A podcast for graphic designers using InDesign who want to tap into the power of Adobe's page-layout powerhouse to accomplish big tasks easily and free up their time to concentrate on designing.


  • theInDesigner - Episode 16

    theInDesigner - Episode 16

    31/03/2006 Duração: 14min

    There's nothing wrong with your monitor. This is NOT a video episode. This week, there's more to talk about than to see as I discuss re-creating old layouts -- specifically QuarkXPress layouts -- in InDesign, and I talk you through my method for creating and using a "tracing" of your old file to help speed up the process.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 10

    theInDesigner - Episode 10

    06/02/2006 Duração: 17min

    How does a person go about learning InDesign? What's the best way? What resources are available? Where do you you start? Do you take a class? Buy a book? Hire a training consultant? There are a number of different approaches, none of which is any more or less valid than any other. But certainly some of them are more or less expensive than others. This episode discusses different, inexpensive ways start building your InDesign knowledge.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 9

    theInDesigner - Episode 9

    28/01/2006 Duração: 17min

    One of the most long-awaited featues for a page layout program has been transparency support -- and InDesign's got it. But making the transparency you see on the screen translate to the printed page requires a process called Flattening. This episode discusses Transparency and Flattening in InDesign and the steps you should take to prevent unwanted flattening results from causing problems with the printing of your work.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 8

    theInDesigner - Episode 8

    18/01/2006 Duração: 09min

    It's a very unique time of year for me. I'm in the middle of massive annual project that I'm doing for the first time entirely in InDesign. It's always a battle to meet this deadline, so this episode of the podcast consists of war stories about how I've used InDesign to fight the most unrelenting enemy of all: a huge deadline.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 7

    theInDesigner - Episode 7

    10/01/2006 Duração: 22min

    Inspired by a question from a listener, this week's episode takes a detailed look at InDesign CS2's Data Merge function, which allows a level of automated, data-driven publishing and page creation options that can prove to be a powerful tool and a genuine time-saver. It's not perfect -- and I talk about that, too -- but it works and works well.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 6

    theInDesigner - Episode 6

    02/01/2006 Duração: 23min

    The end of one year and the beginning of another is a time of change in many us a chance to make a fresh start. As a designer, I feel that InDesign has given me that fresh start. A chance to learn new things, fix past mistakes, break habits, solve problems and explore options in a way that the old regime software made difficult to the point of frustration. In this episode, I'll talk a lot bit about making some resolutions -- to switch to InDesign in a strategic, productive way, to break old habits from old applications, and to take advantage of the time you'll save to explore new and better design options.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 5

    theInDesigner - Episode 5

    20/12/2005 Duração: 13min

    As a designer, you know that when you get all the necessary elements onto your page, you can make something great, but getting those elements on that page was a pretty inflexible process back in the Quark XPress days. The fifth episode of the podcast runs down the many options for getting text, tables, images and more onto the page quickly, easily, cleanly and with the flexibility you always wanted.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 4

    theInDesigner - Episode 4


    In the second installment of "Get Out of Photoshop Free", I cover the good, bad and ugly about drop shadows -- how easy they are to create and how to make yours more effective -- within InDesign. Also, how to avoid creating clipping paths whenever possible by taking advantage of transparency and text wrap options, and I reveal my own technique for creating what I call "poor man's lighting effects" within InDesign.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 3

    theInDesigner - Episode 3

    04/12/2005 Duração: 10min

    I love Photoshop as much as anyone, but I don't love jumping back and forth between my page layout application and my image editing application. In this first installment of a two-part podcast, I discuss how to avoid going back to Photoshop as much as possible by taking advantage of transparency, feathering and Object Layer Options within InDesign.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 2

    theInDesigner - Episode 2

    26/11/2005 Duração: 10min

    Since it's a four-day Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I would spend some time covering four things in InDesign that I'm thankful for. In this podcast, I cover (1) text formatting without having any text selected, (2) InDesign does math, (3) better bolds and italics, and (4) keyboard navigation through dialog boxes. They're not too sexy, but they save a lot of time and I use them just about every day.

  • theInDesigner - Episode 1

    theInDesigner - Episode 1

    18/11/2005 Duração: 12min

    This audio-only podcast outlines what the goal of this whole endeavor is; a little bit about my background, mostly related to working with InDesign; a few (justifiable) jabs at QuarkXPress; and a quick tip about how taking advantage of Presets in InDesign can save you lots of time.