Welcome to Political Food, a podcast and recipe book of how human conflict has shaped cuisine. Adding dissident to dessert, campaigns to confectionery, separatism to spaghetti, patriotism to pastries, revolution to ravioli you get the point. This is the history of war, power, technology and immigration as told through food. Every episode is both a recipe and a story.


  • Ep 2: Hertzoggies

    Ep 2: Hertzoggies

    26/02/2016 Duração: 14min

    This dessert is a pastry base filled with jam and covered in a coconut meringue. They are delicious and we’re definitely going to be making more of these. Their political ties are to a former Prime Minister of South Africa — JBM Hertzog ( time in power: 1924-1939) — who’s policies further entrenched segregation and limited the rights of black and colored South Africans. Find out more and printable cooking instructions at:

  • Ep 1: Hutspot

    Ep 1: Hutspot

    12/02/2016 Duração: 15min

    For our first episode we made Hutspot, talked about the Dutch war of independence, William of Orange (aka William the Silent) and discovered the carrot museum. Find the recipe and more information online at: