Write Your Business Book Fast


A show about how to write a quality business book and use it to market yourself and your business.


  • Tara Jacobsen Part 2

    Tara Jacobsen Part 2

    20/02/2018 Duração: 01h01min

    How do you make $1,000 a month from Kindle? $3,000? Tara Jacobsen of http://marketingartfully.com/ talks real numbers.  Tara, along with her writing partner Rebekah Welch wrote 25 books in 26 weeks. She is back to go more deeply into how she wrote that fast, what the results were, and what she would do differently.  We talk why some books sold while others didn't, what she would do differently, and repositioning books that aren't selling well.  We also talk about what makes a solid nonfiction book cover, your Amazon author page, and how price affects reviews. We put tons of real world, solid information packed into this podcast. Cue it up!

  • Episode #5: 25 Books in 26 Weeks

    Episode #5: 25 Books in 26 Weeks

    10/01/2018 Duração: 01h48min

    A book a week? Are you crazy? Well, it helps. Tara Jacobsen and her writing partner Rebekah Welch set out to write a book a week.  In this podcast, Tara outlines how they put out a book a week, the planning and tools she uses, and the shortcuts she developed. Along the way, she talks about how she doubled her blog traffic, the importance of niche-ing down, how the Pareto Principle played out in her book sales.  And if a book a week sounds like too much, we talk you through the steps of writing a book a month.  Tara has more than 20 years of marketing experience, she's smart, funny, and has NO PROBLEM giving you the behind the scenes how to of what she does. Get to know her better at  http://marketingartfully.com/

  • Traditional vs Print on Demand (POD) Publishing

    Traditional vs Print on Demand (POD) Publishing

    28/08/2017 Duração: 16min

    What's the difference between traditional publishing and Print on Demand (POD) Publishing? Which is the better path for your particular book? We'll explore the ins and outs of self publishing vs. traditional publishing, the advantages of both, and help you start planning on which publishing path your book will take.   Want to work with me one-on-one? Go to BarbaraGrassey.com and click on the "Work with Me" tab. I offer everything from one-time strategy sessions to 12 week coaching programs. Thanks for listening. Now... Get writing!

  • Your Book Needs a Why

    Your Book Needs a Why

    27/08/2017 Duração: 07min

    Writing a book takes a lot of things -- organization, persistence, and most of all, a strong reason to keep writing when the going gets tough. You need to have a clear "why" -- a purpose for your book beyond just being able to say, "I wrote a book." In this episode, I talk about various reasons for writing a book and making sure you have your WHY firmly in place when you start writing. 

  • Block Buster: Every Book is a Hot Mess

    Block Buster: Every Book is a Hot Mess

    17/07/2017 Duração: 03min

    At some point in the process (or maybe at several points...) every book is a hot mess. You've written yourself into a corner, you have too much stuff going on, or it just plain sucks! That's okay. It's all part of getting there.  Listen in and I'll give you some tips on how to get out of that hot mess. And let you know you're not alone!  

  • Start Marketing Before You Start Writing

    Start Marketing Before You Start Writing

    30/05/2017 Duração: 20min

    Before you ever start writing your book, you need to ask yourself a few questions:**  What do I want this book to do for me? How do I want to use this book. What does my ideal client want and need from me. These could be and often are two different things.  What is it that you do that is unique or different? What sets you apart from your competition? Many authors have had great success just because they explained something in a slightly different way that brought clarity to their readers. ** Also I say "so" a lot in the first minute. I promise I calmed down after that. 

  • Block Buster: Who Do You Think You Are?

    Block Buster: Who Do You Think You Are?

    16/05/2017 Duração: 03min

    Do you hesitate to write your book because you don't think you are a successful enough or famous enough? Maybe you feel like you don't have enough expertise. Tune in to this quick podcast that will help you get past that block of not being enough.

  • You Need a Business Book

    You Need a Business Book

    06/05/2017 Duração: 10min

    An introduction to the Write Your Business Book Fast podcast. Over 4,500 books are published every day and most of them are... not good. In fact, they do more to damage the author's reputation than to help it. Tune in to this podcast to find out how you can write a quality business book quickly and then use it to build your business.