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  • Episode 12: E3 11 Impressions

    Episode 12: E3 11 Impressions

    10/06/2011 Duração: 42min

    This week Aaron, Stuwie and Dylan talk about everything from E3, this weeks releases and the plans for project dpad in the future. Project Dpad is now back in the norm and expect weekly podcasts from now on. XBL gamertags: Stuwie-StealthStickman Aaron-Rhythm Raider Dylan-xMaGiC Mu5taCh3 Psn ids: Stuwie-Ninja-Bomb95 Aaron- A1J2P3 Steam ids: Stuwie- smonkey432 Aaron- A1J2P3 Twitter: @projectdpad Find us on Facebook Email: [email protected] Visit our blog with info on our new website, and check out our youtube page for new videos soon. Thanks for listening/subscribing :D

  • Official Re-Launch: Project DPad Podcast Episode 11

    Official Re-Launch: Project DPad Podcast Episode 11

    01/06/2011 Duração: 29min

    I'ts official, We're Back! In this relaunch of the PDP-Cast we discuss some rumour and speculation surrounding E311 set to take place next week, along with our most anticipated titles. Also we introduce a New member to the Rat Pack given Robert's temporary departure and dish out a long awaited news segment. Get It In Your EARS! ***************************************************************************** Contact Us: EMAIL; [email protected] / [email protected] TWITTER; @ProjectDPad / @A1J2P3 PSN/XBOX LIVE; AARON (PSN=A1J2P3, XBL=Rhythm Raider) STUART (XBL=StealthStickman) DYLAN(XBL=xMaGiC Mu5taCh3) TEMPORARY WEBSITE; ProjectDPad.webs.Com

  • Episode 10: Stuff is gonna go down

    Episode 10: Stuff is gonna go down

    29/10/2010 Duração: 20min

    This time its Stuwie and Rory, we give you all the latest news rumours, and tell you a bit about every single new killstreak in COD Black Ops. Email us at: [email protected] Gamertags: Stuwie: StealthStickman, Rory: The Jackel 249, Aaron: Rythm Raider, Robert: Warfox EX Steam id: Stuwie: smonkey432, Aaron: A1J2P3 Don't forget to Comment and Subscribe. Thanks for Listening =D!

  • Episode 9: Kinected

    Episode 9: "Kinected"

    26/09/2010 Duração: 53min

    Again we give you your weekly goodness of gaming news but we also have a prize(s) for one winner and for two runners up so if want to be in a chance to win the prizes answer this question: What does ONI stand for in the Halo universe? Send you answers to [email protected] Follow us on twitter @projectdpad, like us on facebook or message Aaron, Stuwie or Robert. Check out our website and our podomatic page. Don't forget to subscribe to us on itunes as well as our new Youtube page where we will start posting interviews and other gaming videos Thanks for listening!

  • Episode 8: Lolololol

    Episode 8: Lolololol

    05/09/2010 Duração: 38min

    This week it's Aaron and me, Stuwie, we have loads of news on this weeks releases and on the gaming world. Contact us a [email protected], follow us on twitter @projectdpad. subscribe to us on itunes and comment!! Xbl gamertags: Stuwie: StealthStickman, Aaron: Rythym Raider, Robert: Warfox EX PSN id: Aaron: A1J2P3 Steam ids: Stuwie: smonkey432, Aaron: A1J2P3 Thanks for listening and watch out for some new content on its way soon, well maybe. Music provided by

  • Episode 7: Short n Sweet.

    Episode 7: Short n Sweet.

    30/08/2010 Duração: 09min

    This week it's just me, Stuwie, with my friend Mark as Aaron and Robert were both "unavailable". We give you the basics of this weeks news and releases and hope you enjoy the short show. We shoulf have a proper show soon but right now it's proving quite impossible. Email us at: [email protected], we always appreciate emails from our listeners :)!! Subscibe to us on itunes or contact us on XBL, Steam or PS3. XBL gamertags: Stuwie: StealthStickman, Aaron: Rythym Raider, Robert: Warfox EX, Mark: markxk. Steam IDs: Aaron: A1J2P3, Stuwie: smonkey432 Psn IDs: Aaron: A1J2P3. Thanks for listening and don't forget to comment!!