your vacation. Find out why I believe Vegas is the entertainment capital of North America, as I share my knowledge of the best shows and tours, and the dining and attractions that it offers. So if you’re planning your first trip to Vegas, or haven’t been there recently, check out Las Vegas Your Way, the Downtown Edition. This is the third edition of Las Vegas Your Way and it is the best! After taking the best parts of the previous editions, more information was added about the new attractions and changes that have occurred in Vegas. Then since Downtown Las Vegas has become so popular, a new chapter on Downtown was also added to this edition. A gambling guide is also provided. For the beginner, the rules of the game of Blackjack, craps, and other table games are provided. Then to add to that knowledge, a secon



    22/02/2016 Duração: 39min

    Born with police blood in my veins, I remained with it. First as a Army Military Policeman, then Air Force Security Policeman and ended up as a special agent of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations conducting criminal and counter-intelligence cases. Retiring as a Senior Master Sergeant (E-8) I still needed to work to provide. I was hired by the Las Vegas District Attorneys office to work special investigations as part of a team of eleven. Conducted surveillance of organized crime figures then participated with local police and the "Feds" in the first long term undercover police sting in the US. Tired of looking long haired and evil, I sought employment with the Nevada State Gaming Control Board as an Enforcement Agent and became their expert and cheating and cheating detection and testified at state and local trials until retirement. Not being terribly excited at watching soaps or the grass grow I did some contract work for the casinos as the "Eye in the Sky" and for the US Army conducting covert su



    29/10/2015 Duração: 38min

    The Bernie Sindler Story tells of untold stories of murder, mayhem, and the Mafia in Las Vegas. Sindler - a protege of Meyer Lansky, who he considered his surrogate father - was associated with notorious Mob and Outfit members as a partner or employee in their Las Vegas operations, and as a close friend and associate. In his book, Sindler shares a behind-the-scenes look at famous and infamous denizens of Las Vegas, including Lansky, Siegel, Johnny Rosselli, Lucky Luciano, Moe Dalitz, Virginia Hill and Frank Sinatra. Sindler, the last living link to the old Mob bosses in Vegas and the gangsters made famous in the media, is one of the few men, and now the only survivor, who knows the real stories behind notorious and bloody events in the storied history of Las Vegas - the widely publicized multiple murder case at Rancho Circle (his future wife was the only survivor), why Sinatra's front teeth got knocked out at the Sands, and the likely killer of Bugsy Siegel, one of the most mysterious enigmas in the brutal hi

  • Episode 144-Greatest Craps Guru

    Episode 144-Greatest Craps Guru

    28/10/2015 Duração: 20min

    David Medansky, JD, author and attorney, is uniquely qualified to deliver an entertaining and informative perspective on the greatest game in the casino. His twenty years of playing craps, finance, and legal background allow him to deliver an insightful and engaging story. “Greatest Craps Guru” is a lively fiction thriller that could pass for non-fiction; a how to book and enchanting story about making money at the craps table. Mark Jackson played in the NFL as a receiver for nine years. He was selected by the Denver Broncos in the 1986 NFL Draft as a wide receiver from Purdue University. He played in Super Bowls XXI, XXII and XXIV with the Broncos. It was Jackson who caught the touchdown pass from John Elway that sent the game into over-time on "The Drive" in the Broncos' January 11, 1987 AFC Championship Game victory over the Cleveland Browns.

  • Episode 143--When it was Great: A Dealers Autobiographic Story (Memoirs From Las Vegas)

    Episode 143--When it was Great: A Dealer's Autobiographic Story (Memoirs From Las Vegas)

    24/07/2015 Duração: 39min

    When it was Great: A Dealer's Autobiographic Story (Memoirs From Las Vegas)Want to go back to the Las Vegas of yesterday?Meet John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Redd Foxx, Debbie Reynolds, Louis Prima and other celebrities.In 1968, Jim Sinay packed up his green Caddy convertible and drove from Canton, Ohio to Las Vegas. His “Uncle” Ed Pucci, who was Frank Sinatra’s bodyguard and a close family friend, set him up with an entry level dealer’s job in Vegas. Over the next three decades, Jimmy experienced all Las Vegas had to offer. He dealt craps to famous gangsters in a private game, he interacted with John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Redd Foxx, Debbie Reynolds, Louis Prima and other celebrities. Jimmy was a confirmed bachelor who lived the high life with the ladies, although at times his carousing nearly cost him his life. He saw hundreds of thousands of dollars bet on one roll of the dice, he caught gambling cheaters and had run ins with some very nasty types.Folktales from a bygone eraJimmy’s stories are folktales from a b

