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  • How to Provide an Incredible Customer Experience - Jeannie Walters

    How to Provide an Incredible Customer Experience - Jeannie Walters

    28/05/2014 Duração: 01h01min

    When you have a mediocre customer experience, you probably forget about it the minute you're done. When you have a bad customer experience, you might take upon yourself to warn others. When you have a great customer experience you may become an evangalist for the company you just did business with. Most of us would prefer to be known for a great customer experience and this episode will explore what it takes to deliver this to your customers. Join host Joe Hackman and customer experience specialist Jeannie Walters as we explore what is involved with delivering a great experience to your customers. Jeannie is CEO and Founder of Chicago based 360 Connext.

  • Role Models: Melissa Mahoney

    Role Models: Melissa Mahoney

    05/09/2012 Duração: 59min

    Melissa Mahoney was one of the participants on the Discovery Channel: Out of the Wild: Venezuala. She showed incredible patience, determination while maintaining a very positive attitude during the adventure. It was a test that many people would probably want to experience but very few would complete. Meslissa is a humble and un-assuming leader and a great example and role model to others. Listen as Joe Hackman and Melissa discuss what it was like being on the show and what inspired Melissa to do so well.

  • Inbox Zero and Productivity w/ Gini Dietrich

    Inbox Zero and Productivity w/ Gini Dietrich

    28/08/2012 Duração: 32min

    Frequent co-host Gini Dietrich and Joe discuss the Inbox Zero phenomenon and how it and other measures influence productivity.

  • Whats new at NationBuilder? With Adriel Hampton.

    What's new at NationBuilder? With Adriel Hampton.

    30/07/2012 Duração: 42min

    Joe Hackman catches up with Adriel Hampton of NationBuilder to get the details on the latest features. Adriel Hampton is chief organizer at NationBuilder and founder of Gov 2.0 Radio. At NationBuilder, he works with consultants and NationBuilder customers around the world to help drive success with the world's first Community Organizing System.

  • What is Social CRM and why would you use it?

    What is Social CRM and why would you use it?

    11/07/2012 Duração: 01h00s

    Danny Brown VP of Partner Strategy at Jugnoo joins host Joe Hackman to discuss what Social CRM is and why you might want to use it.  More about our guest: Danny Brown is the VP of Partner Strategy at Jugnoo, an Internet and media technology company helping make the social web simple, accessible and monetizable for all. An award-winning marketer and blogger, Danny is recognized as one of the leading marketing bloggers in the world and syndicated across the WebProNews, Newstex, AllTop and Social Media Informer networks. It tops the Hubspot Hot 100 Marketing Blogs list, and was one of Social Media Examiner's Top 10 Social Media Blogs in 2011. He is the founder of For Bloggers By Bloggers, a free blog resource center helping bloggers take their content and goals to the next level.

  • Better Business w/ Gini Dietrich and Elizabeth Sosnow

    Better Business w/ Gini Dietrich and Elizabeth Sosnow

    13/06/2012 Duração: 58min

    Join host Joe Hackman with co-host Gini Dietrich and special guest Elizabeth Sosnow Managing Director of BlissPR. We will be discussing issues that businesses face from the perspective of business owners, managers and principals. How do the tools available help us solve the problems that we face? What can we learn from others experiences to avoid pitfalls and operate effectively?

  • SOBCON Chicago 2012 Recap

    SOBCON Chicago 2012 Recap

    06/06/2012 Duração: 58min

    Join host Joe Hackman with guests and fellow attendees Molly Cantrell-Kraig, Sean McGinnis and Will English IV. We will review the experiences we had at SOBCON 2012 in Chicago in May. There are rumors that we'll have some other people calling in as well. Here is your chance to learn a bit of what makes SOBCon a unique and valuable experience to the attendees.

  • Robert M. Caruso of Bundle Post

    Robert M. Caruso of Bundle Post

    30/05/2012 Duração: 47min

    Join host Joe Hackman with special guest Robert M. Caruso founder and CEO of Social Resolve LLC, makers of Bundle Post.

  • Ready for Cloud Computing

    Ready for Cloud Computing

    25/04/2012 Duração: 47min

    Joe and co-host Gini Dietrich will explore the viability of cloud for today's businesses. Tweet your questions before the episode to @ginidietrich or @hackmanj or just use this link.

