Welcome to the Minor Leagues.


  • Run Boy Run

    Run Boy Run


    [audio] Better late than never. With special guest Jesse Allen from Run Boy Run. Advertisements

  • That’s Gotta Hurt

    That’s Gotta Hurt


    [audio] In which we demonstrate how behind the times we are on Paula Dean news and discuss the sliver lining ... Continue reading

  • Free Range Fairies

    Free Range Fairies


    [audio] Give this one a listen to hear the guys get back on track facing Drew’s impending departure. And speaking ... Continue reading

  • Rutledge  Rutledge

    Rutledge & Rutledge


    [audio] The guys discuss burger inflation, wine tasting, and cheating the line at Disneyland before Drew drops some major life ... Continue reading

  • Kim Jong Uno

    Kim Jong Uno


    Kim Jong Un officially becomes the mascot of the podcast. Also: other stuff.

  • Mission Accomplished

    Mission Accomplished


    [audio] This week, hear about the kind of people you see at the gym, consider just how fast Mexican food ... Continue reading

  • Hold Back Your Applause

    Hold Back Your Applause


    [audio] This week, catch up on Drew and Eric’s health concerns and hear Eric rage against the flight attendant machine. ... Continue reading

  • Podcast Casual

    Podcast Casual


    This episode, Drew has the post-Christmas blues and drowns his sorrow in a Costco sized bag of M&Ms. Hear the ... Continue reading

  • Christmas/Mayan Calendar Special

    Christmas/Mayan Calendar Special


    [audio] In which we still manage to talk about poop for ten minutes. Also: UFC, homeless Harry Potter fans, swimming ... Continue reading

  • Brought to you by Chesterfield

    Brought to you by Chesterfield


    [audio] The guys talk about going gray, balding, and how women don’t seem to care. Also, how come gay dudes ... Continue reading