We were tired of reading books and hearing from "experts" about how to deal with customers, yada, yada... when they have never owned a business. Most of them write that stuff for fluff but we are the non-fluff small business people who decided to go against the "experts." At Business Beware we don't whine and complain about how bad a customer was, we do something about it.


  • Bad Customers Get the AP Price

    Bad Customers Get the "AP" Price

    19/10/2010 Duração: 35min

    Pre-Qualifying 101: We decided to start talking about ways and tips on how you as a business owner can pre-qualify a customer. We decided to role play being the customer and business owner to show you how easy it is to ask your questions. As always have a great "stuck on stupid" for you and some great "you might be a bad customer if...." If you're wondering what "AP" price means then you just need to watch the episode. For more information on the show and us visit or