A podcast that explores the process of learning a new place through a variety of means. Traverse City, MI is a town of surprises old and new, and for Sarah and Badaweyah, it is also a town that brings them together in conversation. Listen in as these women share ideas, tidbits and a surprising amount of personal history while they discover Traverse City, Michigan. Sarah is a writer in St. Louis who learned about the bar that Badaweyah is managing via an article in The Traverse City Ticker. The two connected and quickly hit if off. They share stories from the past and present of this new-to-both-of-them place and discover unexpected common ground along the way. What can you see on the ground? What can you learn from online archives and where do those different storehouses of information intersect to make the world that people move through? Sarah and Badaweyah tackle all these issues and more, with a healthy dose of laughter and delight. Join us as we discover just how much we can learn about History at a Distance!

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Traverse City, History, Research, Mixology, Foodie, Bars, Urban Learning, Bottling Plants, Female Friendship


  • Traverse City

    28/04/2017 Duração: 23min