  • Episode 142--30 Illegal Years To The Strip: The Untold Stories of the Gangsters Who Built The Early Las Vegas Strip

    Episode 142--30 Illegal Years To The Strip: The Untold Stories of the Gangsters Who Built The Early Las Vegas Strip

    09/05/2015 Duração: 40min

    Bill Friedman wrote the award-winning, Depression era, true-crime All Against The Law. He wrote the groundbreaking research work Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition, published by the University of Nevada Reno. He is also author of the seminal book for succeeding in the casino business, Casino Management. He taught the pioneer course in casino management for UNLV’s College of Hotel Administration during the decade of the 1970s. Friedman was president of the Castaways Hotel and Casino and the Silver Slipper Casino in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip for thirteen years. He transformed them from perennial losers into super successes, consistently in the top of Nevada’s highest profit-per-square-foot performers. Friedman is president of the Friedman Management Group, which specializes in solving casino marketing, design, and operations problems. He has consulted for forty years to casinos in the U.S. and in England, Monaco, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and several Caribbean Islands. www.BillF

  • Episode 141--Advanced Advantage Play: Beating and Safeguarding Modern Casino Table Games, Side Bets and Promotions

    Episode 141--Advanced Advantage Play: Beating and Safeguarding Modern Casino Table Games, Side Bets and Promotions

    30/04/2015 Duração: 37min

    Advanced Advantage Play is the most complete book ever made available to the general public on advantage play against casino table games. It examines beating and protecting nearly all of the table games and side bets that are currently available on casino floors internationally, including blackjack, baccarat and pai gow poker. Based on material first published in Dr. Eliot Jacobson’s well-known blog, this book also covers advantage play against marketing and promotions. Easy-to-read and backed up by computer and statistical analysis, Advanced Advantage Play is a book that everyone who wants to beat or protect casino table games should own. About the AuthorEliot Jacobson, Ph.D., was professor of mathematics and computer science for over 25 years. In 2005, he launched his second career as an independent consultant for the casino industry. After writing two books, The Blackjack Zone (2005) and Contemporary Casino Table Game Design (2010), Dr. Jacobson decided to turn his blog,, into this bo

  • Episode 140--Flamingos Baby by David Medansky

    Episode 140--Flamingo's Baby by David Medansky

    18/04/2015 Duração: 23min

    About the AuthorDavid Medansky is a world class authority on casino craps and trusted author of "Craps: A Winning Strategy," "Walk Away Craps," and "Wholly Craps." This is his first novel. Medansky currently lives with his wife, Debbie, in Phoenix, Arizona.Medansky, a practicing divorce attorney gave up his legal career to become an author because being an attorney was making him sick and almost killed him.Flamingo’s Baby is an adventure filled with dazzling suspense and intrigue will keep the reader guessing at every turn.

  • Episode 139--Discovering Vintage Las Vegas: A Guide to the Citys Timeless Shops, Restaurants, Casinos,  More

    Episode 139--Discovering Vintage Las Vegas: A Guide to the City's Timeless Shops, Restaurants, Casinos, & More

    11/04/2015 Duração: 31min

    Paul W. Papa is an American storyteller who has lived in Las Vegas for more than 20 years (making him practically a native). During that time he developed a love for writing true stories about uncommon events--the tales of America. In his books you will find fascinating stories that are uniquely American, presented in a way that makes them both engaging and informative. Paul's stories are not the typical endless series of facts, figures, and chronologies that tend to make history...well, boring. Instead, he uses words to paint a picture of the past you may never have known existed.  Discovering Vintage Las Vegas takes you back in time to all of the timeless classic spots this city has to offer. The book spotlights the charming stories that tell you what each place is like now and how it got that way from classic restaurants to shops to other establishments like the casinos that still thrive today and evoke the unique character of the city. They’re all still around—but they won’t be around forever. Start readi

