I started this podcast with the idea that everyone in this world is interesting and has a story to tell i firmly believe that. This podcast is a chance to meet new people and get a perspective on their life and where they came from. We are all amazing people with incredible stories I am giving them a platform to share it. Just because we are lost does not mean we cannot find our way. Hope everyone enjoys and please follow us on Instagram @crossbonespodcast. Much Love!!


  • Hector Zuniga Episode #50

    Hector Zuniga Episode #50

    22/02/2019 Duração: 01h10min

    For the 50th episode of this show i felt it appropriate that everyone gets a chance to know me a bit more. I talk about my life and the past and present experiences that have shaped me into the individual that i am today. At 26 I am still navigating through this crazy thing called life and thats ok I hope everyone knows that its ok to still not know what the rest of your life is going to look like. Its ok to be scared but go out there and take some risks have fun and most importantly be fucking happy. I hope everyone enjoys and as always Much Love!!!!

  • Jordan Ribertelli AKA Jordan Joseph Official Episode #49

    Jordan Ribertelli AKA Jordan Joseph Official Episode #49

    31/12/2018 Duração: 52min

    Jordan is a United States Air Force veteran, student, and Aspiring rapper. Tune in as we discuss Jordan's time in the Air Force and what it was like to travel the world, how he decided to follow his gut and passion and become a rapper, and his future projects. Go check out his debut album Must Achieve Legendary Status on iTunes and Spotify today!!! Hope everyone enjoys and as always Much Love.