  • Labels, Perceptions and Politics

    Labels, Perceptions and Politics

    04/04/2012 Duração: 01h02min

    For this weeks podcast we welcome back two previous guests Carol Roth and Judy Loyd as well as a new guest Kevin McGary. This panel will discuss the perceptions and labels with present day politics in the USA. Normally politics are the "third rail" of conversation but all three of these panelists are not afraid to dive in and share their very informed opinions.

  • On a Porch with Ken Mueller

    On a Porch with Ken Mueller

    28/03/2012 Duração: 50min

    Join host Joe Hackman with guest Ken Mueller of Inkling Media. Ken is passionate about social media, small business, customer service, non-profits, integration of online and offline. Ken's goal is to help businesses and non-profits develop and cultivate a social media mindset, so that they understand that social doesn't exist in a vacuum. He also wants to help them to understand the work involved in this, and how they need to integrate everything they do, particularly the online and offline.   Ken is also a very clever and funny guy who often records videos and perspectives from his porch.

  • Unique insights into an Online Community – Spin Sucks

    Unique insights into an Online Community – Spin Sucks

    21/03/2012 Duração: 01h01min

    What happens when you take a interest based online community and let them get their say? This Podcast! Listen as the community built around the Spin Sucks blog weigh in on what it's like to be a part of this unique online community. Host Joe Hackman and guest Gini Dietrich will engage the community built around the blog to provide a inside out view of the online community phenomenon. Learn about the friendships, the business implications and what appeals to users centered around interest based communities.

  • Pinterest - Brilliant Product or Time Suck?

    Pinterest - Brilliant Product or Time Suck?

    22/02/2012 Duração: 43min

    Join host Joe Hackman as he queries self confessed Pinterest addict Gini Dietrich about 2012's Social Media Sweetheart - Pinterest.

  • Better Public Speaking

    Better Public Speaking

    25/01/2012 Duração: 49min

    Joe Hackman and Gini Dietrich discuss how to be your best as a public speaker.

  • Our Broken System

    Our Broken System

    21/12/2011 Duração: 35min

    Join Joe Hackman with Carol JS Roth for an impromptu chat about our broken system. This episode spawned due to a couple of Tweets.

  • A conversation with Irene Koehler

    A conversation with Irene Koehler

    07/12/2011 Duração: 01h03min

    Join host Joe Hackman with guest Irene Koehler discussing social media, Google+, technology and the Bay Area technology scene.

  • Ins and Outs of Blogging - Developing Content

    Ins and Outs of Blogging - Developing Content

    30/11/2011 Duração: 44min

    Join host Joe Hackman and guest Gini Dietrich as they tackle the ins and outs of blogging in part 3 of this 3 part series. Previous Episodes: Episode 1 - Getting Started Episode 2 - Building Community

  • Content Marketing Panel

    Content Marketing Panel

    23/11/2011 Duração: 01h00s

    Join host Joe Hackman with 3 panelists that know a thing or two about content marketing: Steve Farnesworth - Jolt Social MediaLou Hoffman - The Hoffman AgencyLisa Gerber - Chief Content Officer - Spinsucks What is content marketing? Who is doing it well? Listen in and find out.

  • Online Influence and Klout [Panel]

    Online Influence and Klout [Panel]

    16/11/2011 Duração: 01h04min

    There has been significant discussion around the topic of Social Influence tool Klout in the recent months. As the service continues to grow so have the rumblings of disconentent by some. For that reason we've assembled a panel of supporters and critics to discuss Klout's role in measuring influence. Our fine panelists include: Megan Berry - Marketing Manager of KloutDanny Brown - Director of Retention and Social Media at Jugnoo, Inc.Kirsten Wright - of Social5150 and your host Joe Hackman. The objective of this panel is to have a meaningful discussion about the problems and benefits of Klout and to challenge the panelists to provide constructive discourse on how Klout can improve and become more useful to a broader audience.

  • Social Media and Search

    Social Media and Search

    09/11/2011 Duração: 01h01min

    Join Joe Hackman with guest Sean McGinnis for a discussion on how Social Media affects search.

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