  • EPISODE 138--Baseball Betting for Profit by Eris Strasser

    EPISODE 138--Baseball Betting for Profit by Eris Strasser

    31/03/2015 Duração: 37min

    Baseball Betting for ProfitA textbook devoted to betting and winning on major league baseball. Former head of the Mirage sports book and Las Vegas super contest winner Russ Culver: "I am very impressed. Great detail in great information. I think you've produced the best textbook on handicapping baseball ever written." Las Vegas radio host John Kelly: "Strasser completes the perfect double-play by simplifying hard to understand concepts for the beginning baseball bettor while never insulting the intelligence of the smart, sophisticated gambler." Las Vegas wise guy Alf Musketa: "Anyone who reads this book will benefit and improve their baseball handicapping. I'm 100% sure of that! Whatever you are charging for this book, it's not enough!"

  •  EPISODE 137--Dustin Marks--Blackjack Cheating Expert

    EPISODE 137--Dustin Marks--Blackjack Cheating Expert

    21/03/2015 Duração: 38min

    Cheating at Blackjack & Other Casino Games and Cheating at Blackjack Squared: The Dark Side of GamblingThese books are for both players and casino management. They shows how various moves take place such as Getting Cards Out of Play and Returning Cards Into Play; Mucking; Adding to the Bet; Disguises; Cheating Tells and High Tech Cheating. Contains examples, anecdotes and diagrams to explain the sequence of an action. You may find the 'High Tech Cheater' chapter disturbing because of its implications.Dustin Marks, worked in Las Vegas as a dealer over the 1970s and 1980s. During that time he managed to cheat his own bosses out of millions of dollars using a number of cheating techniques. He was mostly known for false shuffling, a method that makes it look like the dealer is shuffling the cards, but isn't actually doing so. That way the dealer (and his accomplices) know exactly where the aces and 10-point cards are. Dustin also had a method for looking at the top card and determining if it was a high value

  • EPISODE 136--Bob Dancer is the world’s number-one video poker expert

    EPISODE 136--Bob Dancer is the world’s number-one video poker expert

    07/03/2015 Duração: 46min

    Bob Dancer is the world’s number-one video poker expert. His real-life video poker successes are legendary, but he s also a world-class teacher. Now, after years of creating the industry standards in video poker reports, strategy cards, and software, Dancer has written the quintessential beginner s guide on the game. Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner is a how-to-win blueprint for players seeking the fast track to the upper levels of this beatable game. First, you ll master the techniques for finding and identifying the highest-returning games. Then you ll learn how to generate, understand, and implement the computer-perfect strategies that yield the ultimate goal: monetary profit! In addition, Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner imparts Dancer s professional insight relative to the game s many nuances and related considerations including in-depth coverage of slot clubs, casino promotions, progressives, team play, scouting, and tournaments. Plus, this is the first book to explain in detail how Danc

  • EPISODE 135--Betting Baseball 2015

    EPISODE 135--Betting Baseball 2015

    17/02/2015 Duração: 31min

    Michael Murray's Betting Baseball-- 2015 is the newest book on baseball betting, first published in 1994. It discusses the money line, the run line, betting Totals, measuring offense, measuring consistency in starters, evaluating injuries, the impact of ballpark differences, creating the line. A good portion of Murray's book looks at the role umpires may play in the final score (strike zones seem to vary within leagues and among home plate umps).Author Michael Murray contends that a skilled sabermetrician can indeed outpoint the odds maker on a consistent basis."I think the odds makers are aware of sabermetrics but they don't take it into account when they make the lines," Murray said in an e-mail interview. "Everyone can find a pitcher's WHIP in the newspaper, but ... a pitcher's slugging percentage allowed tells me a lot more than WHIP."Until stats like that become commonplace it is safe to say that I'm staying ahead of the odds maker. He certainly has the stats that I do, but he can't use them like I can."

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